Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body


Welcome to Shokushu High School. This exclusive finishing school for girl students aged 18 and over is located, as you will no doubt have noticed, on a particularly pleasant semi-tropical island. While this makes it somewhat remote, it's placement does have a number of advantages. Apart from the weather, our girls are not distracted by the proximity of civilisation. This means they are able to devote their full attention to the school curriculum. A definite advantage in those cases where students have had problems at previous schools and have been sent here as a last resort.

Resort? Well it may appear that way but you can rest assured our students are not here for any sort of holiday! They are here to learn what we have to teach them and to experience all that is available. Willing or not, few of our girls leave the island unchanged by their time here.

As a potential student yourself, or as the parents or guardians of a prospective student, you will no doubt wish to explore the facilities. We pride ourselves on making full use of our students while they are with us and their time is rarely free of some useful pursuit or other. Experience makes the best teacher and the girls here would tend to agree that they receive a range of experiences available in few other such facilities.

A word of warning though. We do, as mentioned, tend to attract those problem cases who have rebelled against their previous schools and you may be sure that those unsettled girls get special attention. However, we have found they tend to fantasise in order to draw attention, or to attempt to leave Shokushu with their full potential unrealised. So should you come across any of these girls as you wander about, I feel sure you will take their more outlandish stories about monsters roaming the island, and intimate alien experiments, with the skepticism they obviously deserve.

Welcome again, and enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy having you.

Bounty hunter L`aquera in the sci-fi fantasy tale Defiance of Night

The Site Theme

The theme of Shokushu High School is sex-crazed monsters attacking and ravaging nubile college girls. The setting is a very exclusive all-girl prepatory college located on a remote tropical island.

What the students don't know is that the school is actually on another planet. When new students board the seaplane to travel to the island, it seems like any other flight. Somewhere along the way however, they fall asleep (thanks to sinister methods built into the plane). The plane, actually a disguised orbital craft, makes rendezvous with an alien spacecraft in orbit, which takes them to the small world where the school is located. During the trip the girls are examined and prepared. Their belongings are searched and any contraband is removed. When the ship reaches the new world, the seaplane flies down and about a half-hour to an hour away from the island, the girls are revived. To them they just fell asleep during a long, boring plane ride.

The reason for the deception is this; to keep the alien hordes from attacking Earth outright a tentative truce has been secretly made between the hordes and the Earth governments. Shokushu was set up as a twisted sort of resort to provide the monsters with a supply of Earth women. Here they can attack and rape without any fear of action of repercussion. Since fear and innocence is one of the lures to human women, great pains are taken to maintain the deception, so the monsters do their attacks quietly, and any rumors among the student body is supressed as rumor or pranks. When the girls 'graduate' they are taken by the aliens to their slave/breeding pits, never to be seen again. There is a catch to this however.

In orbit around the world where Shokushu is located is an ADD station and a fleet of blockade ships. It's agreed that if the alien ship can get past the blockade, those girls are gone and part of the deal. It's also part of the deal though that if the ship is stopped then the girls are free. Of course considering they know far too much they are immediately inducted as agents to the ADD. Considering the girls usually want payback, most jump at the chance. This explains why most ADD agents are female. They are students who 'graduated' and were then 'rescued'. Of course, during their activities, it is not unusual for agents to suffer the same fate they did while they were still students. After all, why waste all that nubile potential ;)

In addition to the dangers from monsters is the huge installation lurking off shore from the School: N.I.C.E. Labs. The Labs is a series of floating platforms several miles out to sea. The students know it as just a nearby research station, and many of the materials present at the school are provided by them. The Labs, however have a much darker purpose than furthering their education. Filled with human and alien technology, the Labs abduct 'volunteers' for use in their lascivious sex-experiments. The purpose of these experiments aren't known and the girls who have been there look on it as a place of madness and fear.

An Historical Background

During 1938 and for the next five years, the upper hierachy of the Third Reich was obsessed with tracking down mythological artefacts which they believed would aid their desire for world domination. These included not only such well known items as the Spear of Destiny, the Ark and the Grail, but also even more unlikely objects such as Thor's hammer and Neptune's trident. Teams of researchers were sent out across the world to follow up such clues as they could gain by studying ancient texts and fables. In 1941. one of those teams had a remarkable success. Working covertly on the border between Mexico and Belize, a small group of scientists came across a series of carvings along a wall which appeared to form part of the remains of a hitherto unknown Mayan temple. Those carvings not only made frequent reference to the way in which the Mayan gods flew through the air in winged chariots; once translated they actually pointed towards the location of one such craft.

Of course the scientists recognised that what they discovered had no supernatural origins; in fact it was a manufactured vehicle, though one apparently far in advance of anything known at the time. Removing the craft to Germany where it could be studied in detail became an absolute priority. Scores of native villagers were drafted in to move it the fifty miles to the coast on rollers made from tree trunks. Few of them would escape to return home again. A few did however manage to evade the final massacre and eventually stories of what had happened reached the Americans and also the British who maintained a strong presence in the Caribbean. But by the time both countries were organised enough to follow up on those rummours, the strange craft was safely inside Germany.

Over the next couple of years, a team of elite scientists worked full time on unlocking the secrets of what they had determined was a spaceship of otherworldly origins and one apparently capable of interstellar flight. But outside their laboratory, the war had taken a turn for the worse. Germany needed a weapon quickly and such progress as had been made was hurriedly translated into the V1 and V2 rockets. Despite some early success those flying bombs proved unable to stem the decline so visionaries of the Party, foreseeing the inevitable, switched tack. While thousands of their own soldiers died in futile battles designed solely to buy time, the scientists turned their attention towards attempting to unleash the secrets of travel between the stars. The objective was simple, a select band consiting of the top leadership and hand-picked breeding females would leave Earth and find a new place to establish their Fourth Reich. Somewhere out of reach where they could grow strong enough to one day return and finish what was started.

Of course the dream was doomed to failure. The end of the war came too quickly and the research facility fell into Allied hands. But it didn't take too long to have governments realise the potential of what was found there. So, following hasty consultations, the entire operation was shipped back across the Atlantic to America along with the German scientists who needed little persuasion to start a new life away from the devastated remains of their country. Given almost limitless resources and working alongside the brightest contemporaries from British and American universities, progress was much faster.

Secrets of that magnitude are always difficult to keep hidden and by the early 1950's hints were beginning to leak out. It was then that a brilliant piece of disinformation was created; mixing enough truth in with some outright lies, all the while strenuously denying that anything existed at all, it succeeded in shifting the attention of the conspiracy theorists across to the opposite side of the country and a minor airforce base known as Area 51. Meanwhile by the 1960's and with no apparent connection, primitive space vehicles were rolled out amidst great publicity. Though the theorietical results of research had advanced far beyond those limited craft, as had parallel research into advanced weaponry, neither would come off the drawing board until a breakthrough in fusion technology provided a viable power source for both.

Too late to play its part in the moon landings, though doing much to jump start extraordinary strides forwards in such areas as computing, robotics and telecommunications, research continued in relative secrecy until 1970 when a combination of goverment and large corporations announced the opening up of a new frontier beyond the bounds of the solar system. There may not be gold in them there planets but it was likely that vastly more valuable metals were available for the taking, both ones extremely difficult to obtain on Earth and others completly new. Within a year, hundreds of interstellar craft were launched and mining camps established on scores of planets. Within a few years their success grew those basic camps into frontier towns and fully-fledged colonies, though it wasn't all stories of triumphs. There were disasters too, though these rarely made the news. In an unexpected side-effect one of the returning ships apparently brought back an offworld virus that infected numbers of pregnant women and resulted in their children displaying various abilities that a more primitive society would call magic. And of course, where wealth flowed so too did greed, the first renegade space pirates formed from those who found the idea of hard work less than appealing.

Also in less than a decade, alien contact was established. That was something the newly formed Eaarth government preferred to be kept secret however. Contacts were made in space and they remained in space. News was censored and few of the colonists had the ability to return home to spread tales. Their passage to the stars had been sponsored one-way only by the corporations who needed workers out there. So it was that a series of agreements were made between Earth and the other races, unknown to most of the population of the home planet. And one part of those agreements led to the founding of a resort for those beings who desired human females for sport, the resort known as Shokushu High School.

On a final note, you might find it interesting that "Shokushu" is the Japanese word for "Tentacle"