Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body


11:45 am

Haven Chemical Plant aka Havenwoode Research Facility

"What have you got there, Michael?"

Dr. Michael Forrester looked up from his lab equipment to see Marston Fransk, the facility administrator with his arms crossed, leaning in the doorway. The administrator was pointing to a small wire mesh box Dr. Forrester was working with.

"It's a Costa Rican Tarantula Wasp," Forrester replied. He didn't have much use for Dr. Fransk, that type of man was more interested in profit at any cost rather than research. "Tarantula wasps provide not only fresh, but living, food for their young. A wasp ready to lay eggs will attack a very large spider, which she paralyzes with her stinger. She then drags the spider off to her small burrow, where she lays eggs upon its "sleeping" body. When the eggs hatch they consume the spider from the inside out."

"Sounds charming," said Dr. Fransk. "What are your plans for it?"

"I'm extracting DNA to splice into the serum."

Fransk frowned. "I'm well aware what it's for. But some of the compounds are far too unstable. I want an alternative." He shook his head as he saw the look on his 'colleagues' face. "Look, Michael. I know you've been squeamish about the project from the beginning, but you know that the higher ups want us to perfect a serum by the end of the year. Quite frankly, we don't have time to play with bugs. Besides, this discussion is moot. Something's come up. We need to talk. Come with me, Michael."

Dr. Forrester grimaced. Another lecture. Sighing, he got up from the work table.

"After you," said Dr. Fransk, motioning to the door. Quietly, he grabbed the box containing the wasp and pocketed it as he followed the other man out.

"Where the hell are we going?" Dr. Forrester yelled over the roar of an airboat, as he and Dr. Fransk rode deep into the swamp, well away from the Haven Chemical Plant--known to them as the covert government lab they had been working at for the last six months.

Dr. Fransk ignored him as he guided the craft down the overgrown channels.

After several minutes he throttled back and shut the motor off. As the boat glided to a halt in a small clearing, thick with mud, Dr. Fransk turned to look at Dr. Forrester.

"We've gone ahead with Phase 3," he said quietly.

"What?!" Dr. Forrester shocked, stunned, he was almost speechless. Almost. "We won't be ready to test a human subject for months! My God! What were you thinking?!"

"I'm thinking of the thirty two million dollars the goverment has given this project. Do you know what will happen to that if we don't have results on time?"

"I don't give a shit about that!" shot back Dr. Forrester. "Marston, do you know what it will do to a man at this early stage?!"

"Do you know what it will do to a man when it's done?! We make weapons for Christ's sake! Don't you dare start giving me that holier than thou attitude! Look, when we gave the serum to the test subject he went berserk, but not before breaking out of containment and attacking the technicians."

"My God!" whispered Dr. Forrester.

"Before you ask, yes he performed as expected, but he was vicious. Savage. He grabbed a nurse and...well, let's just say...she didn't live through it."

Forrester stood there, dumfounded, as Dr. Fransk continued. "The subject was also too advanced genetically in comparison to our animal tests. He died too, which means we are going to have to back up on the serum and splice in some more inhibitors. If we keep quiet and get back to work we should be able to stay on schedule..."

"You fuck!" screamed Dr. Forrester. "People have died because of you! Do you realize what you've done!? I hope you know there's nothing you can do to stop me from reporting this!"

Without warning, Dr. Fransk reached into his pocket, brought out a pistol and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed in the wooded swamp as Dr. Forrester flew backward off the boat, lifeless, and landed in the soupy gray mud with a gaping wound in the center of his chest.

"I know," said Dr. Fransk, as he gazed upon his dead collegue. As Dr. Forrester's body began to sink, Dr. Fransk moved a tarp behind the seat, and drug out a jar of glowing liquid and several computer disks which he tossed over the side. The jar shattered against a stump, splashing its contents across the area and Dr. Forrester's body as it disappeared into the muck. As Dr. Fransk fired up the boat once more he reached into his pocket and flipped the wire box containing the wasp into the mud.

He then turned the boat and headed back towards the lab--ignoring the wasp as it flapped about in the mix of blood, mud, and mutanegic chemicals.



The wasp pulled itself onto the bank with tortured effort. It's primitive nerves were on fire as it crawled out of the swamp onto dry land. The serum the small insect had been immersed in now coursed through its veins, changing it into something else, already it was over a foot long, and still growing.

Its nature continued to mutate and evolve, changing in unseen ways far beyond mere physical size. It was becoming alert and aware, but not actually intelligent. Not quite. It now acted beyond mere instinct, and it knew what it had to do first.

The insect began to collect twigs and mud. Slowly, it worked on building it's lair.

As the fiery agony of continued transformation subsided the wasp-thing worked quicker, more assuredly. By the time it was finishing up, hours later, the creature was about the size of a medium sized dog and was lining the sides of it's huge lair with small brambles and saplings.

Sounds began to echo through the trees. The wasp-thing looked up, and listened. It was time. Somehow, it knew the time was right for the lair to become a hive.

The newborn Queen darted through the woods, toward the sounds.


"Man, this place gives me the creeps."

Seventeen year old Carly Rogers, wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, with a light jacket and a hat, looked somewhat out of place in the dank, muggy Haven swamp. She also looked uncomfortable, and had no problem discussing that with her friends.

"Just relax, Carly."

Seventeen year old Tammy Waters, wearing only jeans and a tee-shirt, and carrying a small camera, seemed to be somewhat more accustomed to her surroundings. "We'll find a few ugly bugs to take back to Ms. Payton and then go home."

Chandra Taylor, only sixteen, was wearing short shorts and a halter top, and appeared to be completely oblivious to her surroundings, insomuch as she hardly looked where she was walking. Then again, unlike her two blond friends, the redhead had grown up in Haven. She shook her head. "Tam's right. Besides, the faster we stop talking and start looking, the sooner we get done."

Carly pouted. "I still don't see why we've got to come here. I mean, didn't they spray this place for bugs a few years ago? What could we possibly find in here?"

"It was more like ten years," said Chandra. "And you remember what Ms. Payton said, don't you? Most of Earth's ecosystems have a tendency to adapt to their environment. The original insects might have been wiped out ten years ago, but some new ones have surely appeared by now. It's up to us to find them, and maybe get famous doing it."

"You're a dreamer," said Carly. She buffed her nails.

Tammy shook her head. "And you're a whiner. Let's just do this."

The three girls walked deeper and deeper into the swamp, glancing from side to side, up and around, until a strange noise caught their attention.

"Guys..." Carly licked her lips. "What's that buzzing sound?"

Chandra and Tammy listened too, and-sure enough-an odd buzzing sound filled the air. It was similar, in pitch, to the engine of a lawnmower. But it was too organic a sound. All three thought it sounded like the buzz of an insect, but dismissed the improbability of such a ridiculous notion.

"I've got an idea..." Carly said breathlessly.

Tammy nodded. "We should bolt?" Her friend nodded. "I'm all for that."

"You guys head back," said Chandra. "I'm going to look around some more."

"Are you sure?" Tammy asked. "Carly's right. This place is starting to freak me out too. It might not be a bad idea to get Ms. Payton to come back with us...during the day."

Chandra nodded. "Good idea. You can suggest it to her in the morning. Meantime, I'm going to stay here and try and find some real samples."

"Suit yourself." Tammy took Carly's arm, and motioned her away. "Call you later."

Chandra half-waved to her two departing friends. "See you guys later."

After they were gone, the redhead came to a startling realization--the normal background swamp sounds were absent. No birds, or frogs, nor a single cricket. All she could hear, in fact, was that odd buzzing sound...and it was getting louder. She stood up and ran her fingers through her hair.

"What in the world is that?"

A moment later, Chandra Taylor got her answer.

The bushes in front of her parted, and from them emerged a creature that-at first glance-appeared to be an insect. But if so, it was an insect nearly as big as she was, and resembling no living creature she had ever seen or imagined. The thing had a lean, muscular body and the long, bulbous torso reminiscent of wasps. Its head, though, was more like an ant's, sharply angled and with the same sort of antennae as the ants in the science room. Its tail also looked bizarre--where on most such insects it would have tapered off into a stinger-and given the size of this creature it would probably have been more like a small sword-this thing had three thick, rubbery appendages that resembled phalluses. All three were at least a good ten inches long, and thicker than the dildos she had discovered in her older sisters underwear drawer at home.

Chandra was too scared to move as she and the big bug faced off. Finally, she licked her lips, and tried to take a step backwards, but the insect reacted by moving closer to her. She tried it again, and again, with the same results. Finally, panic got the better of caution, and the young girl decided to try running away from it as fast as she could.

Try as she might, she just was not fast enough.

The enormous insect followed, buzzing more angrily than before, and easily caught up to her. It reached out with it mandibles, which were the size of salad tongs, and nipped at her back. They snagged one of the seams of her halter top, and the flimsy material gave way. It tore off her full, round breasts with a long hiss of ruined fabric, and also made her lose her balance. As she landed she rolled on to her side, and put both of her hands over her bare chest in an effort to cover herself.

"Leave me alone!" she screamed at the bug. "Please! Just go away!"

If it understood the girl's words at all, the insect showed no sign. Still buzzing, though more quietly now, it fluttered forward on four rapidly beating wings she had not even noticed before, and extended several of its six long, hooked feet toward her. She slapped and kicked violently but the insect ignored it, choosing to tear at her remaining clothing instead. Her little shorts were no match for its claws and she was soon all but naked, clad in only a thin pair of panties and her hiking boots.

"No! This can't be happening!" Chandra began to sob and moan, as it's claws seemed to deliberately take her ankles and flip her over onto her stomach. "Stop it!" She gasped when she felt the three slimy members of its tail probing her barely covered ass. "Go away! NO!" It's legs wrapped tightly around her upper torso, several of its feet scraping and kneading her firm breasts, while she remained on her hands and knees as the insects tail poked her harder. "Let me go!" Finally, it tore right through the middle, and she screamed as all three of the phallic-appendages made their way her body...two violating her virgin pussy and the other into her equally virgin ass. "Oh God, no!" As her hymen gave way and the rush of pain engulfed her, the sixteen year old let out a tortured scream. "No!" She grunted and moaned and screamed as the monstrous phalluses pumped deeper and harder into her helpless young body, bringing her closer and closer to climax with each passing moment. When it finally happened, welling up from deep within her and rampaging throughout her sweaty, naked body, she let out one final scream and passed out.

Chandra had no idea how much time had passed when she finally came to, and opened her tired eyes to see a dome of grass and mud. Her surroundings were clearly organic--almost like the dam of a beaver, only more primitive. She tried to sit up, but found she could not bend at the waist. Instead, she raised her head to look down at herself...and gasped.

Her stomach was distended like that of a woman who was at least eight or nine months pregnant. But that was impossible since she was a virgin. Or at least she had been, until the swamp. New tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered the huge insect, and what it had done to her. Until this moment, she had hoped it was just some horrible nightmare.

"Oh shit!" Chandra shook her head. "What did it do to me?" She groaned as pain wracked her body. "No! This can' can't be..." Something in her stomach was moving, she could feel it. "Oh God!" The pain struck again, and again, she rolled over and threw up. Her stomach began to swell, something within obviously wanted out, and now. "No!"

She was able to scream one last time, before there was a veritable explosion of blood and vital organs that came tumbling out of her body. As she collapsed, shuddering, and a glazed look in her now lifeless eyes, two creatures emerged.

The size of small dogs, the insects resembled the one that had attacked Chandra in the swamp, except that neither was quite as developed and they had only a single phallic member on their tails. They began to buzz loudly as they emerged from Chandra's body, which seemed to draw the larger insect from some other part of the dome. The two smaller insects gathered around the bigger one, and all three of them began to buzz in a manner reminiscent of a mother and her young.


Behind the wheel of her Jeep, Cindy Payton kept an eye out for flora and fauna on either side of the road as she drove deeper into Haven swamp. It had been almost a day and a half since Carly Rogers and Tammy Waters came to her class with a story about giant bug tracks.

She had not believed either of the girls at the time, they were known to lie outrageously if it suited them, but Chandra Taylor was a different matter. She was dependable and prompt, and always said she had come to enjoy science more since Cindy's class, and the fact that she had not been seen in nearly two days made the teacher start to worry just a little.

Chandra's parents did not answer their phone, she soon learned they were out of town for the week, and it was still too soon to call Sheriff Hooper.

Cindy knew Chandra could just as easily be lost, and it would be a great deal less embarrassing if she was the one who found her.

So the thirty-two year old teacher, who-like Chandra-had grown up in Haven, and was just as at home in the swamp as in the town, packed a few supplies and set out after school. She told herself that if she were unable to find Chandra before nightfall she would go back and call the Sheriff. There was no reason to start any sort of a panic before then, however.

It didn't take her long to find the area Carly and Tammy had told her about. The two girls were obviously inexperienced in navigating the swamp, and it was possible even the far more experienced and capable Chandra had simply lost her way. Shaking her head, the biology teacher and amateur entomologist headed into the depths of the swamp itself.

Before long, Cindy discovered tracks that, given their position, had to be Chandra's. They turned and ran off in another direction, and she followed them. It almost looked as if she was running from something, but Cindy could not find sign of any other people or animals. Then, it got very strange. "What the hell?" While she was not as experienced a tracker as her grandfather, who had taught her everything she knew, Cindy still recognized that Chandra's tracks went from a lengthy gait to halting, and then to have her body down on what appeared to be her hands and knees. The depth of the depressions told her that something had been moving up and down, or back and forth, on Chandra. "Oh my God...was she raped?" Given the evidence, it was the only thing that made any sense, except for the fact that she still could not find any trace of a person or even an animal. "What the hell happened here?"

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Cindy became aware of a loud buzzing sound. She might never have even noticed it, had Carly and Tammy told her of a similar noise. The teacher got to her feet and grabbed a large flashlight from her pack. It was heavy enough to use as a makeshift club, which was part of the reason she had brought it with her in the first place. She turned from side to side, to determine which direction the sound was coming from, but to her surprise realized it was both.

Two ugly wasp-like insects, as big as dogs almost, came flying out of the shrubbery. They had long, thick tails with what appeared to be phallic members on their tips...ovipositors, she realized, but unlike any from the information she had read. They could not be natural creatures, she was sure of that, even the prehistoric insects never got this large, and they were extremely aggressive. They came right at her, despite the fact she had taken on a defensive posture with the flashlight ready.

Both insects struck her at once, from either side, and shrugged off her strongest blows from the flashlight as they clawed at her clothes. "What the...stop it! Get off me!" It seemed impossible, but these insects were trying to disrobe her right here in the swamp. They shredded her jeans and tee-shirt in seconds, and then started on her flimsy black undergarments as well. "No!" Despite her frantic protests, the insects continued to scratch and tear and bite and claw, until they had the helpless, pretty brunette naked--except for her hiking boots. "No! Get away from me! Stop it!"

The insects ignored her. Clamping on to her arms and legs and neck and even her big, round breasts, both insects started to thrust their ovipositors at the helpless teacher. She could not defend against them with her arms pinned, and she screamed in pain and surprise as they penetrated her pussy and ass at once. The insect phalluses were hard and slimy, which did little to soften the impacts of their thrusts as they both fucked her mercilessly from either side, rocking her body. She thrashed and moaned as the unthinkable rape continued for what felt like an eternity to the young teacher, who felt a thunderous orgasm erupt from the very core of her being. She screamed and howled in a bizarre mixture of pain and pleasure, feeling herself brought over the top again and again until she could stand it no more, and she passed out.

When she woke, Cindy Payton found herself laying on her side in muck. She looked around, and saw the wood and mud nest of some wasp species all around her. Many, many times larger than any she had seen in the US or South America. Then again the insects that had raped her in the swamp-and she was still having a hard time wrapping her mind around that concept-were oversized too. It stood to reason they would also have a larger than average nest.

Curious, and more than a little scared, the teacher climbed unsteadily to her feet and had a look around. It was dark, and dank, and she soon tripped. As she wiped muck out of her eyes, Cindy found herself face to face with the lifeless body of poor Chandra Taylor. Tears rolled down her face, and bile filled her throat, as she scrambled to get away from the horror.

She backed into a wall.

At least, she thought it was a wall, until it shifted and began to buzz in a rather angry manner.

Cindy spun around, and found herself before an even larger insect. This one had definite mutant qualities, it was damn near as big as she was and had the gross physical characteristics of both wasps and ants. Its tail was even longer and thicker than those she had previously been fucked with, and its ovipositor was three- pronged. The mere thought of those violating her body repulsed her.

"Oh no, please..." Cindy began to slowly back away. "Please don't." She knew her begging would do no good, this was an insect after all. It couldn't possibly understand her, its only 'thought' was the drive to eat, and of course to mate. Given the condition Chandra's body was in, she had to assume this insect was a kind of parasitoid--infecting a host with its larvae, which would grow inside and then eventually break their way out in a violent and bloody manner. "Get away! Stay back!"

The Queen...for it could be nothing else, Cindy was sure, moved closer. It buzzed and cackled at her, and realization hit the teacher like a bolt from the blue. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, at least not here. This was its nest, its home, and she was its next host-prey. Even if she got away, the smaller insects-- drones most likely--would probably follow her anywhere. Unlike most simple bees, aggressive only so long as they or their nest was threatened, parasitoids would wander vast distances in search of suitable hosts, and they could trace their young or the scent of a potential host for miles if need be.

Cindy sobbed as the Queen bowled her over with a head-butt, and used several of its pincers to spread her own legs. She wailed in pain as it pounded all three ovipositors deep into her sodden pussy, and rocked her body back and forth with each thrust. It brought her to orgasm again and again, before the Queen finally screeched and filled her womb with its boiling hot seed.

It was at that point Cindy Payton could take no more, and passed out.


The next day, unaware of the terrible fate which had befallen her, administrators of Haven High School were angry with Cindy Payton for not showing up for her class. Only by sheer luck were they able to get the new youth director, Cynthia O'Rourke to come in from her vacation and substitute for the day.

Cynthia was a pretty twenty-two year old just back from college. Haven was her home town and she was happy to be back, but she would've rather not worked today. She'd been looking forward to spending the day in town, seeing how many heads she could turn.

While she was away at college she blossomed from the awkward girl the town had known to quite a beautiful young woman. She had let her hair grow out and now keeps it sculpted in elegant braids. She moved from glasses to contacts and she began to work out so the chubby girl they knew was now lean and trim. Without a layer of baby fat, it was now obvious to everyone that she was a lot more buxom than the male population had ever thought.

A detail that Cynthia loved to rub in the faces of the boys who shunned her by wearing tight sweaters and sheer blouses. As she walked to her car after classes Cynthia sighed. Today may have been shot but at least she has the party to look forward to tomorrow night.

She failed to notice four shapes moving through the bushes at the edge of the parking lot as she fumbled for her keys.

The insects had been searching in wider circles for new hosts to bring back to the Queen. The high school was located on the edge of town, and just happened to be the first building they came to. They approached the unknowing girl, circling around the back of her car.

As the lead bug prepared to attack Cynthia--unaware of the supreme danger she was in--got in her car and started the engine. The sudden roar of the engine startled the bugs, causing them to jump back and buzz. An oblivious young teacher pulled out of the deserted parking lot and drove away.

One of the bugs, seemingly angered by the loss of its prey, actually went into pursuit of the much faster car, buzzing loudly, while the others caught a familiar scent in the air.

As one the insects shambled off, eventually tracing the scent to a nearby basement window.


Amanda Snow gasped and moaned as the seven-inch phallus pounded deep into her hairless pussy. The eighteen year old had her knees drawn up nearly to her chest, and her long brown hair was swinging from side to side as she was rocked with each thrust. She arched her back, jutting her heaving breasts into the air as she was rocked with an intense orgasm that would certainly have made her scream in pleasure had she not bit her lip at the last moment.

Poised between the brunette's firm, muscular thighs, thirty-six year old Rachel Williams groaned with an orgasm of her own as the double-headed, strap-on dildo she was wearing brought her and Amanda to their third mutual orgasm. Head Coach of the Haven High Women's Volleyball team, Williams had been having a torrid affair with Amanda, one of her best players, for a year.

It had begun when Williams, cleaning up after school, wandered into the shower stall and found Amanda there, naked and masturbating. Instead of chastising the embarrassed young woman, the six foot tall Coach with short blond hair did something she had promised herself she was never going to do--she succumbed to temptation. Though she knew it would get her fired, and maybe even prosecuted, if she got caught she went up to Amanda and thrust her own hand between the young woman's legs. She proceeded to masturbate her to a furious orgasm right there, pinned against the shower wall, and the two of them had been meeting after school for regular, furious sex sessions ever since. Neither deluded themselves into thinking it was actually love, they just enjoyed one another's magnificent bodies.

"Oh yes! YES!" Amanda gripped Rachel's shoulders and arched her back as she felt another climax start deep within her quivering pussy. "Fuck me, Rach! Harder!"

Coach Williams groaned as she did just that. Despite their efforts to keep quiet, she knew it was probably a needless exercise. It was several hours after school, most everyone else had gone home, and they were in an isolated corner of the basement, behind three separate locked doors. There was an unlocked, most likely open window nearby, left that way because it would have taken too much time and money to fix, but it was facing the swamp. No one ever came by that way.

"Amanda!" Rachel hissed in pleasure with each thrust. "I'm cumming!"

Amanda nodded, too swept up in her own orgasm to talk, and once again the two of them climaxed at the same time. When it was over, they were both soaked with sweat and too tired to continue, so the Coach rolled off her young lover and curled up beside her. "You were wonderful."

The younger woman leaned up and kissed her. "And you're insatiable. What in the world keeps you able to go on and on like that?"

"Hours of being around a lot of sweaty, muscular young woman," Rachel replied. "And knowing I get to fuck one half to death after school doesn't hurt either."

Amanda chuckled. "Tell me about it. I'm too exhausted to move." She lay her head on the older woman's shoulder and sighed contentedly. "I think we should sleep here tonight. Get a fresh start in the morning, that is providing you don't wake up horny again."

"Babe, with you..." Rachel kissed her. "I'm always horny." She cupped one of the younger woman's full breasts, and was just bending her head to suckle it when they were both startled by a noise, a loud crash that seemed to come from somewhere nearby. "What the hell was that?"

Amanda sat up. "Oh no. Do you think maybe there's someone else down here? Watching us?"

"Better not be." Coach Williams rolled out of bed and reached for her clothes-jeans and a tight tee-shirt she had worn just for this occasion. "I'll kill 'em!" She also had a baseball bat there, one she was not afraid to use if the circumstances called for it. "Get dressed, but wait here. I'll be back." Once dressed, she picked up the bat, and a flashlight, and headed off into the darkness.

Amanda jumped off the cot. She pulled on her gym shorts and Haven High shirt, and sat there waiting for several minutes. When Rachel did not return she was first concerned, then annoyed, then angry. There were a handful of rumors going around that some of the other teachers were suspicious about all the time she and the Coach seemed to spend together, and if occurred to her that if Rachel got in trouble for a relationship the both of them had a part in, she would damn sure be there for her lover. Determined, she got up and went looking for the other woman.

"Rachel? Rach? Where are you?" There were only so many place to go in this basement, which was only used for storage these days. "Rach, come on. This isn't funny." With only one bulb, above their cot, it also happened to be particularly dark down there, which was why the two of them had brought a flashlight in the first place. Amanda took a few more steps, and then felt her foot come down on something long and hard. She bent down, felt around, and realized it was the flashlight. "What the hell?" Shaking her head she stood up and flicked it on, and the girl who thought she knew everything got a horrific surprise.

Rachel Williams, former track star and part-time weightlifter, was down on her hands and knees. Despite her obvious protests to the contrary, the muscular blond had been stripped, and was being viciously fucked from both ends by two creatures out of a nightmare.

They looked like insects, wasps maybe, but they were bigger than her dog. They had long, thick tails with what almost appeared to be fleshy dicks on the tips-one was pounding deep into Rachel's quivering pussy while the other thrust in and out of her helpless mouth. The monsters held their prey still with long, hooked legs that clutched her shoulders and head at once.

Amanda desperately wanted to scream, to do something to help her lover, but she was just too frightened to do anything but shake her head. "Oh God, Rachel!" Tears streamed down her face, as she tried to figure out what to do. "No!"

Moments later, that decision was taken out of her hands.

Two more big insects, identical to the first, squeezed their way through the half-open window above. The two of them made a beeline-a bad pun she might have laughed at under other circumstances-straight for Amanda, who did the only thing she could think of. She ran. There were stairs nearby, she only hoped she could get to them before the insects caught her.

She succeeded. The terrified young schoolgirl charged up the stairs as she heard the buzzing of the insects wings getting closer, only to find the door there was locked. And unfortunately, the key was down in one of the pockets of the jeans Rachel had been wearing.

"Damn!" Amanda began pounding on the thick, steel firedoor. "Help! Somebody help me, please!" It was a lost cause, she knew. There was no one else around...not here, not now. That was precisely the reason the two of them had chosen this particular place. For privacy.

Now, that very isolation was their undoing.

Amanda spun around, back flush against the door, as the insects came fluttering up the stairs. She shook her head from side to side. "No! Get away! Leave me alone!" If they understood her at all it did not show, they just continued forward, arms flailing and tails quivering behind them. When they got close enough the girl tried to slap them away, but that just gave the insects a chance to catch her wrists with their mandibles and lift her off the ground kicking and screaming. "Stop it!"

It wasn't long before Amanda too was naked. Ignoring her throaty screams of protest, the insects dragged her partway down the stairs and then pounced upon her. Both tried to fuck her pussy at once, and while one succeeded the other found her virgin ass instead. The two continued to claw and buzz at one another as they fucked the helpless young girl to another shattering round of orgasms.

Some time later, with no one in the school any the wiser, the four bugs emerged from that very basement with the two naked, unconscious women in their grasp. They headed back into the swamp, bringing the two new offerings to their ever ready Queen.

Rachel Williams woke, to find herself sprawled out on her back, in a pool of slime. She sat up, tired and with an aching pussy, and looked around. The last thing she remembered was being jumped by two big ass bugs-they shredded her clothes and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her. Now she found herself inside of some sort of am ugly, stinking mound of dirt, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere.

"What the hell? Where am I?"

Coach Williams heard a weak scream, and turned.

Amanda Snow, her beautiful young lover, had been stripped naked and was impaled on the three-pronged dicks of an insect even bigger and uglier than the ones in the basement. Helplessly the schoolgirl was bounced up and down, thrashing and moaning as the monster drove her tired, sweat-soaked body to a shuddering, shattering orgasm.

"No!" Rachel lurched to her feet. "Stop it!"

The hideous insect shuddered and howled, and Rachel saw Amanda's stomach swell as it pumped something into the young woman's womb. Then, it shrugged Amanda aside, leaving her to moan and cry facedown in a pool of slime, and came at Rachel, its claws extended.

"No!" She backed up. "Stay the fuck away from me!"

The Queen was faster than her great bulk made it appear, and it lashed out at Rachel as soon as the Coach found herself backed up against a wall. The insect used several legs to grab the humans arms and legs, then held her spread-eagle against the wall as she brought up her tail.

Tears of anger and disgust rolled down her cheeks. "Fuck you!"

The Queen pounded her ovipositor right into Rachel's throbbing pussy, and cackled as the human thrashed and screamed.


Stephanie Hooper finally got tired of watching television, there was hardly anything on at one o'clock in the morning anyway, so she wandered into the kitchen to get a snack.

The seventeen year-old was upset her father had dumped some stranger off on her, left her sleeping in Stephanie's own bed because he said his was too hard, rushed off again. Leaving her to babysit.

"Cook dinner, Steph. Clean the house, Steph. Watch this girl for me, Steph." She shook her head as she was putting together a sandwich. "He's never going to let me run my own life." Ever since her mother died, things between her and her father had been strained. They rarely talked, and when they did it was usually to yell at one another for something.

Suddenly, a shrill scream rang out. Stephanie turned, realizing it had come from her father's room. "Uh oh." She raced up the stairs and threw the bedroom door open, to find the stranger sitting up in bed, tears of fright pouring down her pale face.

She looked to be about Stephanie's age, perhaps a little older, and had long brown hair that had been tied in a series of intricate braids. It was a mess now. She shaking like a leaf, her breath coming in ragged gasps that caused her big breasts--mostly visible through her shredded sweater--jiggle and heave. Wide-eyed, she turned her head from side to side, taking in her new surroundings and gasping.

"W-Where...where am I?"

"Hey." Stephanie walked slowly into the room. "Take it easy. It's okay now." She sat down on a corner of the bed. "I'm Stephanie. Stephanie Hooper. My father is Tad Hooper, the town Sheriff?" She did her best to comfort the other young woman, and smiled. "This is our house."

" did I get here?"

"My Dad brought you. He said the woman's shelter was closed for the night, and he didn't think you'd be too comfortable in the jail." Stephanie sighed. "Do you have a name?"

"Cynthia O'Rourke."

Stephanie nodded. "Cynthia, can you tell me what happened?" Her father had told her to leave the young woman alone, but now that she was awake the curiosity got the best of her.

"I was invited to this party. I was there most of the night." Cynthia shook her head. "Afterwards, I tried to find a cab but there weren't any, so I decided to walk. Biggest mistake of my life." Her eyes glazed over for a moment. "I-It came out of nowhere. This weird buzzing sound, filled the air, I looked around...and then it hit me from behind. I felt it on top of me, tearing at my clothes, I screamed. It just kept going. It got my skirt off, and then"

Stephanie frowned. "You keep saying it. Not a guy?"

Cynthia shook her head, and chuckled nervously. "I wish to hell it had been. Everything might've made a lot more sense. It was some kind of a...a bug. A big one. Big as a dog. Like a wasp on steroids. It had a tail, long and thick, and shaped like a...well, you know." She saw Stephanie blush slightly. "It forced that damn thing inside me. Hard. The god-damn bug was raping me, right there in the alley. I couldn't even believe it as it was happening to me. I screamed my head off, but it didn't do any good. It just kept pumping into me, harder and harder, and I came like there was no tomorrow. Finally, when I didn't think I can handle another orgasm, it stopped. I thought it was going to leave me there, but then it started to grab me with its legs. That was when the Sheriff...your Dad...showed up. He shot the thing, killed it, and saved my life. I passed out. I don't remember anything else until I woke up here."

Stephanie didn't say anything. For a while, she didn't even move. After a story like that it was difficult to know what to say. "I'm sorry" did not seem quite enough, and "Are you sure it was really a bug?" made the both of them sound stupid. Finally, she settled for patting the girl's arm. "That is what he does best. Saving people." She stood up. "You should probably get some rest. In case you need it, I put some fresh towels in the bathroom..." She pointed. "...over there. And I can always get you some of my things to wear if you want to take a shower or whatever."

Not surprisingly, she did.

Stephanie brought Cynthia a pair of sweatpants and a tee-shirt, she left them on her Dad's bed while the other girl was in the shower, and was just about to leave when she heard a very odd sound. A low, guttural moan coming from the bathroom.

It occurred to her that maybe Cynthia was crying again, or had fallen down and hurt herself. It would not look good if her Dad came home and she had to explain it to him. So after a moment she opened the bathroom door in order to console their houseguest, or perhaps to offer her some words of encouragement.

Instead, she screamed.

Something had come through the bathroom window and torn down the shower curtain. Cynthia was being pinned against the shower wall by an impossibly large insect, which had twisted its tail around and was pounding it deep into the helpless young woman's exposed pussy. She thrashed and moaned with each vicious thrust, her taut young body shuddering occasionally with an unwilling, shattering orgasm.

"No! This can't be happening, not here!" Stephanie's cries alerted two other insects to her presence. They had been crouched on either side of the bathtub, seemingly waiting their turn, but when they became aware of Stephanie they buzzed loudly and rose into the air. "Oh crap!" She turned to run. "Stay away!"

As fast as she might have been, the bugs were faster.

They caught Stephanie as she was rounding the bed. One rammed its head into the back of her legs, and a scream of pain accompanied her fall to the floor. As she was scrambling back to her feet, one of the insects landed on her back, and its sudden weight kept her in an all-fours position. She bucked wildly in an attempt to dislodge it, but the things many legs held on tight. Several of them even began groping her body, probing her heaving breasts and tearing at the seams of her blouse.

"Get off me, you monster!" It didn't listen. Instead, the insect buzzed more loudly than before, and began to probe at her shorts with the tip of its big, dick-like tail. "No!" Her screams were abruptly silenced, as the second insect clamped down on her head and thrust its own tail right between her lips. She could just barely get enough air to breath, she was still thrashing and moaning in terror, and tears poured down her cheeks as she felt her shorts and panties giving way. She knew what was about to happen, and the fact she had made a concentrated effort to retain her virginity all these years--until marriage--clearly meant nothing to these two sex-hungry freaks of nature.

Stephanie let out a muffled scream of pain as the insect thrust its tail into her pussy, shredding her hymen like tissue paper. It began to ram the thick, slimy member in and out of her body with animalistic force, and she was violently rocked as it fucked her brutally.


Sherrif Hooper paced back and forth as Dr. Jane Moss finally came to the door. She was bleary eyed and in her robe. She blinked in the yellow glow of the porchlight.

"Tad? It's late. What is it? Is anything wrong?" she asked, pulling her robe tighter. She had gone out with the Sherriff a couple times when she had moved here, but that was months ago.

"Get dressed," he said. "We're going to the plant."

Jane started to say something, but she caught the expression on his face. Something had seriously shaken him, and Tad Hooper was the most unshakeable man she had ever met. What had happened must have been serious, so she went back inside. A few minutes later they were driving quite fast down the road to the Haven Chemical Plant, where she worked.

Jane figured he would tell her what was wrong as they were driving, but Tad didn't say a word. Pulling into the sparsely populated parking lot and stopping with a screech from the tires, Sherriff Hooper got out moving to the trunk. Perplexed an more than a little worried, his companion followed. The Sherriff opened the trunk and pulled out a large black bag and carried it under his arm as he motioned Jane to the door.

Jane stumbled up the steps, fumbling for her card key. "Is that a bodybag?" she asked, afraid of the answer.

He didn't respond, he just pushed past her the instant the door was open, and jerked his head from side to side. "Where's your lab?" he asked finally. Jane stammered a moment and pointed down the hall then found herself trying to keep up as Sherriff Hooper walked off.

Inside her lab, Jane turned on the lights as the Sherriff put the bag on a table and unzipped it.

"Now," he said, turning toward her and pointing to the bag. "What the hell is that?!"

Jane Moss gasped. Her brain shifted gears trying to make sense of the giant insect she was looking at. "Holy shit!" she breathed. "I have no idea! Where did you get this?"

"In town. It was raping some girl! It took my fucking shotgun to stop it, and even then just barely. What the fuck is it?"

"How should I know? I've never seen anything like this!"

"Look," said the Sherriff Hooper. "You're a scientist. I thought you were one of these big brain experts on everything..."

"Tad, I'm only a mid-level technician. I know some stuff, yeah, but not like the guys in R&D," said Jane.

"Well, are any of them around, dammit?" asked the Sherriff.

"I-I don't know. The R&D section is like top level security...even I've never met any of the people who work there. Look. I'll run some tests and see if we have anything to go on, OK?" she replied. The Sherriff nodded and began to pace as she began taking tissue and blood samples.

"Hey Jane, while you're at it, see if you can find out why this fucker stinks so bad," growled the Sherriff.

"That's probably the insect's pheremones. Bugs use it to communicate and to mark food sources, follow prey. That sort of thing." said Jane. Several minutes of the Sherriff's impatient, regular cursings later, Jane finally got a readout from the analyzer. "What the hell?"

"What is it?" the Sheriff asked, his jaw tightening.

"I'm reading the DNA of a Tarantula Wasp. But there's no way I should be able to get so specific a reading this quickly, unless..." Jane's face lost all of it's color. "Oh God!"

"What?!" the Sheriff demanded.

Jane turned and looked up at him with wide eyes. "Unless, some of the DNA was being used at this facility."

Sheriff Hooper grabbed the woman and shook her. "Are you saying you MADE this fucking thing?!"

"I-I don't know," Jane stammered. "The DNA was on-file. Someone must have been using it...creating an insecticide or something."

Sherriff Hooper rubbed his face, trying to take it all in. Sniffing, he moved his hand from his face, smelling his fingers. He stared at the bug on the table, then recollection struck. "Shit. Could there be any more of these fucking things out there?"

"It's possible," Jane replied. "Why?"

"What was that you were saying earlier...about pheremores?"

"Pheremones," she corrected. "Insects, normal ones at least, use them for all sorts of things."

"You said tracking prey--like following something they've already been in contact with?" he asked.

Jane nodded. "I suppose so. But what..."

"FUCK! The girl was covered in this stinking shit! And now she's back at my house...with my daughter!" He stormed toward the door. "Call your boss! I gotta get home!"

Once he was gone, Jane reached for the phone.

"Page Dr. Fransk for me, please."


Coach Monica Parsons smiled at the girls while inwardly cursing under her breath. Her girls were singing their victory chant for the fifth time now, but that wasn't what bothered her.

Her volleyball team, the Mist Valley Tempests, had practiced hard for the last match. The Haven team were tough, and Mist Valley High School knew that they were the ones to beat. The fact that Coach Williams and one of her star players hadn't shown up caused their team to forfeit, meaning Mist Valley was bound for the finals. But as Coach Parsons navigated the van through the dark, winding road, she was less than pleased.

"If their coach hadn't been there all day, they could've at least given us a call. Saved us the trip. I hate this damn road." The blonde volleyball coach looked over her shoulder at her students. They were still high from their so-called 'victory'.

Coach Parsons smiled. They hadn't even noticed that she had missed the turn off to the highway. Hopefully this crappy road would get out of the swamp and connect to the highway soon. They still had a long drive ahead of them. THUMP THUMP! The van lurched as it ran over something while Coach Parsons was distracted by her team. The coach quickly looked forward and fought to get the van under control. Something large and metal loomed in the road ahead.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed the coach as she slammed on the brakes. The van swerved and skidded on the muddy road and slammed into the back of a jeep. The girls screamed, spilling into the isle of the large shuttle van. Coach Parsons sat up dazed, blood trickling down her forehead from the impact with the steering wheel. Steam welled up from the grill of the van, mixing with the surviving headlight and giving the area a misty glow.

"Is everyone ok?" asked the coach shakily. It took a moment for the nine girls to untangle themselves and get over the initial shock, but except for a few cuts and bruises, no one was seriously injured.

"Everyone stay here while I check out the van," said the coach. Trying her best to clear her head, she stood up and open the door to the shuttle. Stepping out into the chill air, Coach Parsons looked at the front of the van. "What a mess." The car they hit was a Jeep that was parked along side of the road. The front end of the shuttle van was pretty mangled and the rear of the Jeep was in no better shape.

"Oh wow!" Not surprisingly, some of the girls followed the coach out of the van and were looking around.

"Is the other driver ok?" asked a pretty blonde girl with her hair in a tight, braided ponytail.

"Misty, girls, get back in the van." said the coach. "Let me take care of this." The girls reluctantly stayed by the door of the shuttle as the coach moved to the driver's side of the jeep, expecting the worst.

"Who is it?" Misty Snow asked.

The coach shrugged her shoulders. "No one. It's empty."

"Why would anyone park way out here?" one of the girls asked.

Coach Parson's face fell. "Oh no." She remembered now, they had run over something just before hitting the Jeep. "Shit!" she whispered as she rushed toward a dark shape in the middle of the road. Had her carelessness cost the driver of the Jeep it's life?

No, it wasn't a person, she soon realized. It was, Coach Parsons thought, an animal of some sort.

"What the fuck is that?" one of the girl's, who had ignored her order and followed her, said from behind her.

"Hey watch your language," the coach muttered absently as she looked the thing over. It was an insect, but one far larger than any she had ever seen in her life, and ugly too. She shuddered. Even in death, she got a distinct feeling the freakish thing was staring at her.

"At least I didn't kill anyone."

The coach breathed a sigh of relief.

"But what is that thing?" asked another of the girls.

"I don't know." A strange, deep buzzing sound filled the air, and coach Parsons shook her head. "And right now, I don't care either. I-I think we'd better get back to the van and go home."

She was suddenly very nervous, and began directing the disappointed girls back toward the van. Out of the corner of her eye, the coach noticed several of the nearby bushes beginning to sway. Something was approaching, and there was no doubt now it was connected to the sound.

"Hurry up, girls. We..." Coach Parson's eyes became as wide as saucers as the bushes parted--to release a veritable swarm of insects identical to the one in the road. A dozen of them were buzzing loudly, and they seemed to be coming straight at her and the girls. "Run!"

The girls saw the insects now, and screamed. They ran faster, while their coach lagged farther and father behind, and the monstrous insects continued to close on her. Though they were not actually flying, their vestigal wings allowed them to make impressive leaps and bounds, covering distances that no human legs could match.

While the terrified young players managed to make it to the safety of the van, their coach was not so lucky. She slipped and fell face-down in the mud just a few feet from the van, and in the time it took her to get back to her hands and knees the bugs were upon her.

They attacked with truly animalistic fury. Deadly, hooked mandibles chewed through the coach's one-piece uniform as if it was tissue paper.

Coach Parsons screamed as the insects bites caught more than just her clothing. In an explosion of blood and fabric, her clothing vanished, and was soon followed by her undergarments. Only part of her bra and random strips of cloth remained. She kicked and screamed insanely, trying to fight them off, but there were just too many.

One of the bugs happened to position itself correctly in the attack, and the long, phallic ovipositor found its mark...plunging deep into the coach's tender sex. A tortured scream caught in her throat as the thick member slid deep inside of her. The beastly insect began to thrust in and out of her as the young woman's girl's screams returned with new vigor. Two other insects clamped onto her heaving breasts with their mandibles. Not biting down hard, but they rhythmically milked her breasts, much in the same way an ant would milk an aphid for it's sweet excretions.

From the the van, those few girls who had not ventured out looked on in horror as their coach was mercilessly raped. The others climbed inside, all of them screaming their heads off, and slammed the doors shut as several of the unoccupied bugs approached rapidly.

Myriad screams and cried filled the interior of the van.

"What are we gonna do?"

"We can't leave her out there!"

"We have to get away!"


One girl, infinitesimilly more in control than the others, leapt into the driver's seat and tried to start the engine. Nothing happened though, damage from the crash was too great. Then the young brunette jumped back and gave a throaty scream, as an insect landed on the hood of the van and began clawing madly at the windshield.

Other insects, through accident or design, rammed their bony heads into a number of side windows, and the glass actually started to give. Cracks began to litter each of them, and the teenagers desperately tried to fight back by plugging each window with their gym bags.

Misty Snow, the pretty young blond who had been the last one outside with Coach Parsons, huddled in the aisle. She had her knees drawn up to her ample chest and was sobbing fearfully. All around, her friends and teammates waged a hopeless battle to keep the monsters at bay, but already the insects claws were making short work of their gym bags.

Terrified, literally on the brink of hysteria, a wild-eyed Misty searched for some means of escape. "They're gonna get us," she mumbled. "W-We have to get away...we can't let them..." She glanced back over her shoulder, out the rear door of the van--where she saw Coach Parsons, being dragged away by one of those monstrous insects, her full breasts slick with slime and blood. The sight of her coach being raped, by monsters no less, was more than enough to push the poor girl over the edge.

"They're going to rape us!" Misty climbed to her feet. "I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" The blonde shoved her way past her friends to the back door of the van, and before any of them could stop her she had opened the door and leapt out. She ran as fast as she could down the muddy road.

She didn't get far.

A large bug on the roof of the van darted after Misty before she had even made a dozen steps. The hulking insect hit her square in the back, knocking her over. Kicking and screaming madly the girl fought againt the insect, but was no match for the creature. Several of its legs pinned her to the ground, while it's phallus began thrusting at her sex through her shorts. Its deadly mandibles sliced through her muddy T-shirt...exposing her pert young tits as the insect's snake-like member found it's mark, thrusting up the left leg of her shorts. The helpess blond shook violently as the slimy phallus slid past her pussylips and ripped her virginity from her. All she could do was scream as the impossible insect fucked her.

For the girls left inside the van, their fates were sealed that moment Misty panicked and opened the door. Several insects climbed through the open door almost instantly. As a girl closest to the door was grabbed and dragged outside to be raped, the others stampeded to the front of the van. Other insects poured in through the now unguarded windows.

One by one the girls were grabbed and had their meager clothing torn from them. Bare, teenaged breasts bounced and swayed as young virgin pussies were horribly, repeatedly assaulted. Within moments, the few remaining girls were writhing on bench, and in aisle, screaming and wailing as the insects fucked them all in a horrific, hellspawned orgy.

After a tortuous eternity the van finally grew still and, one by one, the insects began dragging offerings back to their Queen.


"Steph!? Stephanie?!"

Sherriff Hooper vaulted up the stairs towards his daughter's room. He had a rifle from his squad car, though he prayed he would not need it. Bursting through the door, his worst fears were realized.

Stephanie's window had been shattered, and an evening breeze carried with it a strong scent of blood, sex, and the insects pheremones. The Sheriff was torn between wanting to scream and wanting to throw up as he raced back down to his squad car and grabbed the radio.

"Harry? Harry, come in!"

"I'm right here, boss," replied the musically feminine voice of his Asian deputy, Hiruka Lee. "What's wrong?"

"I don't have time to explain. Listen up. I want you to go to the armory, and pack out the big guns. I mean the really big guns. Bring the shit we use on gators. Got it?" He paused. "Also, in the back room there's that crate of TNT I confiscated from old man Simmons. Bring it too."

"What's up, Sherriff?" asked Deputy Lee, with growing concern.

"Goddamnit Harry, I don't have time to explain. Just get the stuff and be at my house in ten minutes!" Before his deputy could respond Sherriff Hooper was on his way to the back of his house. There were deep scratches down the side of the house from Stephanie's window to the ground. The Sherriff could see furrows in the earth, where his daughter and the other girl were dragged into the woods.

He sneered at it for a moment, fighting back the tears as he thought of what had happened to his little girl, then he stomped to the shed at the back of the house. Grabbing a leash he opened the mesh pen and hooked it the collar of his best hunting dog.

"C'mon Hell..." he said. "Time to go to work." He brought the dog out and let it sniff for a few minutes at the furrow of ground where is daughter was dragged away. Lights shone from the front of the house, as his deputy pulled up. Sherriff Hooper came to meet her, and before she had even got out of the car he had given the dog's leash to her and was looking over the weapons. He nodded in approval as he saw everything he had asked for.

Hiruka Lee, a twenty-something deputy hired only after she kicked his ass in a bar fight to prove she was worthy, was deeply concerned by the fact her boss and friend had obviously been crying. "Sheriff?" She took a chance. "Is something up, Tad? What's going on?"

"Bugs." He didn't look at her. "Fucking insects." He grabbed a shotgun to check the ammo. "They're everywhere...and they got Stephanie." He dumped the remaining shells in his coat pocket, then did the same thing with several of the sticks of dynamite as well.

Deputy Lee was stunned. "Oh shit." She shook her head. It was incredible, impossible, but the pain on his face told her it was also true. "So what the hell are we supposed to do?"

He tossed her one of the other shotguns. "Find 'em." He took Hell's leash from her, and gritted his teeth. "And kill 'em!"

Sherriff Hooper and his deputy moved cautiously into the woods as his dog barked and tugged at her leash.

Even without Hell, the trail would not hard to follow. Deep drag marks in the soft dirt, from both the two girls and the bugs, cut through the foliage and on into the swamp. Before long, the trail seemed to disappear as it went into knee-high water, but then again they no longer needed the trail or Hell to figure out where they were going.

Up ahead, there was a small inlet made from rock and dirt that had washed up during one of many storms. It was usually empty, except when an alligator happened to choose it as a nest for its eggs. But what filled it now was not an alligator nest, that was for certain.

It was a big, ugly-looking dome made out of mud and grass and sticks, and it looked really out of place. It also looked like something the mud-dobbers he had grown up seeing might have built, if they were the size of small dogs and wanted something appropriately large.

Hiruka shook her head, and said something in Korean. He did not bother to try and translate it, he knew from the look on her face meant it couldn't be said in mixed company anyway.

"These fuckers have been busy," Hooper said. "This thing looks big enough to hold half the female population of the town. What in the hell is going on around here, Harry?"

"I don't know, Sheriff. But I do not like it." Hiruka was the only person in the world who Tad Hooper knew was as stupidly fearless as himself, and he could see she was practically shaking in her boots. Then again, if it hadn't been for Stephanie, he might turn the fuck around and leave. Try to call the National Guard or something, but he didn't have time.

"I'm going in," Hooper said, making up his mind. "I gotta find Steph, but Harry, you're under no obligation..."

Lee shook her head. "Don't even say it, Tad. I love Stephanie like she is my own daughter, and if these bugs you're talking about hurt one hair on her head..." She raised the shotgun and tried her best to imitate his accent. "I will blow 'em all to hell!"

Under other circumstances, Tad Hooper might have laughed. Instead he just nodded, and squeezed his six foot four inch frame into the door of the nest, an opening meant for something much smaller.

Deputy Lee followed close behind him.

Inside, they found the pathways as cramped as the door, and had to get on their hands and knees to move around. Apparently, the outer layer was formed off criss-crossing pathways and side-tunnels, but it was soon obvious that a single, open area filled the middle.

They just had to get to it.

"No guards," the Sheriff said over his shoulder. He shook his head. "Sons of bitches can't be too damn smart."

Deputy Lee nodded, but did not reply. This place felt wrong somehow. They were moving about as they pleased, and from what she had seen of insects who built nests, they were usually aggressive and territorial. Then again, while that was true of normal insects, perhaps the same thing wasn't true for bugs as big as people. "Sheriff..."

"What is it?" Hooper stopped, it was too tight a fit for him to turn, and glanced over his shoulder. His deputy seemed to be looking at something down one of the side-tunnels. "Harry?"

"I-I see something, but I'm not sure what." Hiruka stuck her head through the side-tunnel to get a better look. "I think it's..." She gasped. "Oh shit Sheriff, it's..." Her words became a fearful scream, as something yanked the young Korean out of his sight.

Hooper's face contorted with rage. "Harry, no!" Since he couldn't turn he simply backed up until he was even with the side-tunnel, and then pushed his way into it. The fit was tight, like before, and he could feel the walls and ceiling cracking and frazzling around him as he forced his way into the very heart of the bugs nest. There, at least, it was big enough for him to get to his feet, though he still had to duck his head.

In his fifteen years on the force, Tad Hooper never had to deal with even a single murder. Haven was, as its name implied, a quiet little town. It did have its share of crime, certainly, but it was mostly just bar fights and an occasional robbery or two.

This, however, looked like a war zone.

There were dead bodies all over the place, some of them familiar, but all of them women, and all of them horribly mutilated. It looked as it something had torn...or, God help him, chewed...its way out of their stomachs, and the Sheriff had a sinking suspicion what it was.

"My God. Doctor Payton, Chandra Taylor...I was afraid of this." One group of girls he knew were not from Haven, were huddled lifeless in a corner--the remains of the Mist Valley girls volleyball team. He had received the report of their disappearance but not thought much of it at the time, now he wished he had been paying more attention.

The Sheriff blanched when he saw the once pretty face of that girl he had brought to his house. He still had no idea who she was, and now it seemed he would never know, as she was dead too. But if the bugs had gotten to her, he feared the worst for Stephanie.


Hiruka's high-pitched voice broke the Sheriff out of his stupor. He spun, the shotgun held up and ready, to see his friend and deuputy in the clutches of the biggest fucking bug yet.

It wasn't nearly as tall as him, but was large enough to make Hiruka look like a rag-doll in its scaly claws. The thing had a thick tail with three of those dick-like appendages on it, and screeched as it finished shredding the young Korean's uniform, leaving her naked.

Hiruka thrashed wildly, her weapon on the ground beside her. "Tad, forget about me!" Her breasts jiggled freely as the insect raised her into the air, and spread her trembling legs. "Find Steph!" Her eyes widened as the insects three-pronged tail moved toward her pussy. "Hurry!" Her desperate cry became a tortured scream as the insect thrust deep into her, and began to bounce the beautiful young Korean as it fucked her.

Hooper turned his back on his deputy, trying his best to ignore her cries and screams as he looked for Stephanie. If she was still alive, he was going to find her. If not, he would bring her body out for a proper burial. Either way, these fuckers were going down too.

Out of the corner of his eye, the Sheriff saw a glint of metal. It seemed to be coming from underneath one of the other bodies, and his heart leapt up into his throat as he went to look. Behind him, Hiruka howled as the insects pounding brought her to her first orgasm.

Hooper got down on one knee, and gently nudged aside the lifeless body of one of the Haven volleyball players. Underneath her, he found a dirt-covered but oh so welcome and familiar face...Stephanie. Better yet, her eyes popped open as he finished uncovering her.

"Daddy?!" Stephanie shrieked, and threw herself into his arms. He wrapped them tightly around her, and got to his feet.

"Thank God you're all right," he said quietly. "When I got back home, and I found your room, I was so afraid..." Hooper shook his head. "Daddy is here now, baby. Everything will be okay. Daddy's here."

Stephanie sobbed. "They...they raped me daddy. I tried to fight them, I swear I did, but I couldn't. It"

"'s okay, Steph." Hooper sat his daughter down, whipped off his jacket, and wrapped it around her naked, trembling body. "We have to get out of here now. Do you understand, Steph?"

She nodded. "Daddy, I..." The girl jerked her head around as Deputy Lee's screams once again pierced the air. "Harry!"

"Steph, listen to me." Hooper put a hand on her shoulder. "I have to help her. Can you get out of here by yourself?"

"I-I think so."

"Good. Go outside, and find someplace to hide. When Harry and I come out, I'll find you, okay? Trust me."

Stephanie nodded. "I do, daddy. And I love you."

"I know, honey." He kissed her on the top of the head. "I love you too. I will find you, Stepanie. I swear. Now, go!"

Blowing him a kiss, the young girl turned and ran.

Once he knew his daughter was out of danger, for the time being at least, Sheriff Hooper looked to his deputy. She was barely conscious now, and still being violently fucked by the giant insect. He raised the shotgun, and aimed at the big, ugly fucker's even uglier head.

"Say good-bye, bitch!"

Somehow, the Queen must have been aware of the danger she was in, or else it was just a major coincedence. Either way, just as the Sheriff was pulling the trigger the freakish insect screeched and heaved its tail, raising Lee's helpless body right into the line of fire.

The blast from the double-barrel shotgun punched right through the deputy and exploded out of her back. She was dead even before the echo from the gun had subsided, while the blast did only minimal damage to the insect Queen. A moment later she screeched and tossed Hiruka's bloody corpse body aside, but the Sheriff could only look on, gaping.

"SHIT!" Sheriff Hooper felt like his world was falling apart--he had come to save Stephanie, but lost Hiruka in the process.

To make matters worse, the insect Queen seemed angrier than before. In an impressive burst of speed she lurched forward, and the Sheriff realized he'd not yet had a chance to reload the shotgun. He was unarmed, and no match for the massive monster coming at him.

"God dammit!"

Hooper did the only thing he could think of at that moment. He tossed the shotgun itself at the insect Queen, and ran. The bug ignored the weapon when it struck her side, and instead nipped at the Sheriff with her deadly, hook-like mandibles. They ripped open the back of his shirt, but did not make any contact with the flesh underneath...he got away, diving into one of the side tunnels and crawling like a madman.

Behind him, the Sheriff could hear the Queen beginning to make a piercing sound. Almost like a scream, but louder, even more shrill, and continuing on and on as if it was never going to stop. It made his ears ring, even when he got to the outer tunnels and found the exit, and still the sound echoed from within the confines of the nest. As he scrambled to his feet he realized the sound was reverberating from the nest, and the entire swamp seemed to hum in sync with the insect's strange cry.

Sheriff Hooper frowned. "What the fuck is it doing?"

"Calling its offspring, no doubt," a man's voice replied.

The Sheriff started to turn, only to be blinded by a bank of flood lights on three different sides. He threw a hand over his eyes, and was just barely able to make out numerous humanoid shapes standing in front of what appeared to be large, perhaps military-like vehicles.

Hooper gritted his teeth. "What's going on? Who are you?"

"A friend," the voice replied. "Who's name you do not need to know. We're here to take care of your little bug problem."

"Hey, I recognize that mousy little voice now," Hooper grumbled. "Fransk, from the Chemical Plant."

The man chuckled. "You are smarter than I gave you credit for. Gentlemen, cut the lights." It suddenly became dark, though the Sheriff's eyes were not able to immediately adjust. "Sheriff Hooper."

It was Fransk all right, just as slimy as ever. He was Jane's pain in the ass boss, and Hooper had always considered him to be one of the worst scummy bureacrats he had ever met in his life. This time, though, he was not alone-a dozen men in camouflage and body armor were gathered around, carrying guns of some sort, attached by tubes to tanks on their backs. Three trucks, which resembled those used to carry gasoline, were parked nearby, but instead of a metal container they were loaded with enormous, semi-transparent tanks which seemed to be empty, at least the two he could see clearly.

"What the fuck is going on?" said the Sheriff. "Who are these people, and what are you doing out here, Fransk?"

"I'm afraid that's classified, Sheriff. It's on a need to know basis, and as of right now..." Fransk sneered. " don't need to know." He gestured to two of the armed men, and they came forward. "Now, Sheriff Hooper, if you would be so kind as to accompany these..."

Hooper shook his head. "Fuck you. I'm going to destroy this bitch and her fucking nest, while I've still got a chance." He reached into his pocket for a stick of dynamite, and a match.

Fransk's eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't dare! The experiment..."

"Fuck the experiment! You sick son of a bitch, people are dead because of you! Do you realized what's going to happen when the government, the people, find out what's you've done?"

Fransk shook his head. "Oh, I don't think we have to worry about that, my hot-headed friend. You see, no one outside of this department knows anything it, except for you, of course."

"Dr. Jane Moss knows," said Hooper. "Even if you kill me, she'll still be able to let the whole fucking world know. So go ahead and do whatever you're gonna do..." He started to light the stick of dynamite. "...because, of this moment, I officially do not give a fuck!"

Fransk reached out his hand. "What about your daughter?" He continued, as he saw his words were getting through to the Sheriff. "We arrived only a few moments after you and your deputy. We saw young Stephanie come crawling from the nest, and have taken her into custody..."

Hooper's face contorted with rage, but he did lower the dynamite. "If you touch her, you son of a bitch, I will rip your heart out of your throat, and shove it down your fucking neck!"

"How wonderfully droll," said Fransk. "But the fact of the matter is, all your threats don't mean a thing..." He pointed. "To them!"

Hooper looked past the scientist and his guards, and saw movement in back of one of the tanker trucks. His eyes grew wide, all the color draining from his face as he realized Stephanie was alone inside with one of those smaller insects. It had brought her down to her knees and was violently fucking her, and he could practically hear her tortured screams.

"You god damn, mother-fucking, son of a bitch!" Hooper charged toward the scientist, his hammy hands balled into fists. "I'll kill..."

The Sheriff's thunderous voice was drowned out by a gunshot, from a small pistol Fransk was carrying in his belt. It struck the big man right smack in the forehead, and blew his brains out the back of his skull. He shuddered in a last, angry act of defiance, and then collapsed.

Fransk shook his head as he lowered the smoking pistol. "I think not, Mr. Hooper." He looked up as the air was filled with a, by now, familiar buzzing sound, his eyes narrowing. "Quickly! The sprayers!" The armed men started to rush around, preparing their weapons. "Soon, everything will be in place. We can begin stage three, once they're all accounted for."


"Yes General. Our new location is perfectly suited to the project. Yes, I think the prototypes have come along nicely, and we should easily be able to meet our stated production quota. Yes, it's a shame the front company had to endure such a bad public relations hit, but I think you'll agree that it was for the best. Yes sir, you'll have a full report on the situation along with my next briefing. Yes sir. Good-bye, sir."

Marston Fransk tiredly hung the phone in his new office. He hated having to deal with the military, they were so single-minded and stubborn, but they were quite generous with funding. He barely even glanced at the USA TODAY on his desk, with its lead story on the unexplained and tragic explosion at the Haven Chemical Plant.

It told of poisonous vapors enveloping the small town, claiming the lives of all seven hundred citizens--men, women, and children alike. It went on to say how prevailing wind caused fires at the plant to spread, wiping the town of Haven from the face of the earth. The whole area around the swamp was now under heavy quarantine, no one was allowed in or out, and just last week the governor had declared the town an official disaster area. Haven Chemical was widely regarded as the source of the single most devestating, non-government related accident in the nations history.

Very few people, aside from Dr. Fransk and his associates, knew the truth behind what had really happened in Haven. That every man and boy had been slaughtered, and every woman and girl raped, by the very insects he had helped design. Or that now, hidden deep beneath a gypsum mine somewhere in the Mojave Desert, a facility had just recently been completed. Where Dr. Fransk was able to look out over the domed area of transplanted swampland, with only a single vault door for access. It was the most sophisticated research module of its type, filled with cameras and heat sensors, among other, more exotic devices.

A shrill, terrified scream drew the doctor's attention. Fransk looked out over the corridor, to see the two armed guards leading Dr. Jane Moss towards the dome. The pretty young blond had been stripped naked and oiled down with insect pheremones. Two more guards, these wearing HASMAT suits, also carried the latest in cryogenic sprayers.

"You know the rules, Jane." Fransk's voice carried out over a loudspeaker on one wall. "No loose ends. It's nothing personal."

Her screams increased in volume and tempo as the guards in suits began to open the vault door.

Inside the dome the Queen and her brood--which now numbered well over three hundred--buzzed in frenzied anticipation.

by X and NICEMAN (author of the Retribution series)