Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body


I stumble and fight my way through the undergrowth of the forest and the calls of my captors are now fading in the distance; they will soon discover their mistake and return. In the weird twilight of the strange planet I can see clearly enough, but the heat and humidity are suffocating. My heavy survival clothing is soon soaked through with sweat and the constant outpourings from the weird vegetation, a mass of purples, mauves and greens, varying in height from shrub like growths to things that are the size of full grown forest trees. The roots of most of the "plants" start above the fungus coated forest floor, spreading with the ungainly sprawl of crab or tarantula legs. As I advanced, I sensed the vegetation reaching for me; I dare not stop, thinking they may be carnivorous.

After a while, I break through the thick barrier of vegetation and stand at the edge of a small lake. The surface is perfectly flat, reflecting the low, heavy clouds that boil above. I can see no way round and wishing to cross as soon as possible, decide to swim or wade across via the low islet that rises slightly in the centre. It would make a convenient resting point, I think, because it appears to sustain only one of the trees, and that was obviously dead, its broken limbs reaching for the sullen sky. Three shapes occupy the tree, that I assume to be birds, roosting motionless on the bare branches.

When I reach my decision I realise that I can not possibly hope to swim in my thick clothing, the heavy boots and one-piece coverall would soon drag me down. Knowing the vegetation I had passed through was soft and slimy and I will be in no danger of being scratched to pieces on the other side, I need to discard the outer layer but am apprehensive as I only wear a thin T-shirt and very small panties beneath due the hot humid atmosphere.

Resolutely I unzip the coverall and let it drop, then kick off my boots, feeling suddenly very vulnerable, my skin tingling in the warm moist air. I step forward into the pool and my foot sinks through the shiny surface into thick watery slime, slow ripples spread slowly from the point of contact across the pool and a foul stench of rotting vegetation assails my nostrils. I baulk a little at the thought of wading through such a mess, but I'm desperate to cross and escape.

I start out toward the island, sinking only to my knees in the thick, sucking slime, feel it oozing between my toes as I carefully test the bed before putting my weight down. Then a movement catches my eye, the lake surface is being disturbed over to my left, and something is moving towards me beneath the surface. I increase my progress recklessly towards the islet watching a mass of sinuous shapes writhing, almost unseen below the surface, in my direction.

Breathing heavily from the exertion, I thankfully step from the stinking pool onto the island watching the still hidden shapes surround my haven. Perhaps they would soon lose interest and move back to their lair so I can continue my crossing.

I look around me. The island is nothing but an irregularity of the lakebed, its surface covered in slime coated fungus. The ancient tree rises from the highest point, its trunk supported on thick mangrove like roots spreading crablike into the oily ground. My gaze lifts up the dead trunk towards the splintered branches and to my horror realise that the beings roosting there are not birds at all, but three hideous toad like creatures, and they are staring balefully at me through yellow slit eyes.

They sit motionless, their dark grey bodies covered with hairless skin, pitted and seeping some foul fluid that drips onto the slime beside me. The toad like heads, yellow glaring eyes and wide, tentacle fringed mouths give them an indescribably repulsive appearance. Their long arms end in fingers and toes that appear seemingly boneless, but extremely powerful and supple, and are wrapped like tentacles around the branches supporting them. My eyes are then drawn down to what lies between their thick, splayed thighs. Grossly out of proportion to their short stature, hang enormous genitals. Their long, bulbously tipped members hang down like oversized maggots over their obviously full and swollen balls. As I stare aghast, the long penises seem to writhe slowly and as my gaze is drawn up to the first creatures eyes, I feel a strong, unexpected shiver of lust pour through me as it stares hypnotically at me.

At first I'm confused by the strange signals that seemed to enter my mind from the animals gaze, but soon I have an irresistible urge to expose myself to them. Unable to help myself, I pull my T-shirt over my head and drop it. My large breasts, now unconstrained, swing free on my chest, my nipples tingling and hardening oddly under the fixed gaze of the creatures. The next message that enters my brain is to turn round. As I turn my back to them, I feel myself starting to dampen as I their eyes feast on my near naked buttocks, my hands stroke them involuntarily, almost teasing them.

As I turn back to them I hear their low hissing voices as they slide purposefully down the slippery trunk of the tree into the soft slime below, then advance towards me with ungainly froglike hops until the three of them surround me. They squat, their burning eyes roaming up and down my body, their thick wormlike fingers writhing slowly in the thick slime. I feel embarrassed at my swollen protruding nipples and try to cover them but my arms are held from behind, fingers coiling around my elbows, pulling me backwards and down until I sit in the warm slime. The beast holding me pulls my head back into its groin, its hot penis squirming slowly against my cheek The other two, one beside my knees and one at my feet stare at my now almost transparent panties. Their gaze is almost tangible, sending warm tingles of lust through my skin to my groin. Their devouring eyes tell me they want to see all of me. I want them to see all.

Realising my arms are now free, I let my hands caress my swollen breasts, then run down my body to my hips, hooking my fingers into the skimpy panties, slowly pulling them down, peeling them away from my damp crutch, exposing my sparse bush to them. I raise my bottom and pull my panties to my knees, a slimy hand suddenly reaches out and they disappear. My hand moves to my groin and my finger slips into my wet slit, moving rhythmically, legs parting slightly as I watch their eyes as they try to peer between my legs.

Slowly I open my legs a little more. Their writhing hands move to their semi erect penises as I feel my swollen lips peeling apart and become visible to them. The strange warmth of their gaze centres on my opening sex, exciting me until complete abandon overcomes me and I open my legs wide, my fingers spread my labia apart letting my inner lips protrude, hard clit exposed to them.

Tentacled fingers hold my legs apart, writhing on my inner thighs, spreading me wider as golden eyes roam all over me, warming me, making my skin tingle. My breathing becomes faster; with wide eyes I watch them as the wormlike fingers move down my thighs onto my sex. I move my hand away as the fingers begin to fondle my swollen labia, tracing my inner lips. Fascinated by my swollen clit they touch it, stroke it expertly, pulling the hood back, masturbating me until it is almost painful with delicious excitement.

The massive members all around me are fully erect as the creatures examine my body.Hot slime begins to spurt from the fleshy engorged tips onto me and I smear it into the sensitised skin of my belly and breasts, wanting more of it. The cocks beckon for my touch as the fingers grip and probe every inch of my body and I take the long penises in my hands, stroking gently, coaxing more of the hot slime onto me. They seem to cum continuously as I slide the fleshy skin over their hardness, spurting over my breasts and belly until I am soaked. It drips down my sides and I taste the slight saltiness as it splashes into my mouth.

The creature behind me reaches forward and grasps me under my knees and pulls my legs back to my shoulders, exposing me entirely. The finger stroking my slit continues moving expertly as the other moves between my parted thighs and extends one of his rubbery wormlike fingers, his eyes darting from my face to my wholly exposed anus. He slides it, almost teasingly along the crease, then circling my hole before starting to push it into me. My back arches in pure ecstasy as the finger slips easily deep inside me and I watch their fascinated eyes as it slips in and out, writhing, widening me for what I know is to come.

Delirious now with excitement, I wank the cocks faster, the hot jets of cum splashing hotly, soaking me. The cocks don't get softer as they cum, rather they get thicker and harder, swelling in my hands as the maggot like fingers stretch and abuse my ass and cunt with quickening thrusts.

Golden eyes meet mine, forcing me to focus as the message reaches my mind. "Turn over on all fours"

Languidly I roll over; ... splaying my thighs,

... raising my bottom,

... reaching back, stroking my buttocks, spreading my cheeks,

... arching my back,

... feeling their eyes.

One of the creatures slides under me, it's small body facing up, tentacled fingers grabbing my waist and thighs as it pulls itself up against me, the massive cock aimed at my cunt, its fingers kneading my taut nipples. I stare into the hideous grinning face, feeling the cock against me, searching, sliding between my bloated lips.

Another climbs up onto my back, holding itself over my bottom as the cock seems to writhe in my cleft. The third kneels before me, dragging my head up by my hair, his knees at my shoulders, his dripping cock level with my mouth.

"Ohh yes", I moan as my mouth opens, staring at the swollen streaming tip, wanting it.

All three enter me at once, thick slime dripping cocks like huge maggots invading my cunt, ass and mouth. They stretch me even wider as they enter, their soft, segmented shapes sliding into my taut inner walls and pushing my lips into a wide O to accommodate them. Soon I feel the member in my mouth pulsating strongly, it withdraws suddenly as a gush of foul smelling semen spatters onto my face. It sits back on its ankles and continues to wank, aiming the hot spurts directly at my mouth.

The other two continue to ravage my cunt and ass, moving rhythmically with each other, harder and deeper. Their maggoty penises writhing, my sensitised flesh feels every vein and segment as they slip wetly in and out. They stiffen together and I feel hot cum exploding into me.

"Yesssssss ", I scream as a shattering orgasm wracks my body.

For a few moments they continue to move then I feel the penises begin to subside and soon slide wetly from my still throbbing orifices. They move away from me slightly, still watching as I collapse face down and exhausted.

I lie still for a while, my breathing slowing down, then sit up. The creatures have climbed back up to their roost, their yellow eyes still blinking down at me. I look around for my clothes but they have gone, only large worm trails tell me they have been dragged into the mire. I have to continue my crossing of the swamp completely naked and unprotected and as I stand I realise that the island is still surrounded by the squirming worms, just beneath the surface. They have not lost interest. I wonder what other abominations infest the placid looking lake.