Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

Ghost Town

Author's Note: This story is a conversion from a roleplay I had with a very special lady who is no longer online. Obviously it spanned weeks in its creation and provided me with some very happy memories. We always planned to publish it when it was finished but unfortunately, such was not to be. So I have decided to give it an ending and share it here as a tribute to that roleplaying partner, and as a lasting memorial to my memories of a special time before her real-life came up with a better offer. Maybe one day she too will read it and remember.


The stark landscape of the badlands, its sense of loneliness, its strength and ability to endure all matched the mood of the young woman riding in the passenger side of the pick-up. The August sun had moved through the sky as she rode, 4 hours out from the nearest town. The old sheriff driving had tried to talk with her, but after an hour of her one to two word responses, he had given up and turned on the local radio station.

Shania had endured so much the last two months. At a few months shy of her 18th birthday, she had to suffer that greatest of losses, the death of her parents and brother, all lost in tragedy. The national news had even reported the story, a massive explosion caused by workers breaching the natural gas pipeline near her family's farm. The fire that erupted had devoured 10000 acres so fast. It had burned so hot that by the time she had returned from the outing, with her school, nothing much was left. Her family were all dead, the animals, the crops, all gone, everything that was her life gone. It had taken a strength she hadn't realized she had to get through. She had sobbed only twice, once held by her best friend and the second alone after she had signed the papers selling the land her parents had owned. Then she had determined to make her way to her last surviving relative, only to find he too had died while she was en route. She carried on because there was no place else to go.

The town broods silently in the hot desert air.... silent but for the occasional rattle or clatter as the vagrant wind whistles through, shivering glassless window frames, banging the doors of the deserted saloon. The nearby mountain, its promise of gold a cruel deception, hangs threateningly over the weathered wooden buildings. Though all but deserted for many years, just one stubborn old man hanging on against all sensible advice, maybe with nowhere else to go.... still the town is not empty...flickering shadows that seem to bear little relation to any visible objects wander like will-o’-the-wisps, waiting...

Shania’s slim body moved with a dancers grace as she gathered up her suitcases. Her long legs trim and slim, clad in the worn and faded but snug jeans. A blouse was pulled and tied under her breasts giving illusion of size... She was small for her age just a few months past 18, the Dallas Cowboys cap pulled low over her face with a long braid of pale blonde hair thumping on her back. The sunglasses she wore did little to hide the beauty of her small heart shaped face and the pale pouty lips that should have red lipstick on them to drive the men wild.

Shania easily moved the three suitcases, strong for her size, as she turned to walk toward the old house climbing up the wooden stairs...The things in her suitcases all that she had left from the fire that killed her parents and destroyed her home...yet here she was a 1000 miles west, sole owner of all around her for many miles.... Her voice a parody of a Spanish accent " Luccccyyy I Ammm Hommme"

Shania pushes open the door to the big run down house.

Something seems to quiver through the town at the sound of the young clear voice; maybe a change in temperature caused by a fluctuation in air pressure.... a sense of awakening....

Shania sets the suitcases down in the dusty front room, as she reaches up to pull her sunglasses off. Her green eyes clear and sad as she looks around the beat up furnishings, as the faded curtain curls in a slight breeze... "Lord is it hot here...I wonder if there is a pool or a stream, anything to cool off with... Well Shania I guess its time to check this out ... I do wish mom and dad were here, though they would have looked down on this place.”

Out in the town the batwing doors of the old saloon rattle and sway, though the wind seems to have dropped in the stillness of the late afternoon. If it were darker, the pale red glows, about head height, moving in pairs, would probably have been visible...

Shania moves on into the house singing softly, her voice a rich alto bringing a song to the old town that hadn’t heard it for many years. She sighs at the run-down state of this the main house...the sink rusted and the place a mess

Scuffling noises that would have been inaudible anywhere but in the desert silence track down the main street. Shuffling sounds. The dust kicks up a little at odd places. Beyond the town a coyote howls mournfully as dusk approaches.

The young girl moves out to the living room looking for lights... "Great, just great … an oil lamp and matches.... I am doomed".  Shaking her head as she lights the lamp, the warm yellow glow highlighting her face. Stepping back she unties her blouse and pulls it off tossing onto a dusty chair. Her large breasts threaten to spill from the blue bikini top she has on, as she starts up the stairs.

How many years has it been since there was a woman in this lonely place? Fifty? Sixty? There was that hooker the old man brought back once, before he got too old, before he got too poor to pay for such things. But she didn't last long, and even that must have been thirty years gone. The sighs of anticipation could have been the wind pressing against tumbleweeds...but there is no wind now. Another coyote joins the desolate howling.

Shania finally finds the bedroom, the musky scent of urine and death hanging still in the air. Nearly gagging she heads quickly back down.... "I wonder where a person goes to the bathroom at don’t suppose.... an outhouse"

The old man never knew where the hooker went. Probably assumed she ran off once she had his money. Never found the shrivelled body in the dried up creek a few miles north. Pale red orbs, looking darker, more visible now in the dusk...crowding around the windows...looking hungrily

Shania walks out the back seeing the small sheds, the hand pump, and the little building with the half moon cut in the door.... singing a bit louder now, a feeling of something sending a little thrill down her spine ...the kind of thrill one gets from being a tiny bit scared but knowing its ok, that nothing is really gonna happen.

Intangible shapes crowd invisibly as they round the building...watching the girl.... hungrily assessing her...but still respecting her privacy oddly enough as she enters the little hut. Shania’s voice takes on a sad note as she does her business.... her song one of lost and sadness. "DAMN DAMN DAMN HOW I AM TO CLEAN MYSELF...I HATE THIS PLACE.... Storming from the outhouse still muttering as she zips up her jeans, a pair of white lacy panties in her outstretched hand.

Whispering sounds that could have been an almost inaudible conversation... never ever had the town seen such a perfectly shaped girl as the one outlined by the tight damn... Scuffling for views at the windows...not ready to move further... not yet...

Shania sighs a lost sad sound as she spies the big tin tub leaning against the back porch. "I guess this is not my day. Hells bells it ain’t my year" grabbing the tub her small body stronger then it would appear she shoves and tugs it in by the fire...the next hour is spent lugging in water as the fire now crackles in the fireplace, heating the room as the night’s desert air chills the land. Finally laying out a long sleep shirt, Shania reaches over to the CD player on the table and flicks it on. Soft ballads from Sarah Mclachlan dance in the air, as she washes herself, her breasts large and full, looking big on her small frame... her nipples pink and soft. Singing with the music as she cleans herself of the dust.

Something almost translucent, yet heavier than the air around it, shaped like a hand.... a dream made more solid than usual.... lifts the latch of the back door which swings open quietly...something, maybe several things, stirs the dust on the floor. Pale orbs take in the slender body with it's flat stomach and slim hips... they admire the small firm bottom and trim legs, the pale skin that looks reddish in the firelight... ahhh.... and the lovely little face... the large, tip-tilted breasts looking so demanding of attention... the nipples full of promise... and.... sweet Jesus... the naked slit between her legs......... There was a general agreement... well, an agreement imposed by the stronger, hidden presence... this one must be made to last... who knows how long until another woman came within this limited sphere of movement. She would never leave of course.... but she was needed whole... preferably in mind as well as body... so she would be brought around slowly.

The girl leans forward as she rinses her long pale hair and finally stands, her small body glistening.... one could mistake her for a child with her size, barely 5' tall, but her breasts spoke of her womanhood. Stepping out dripping on the floor the chill air hardens her nipples as she dries herself. Shania pulls on a tiny pair of green lacy panties that ride high on her slender hips. She then pulls on her long, to her knees and baggy shirt, her breasts swaying free, the hints of her hard nipples caressing the fabric. Pulling the couch closer to the fire and laying down, pulling a musky blanket over herself she drifts off into sleep, the fire crackling and the gold flame from the lamp turned low.

A few miles away the desert was alive with night time noises... animals howled or hunted in the eerie light of a pale moon.... the sand crackled slightly as it gave up it's warmth easily to the night air. Around the house shadows seemed thicker than elsewhere. Maybe it was just the light seeping through the cracked windows... Inside the air around the couch seemed to grow oppressive, as though something was blocking its free circulation. Red orbs looked down at the sleeping figure, judging if she was quite unconscious yet... a gentle introduction was best... a dream of awakening sexual desire... air coalesced, thickened... hands forming, the bodies behind them still invisible.

Shania moans in her sleep the fire around her.... the nightmare.... the screams of the animals and her parents... the fire around as she runs. Rolling on her side her eyes nearly flicker open then she stills, sliding into a deeper, calmer sleep.

A shivering sense of movement as the girl stirs... quieting again.... waiting... then moving closer... hand shapes cool and dry... very gently sliding onto shoulders and over the curved back… caressing… fondling very gently so as not to wake her... not until she was weakened by need.

Shania shivers in her sleep, turning back onto back her one arm going back over her head. The white shirt clinging to her full breasts as her nipples raise white points slowly. Shania brings one shapely smooth leg out from under the cover and rests her foot on the floor.

The hands shift to the movement... some move onto the front of the slim shoulders.... four begin to softly caress the parted legs, working slowly upwards... A couple of the almost invisible hands ease the bottom of the shirt upward a bit, slipping onto the softly taut belly, stroking slow and easy. Shania’s lips part in a soft moan as she shivers from the cold touches, her nipples hardening. She shivers again as she opens her thighs, her small body amazingly slow responding to the dry cool caresses. The hands take it slowly, avoiding the more erogenous zones, allowing the sleeping girl to weave their touch into her dreams, caressing hungrily the pale flesh, feeling hard and calloused against velvety skin.... some almost bony even.... stroking close to breasts... exploring thighs... fondling the soft skin between, close to the naked mound.

Shania moans as the scent of strawberry, as well as that of purity and virginity wafts from between her thighs. A small dark green spot now appears on the lacy panties as she starts to breath fast stirring from her sleep. The hands draw back at first, anxious not to wake the girl at this stage.... a low muttering.... a discussion? ... Then the hands push the shirt higher, exposing firm rounded breasts, ghostly fingertips tracing lightly over tautly curved skin, cold bony fingers running lightly over awakening nipples.... lower down an almost invisible hand cups over her sex, squeezing lightly as other hands move over her splayed body.

Shania sits up her green eyes wide and instantly aware. With a yelp she rolls away then scampers, half staggering half crawling away from the couch... the room dark save for the red glow of the dying fire. In the dim light the shadowy, almost translucent shapes could be anything.... the stuff of children's nightmares... but the ghostly howl of a coyote sounds so close, so unearthly... on top of the traumatic loss of her parents it's just too much... Her eyes grow wide then, the green white-rimmed as she sees the shapes, not human...yet strangely hinting at human.... the red glow of the fire giving the shadows the hint of red glowing eyes, staring at her, making her feel naked and exposed. With a scream she jumps and dashes up the stairs to the horrid smell, yet here was a door that she could slam behind her. Shania’s fingers tremble as she slides the lock bolt in then turns and slides down the door to hug her knees tightly to her.... the night around her now eerily quiet as she waits the dawn, wide eyed and afraid. Her tight pussy still quivers though, wet and aroused. Her mind only dimly aware of the arousal she feels as she holds her self tightly.


The town broods sullenly through the dark night. Invisible forms patrol the streets sleeplessly, watching the little house, eager for the girl within, yet held back. Are they aware that they are guided, or do they think they operate freely? Who knows? Something came into the town that night over 100 years ago, something old and evil. Now it permeates the buildings, hovers in the spaces between them, turning everything to it's own ends Do the translucent shapes remember that night… or the other nights before. Maybe they remember about a year before 'that night'. A strange black clad figure riding in out of the desert, his honeyed words so beguiling... "follow me, do as I say, and you'll have all the gold you can imagine..." And some followed him. Followed him into strange paths where incantations mixed with incense and black clouds formed over desecrated altars.

Maybe they remembered the exalting sense of power as the others, the ordinary people of the town huddled behind locked doors at night. Ah, the power.... power of life and death, power to rape and abuse.... until 'that night' That Night. The night the townspeople broke, hours after finding the body of little Lucy, barely 9... and what had been done to her.... People gathering quietly behind the saloon, knowing what they had to do, steeling themselves with whisky and brave words. Then taking unlit torches and making their way quietly, hesitantly to the old mine where the black-clad stranger had set up his headquarters.

Few of the townsfolk slept well for the rest of their lives. Few of them stayed in the town more than a couple of months. The lurid scene crept into dreams and set throats screaming into wakefulness. The black altar.... the young girl naked and twisted, face contorted with horror as something.... some thing took her... then the cries of anger... the shots... and finally the fire...

No one ever approached that mine again.

A few of the tougher men started to open a new mine. But they tended to have... accidents... the whole mountain seemed cursed by what had happened in its bowels. And that curse spread over the town, killing it's vitality as the population dwindled, until only one old man remained.... and until today when the lost souls of the black-clad stranger’s followers roamed the abandoned town and something, trapped here by the incomplete ceremony lurked and directed them. Certainly it could cause physical effects itself, move small objects, but it's power mainly lay in it's control of it's dead disciples. But it wanted more. It needed a willing, live slave to bring other warmly alive bodies close enough.... The old man had been too stubborn, too rooted to the one place to make the slave needed. So he had been allowed to live in the hopes he would attract others. Now in death he had attracted one who was much more suitable... if she could be ... persuaded............

The spirit could have opened the bolt, to allow its followers into the room. But it could not afford a mistake. The girl must be functional but owned, utterly obedient but undamaged. So it waited for the dawn.

Shania calmed as the long night wore on... this one not the first time she had sat awake.... the terrible deaths of her parents and destruction of the farm by the rogue wildfire had marked her... in ways she didn’t know it had toughened her yet left her fragile… in need... the need to be touched...held ... caressed... this need is what her body and deep mind had responded to. She dozes fitfully near dawn then starts awake as the sun shines hot through the window and across her shapely leg... "I … I … don’t belong here... I don’t belong anywhere now. But according to the sheriff there’s that offer from the bank for the land about... but I still can’t sell ‘til the papers are finalized and that is three months yet…" Climbing stiffly to her feet as she unbolts the door and carefully heads downstairs, stopping half way to lean down and look... her pale hair like gold in the light.

The shades had been directed to leave the house. Everything looks deserted and normal... Out in the street forms are once more thinned to translucence, eyes flicker so palely as to be almost invisible in the hard light.

Shania dresses quickly the short cut faded jeans high on her thighs and tight over her ass, a sport bra closed over her full breasts and a green tank top slipped on over them. After an exploration of the kitchen turned up glass jars of fruit, she ate a breakfast. Finally pulling on some socks and her hiking boots and grabbing her cap and sunglasses she set out to explore the old town. The main street of the town, such as it was, was the usual mix of houses and small businesses, all long deserted. As she wanders around the invisible forms encircle her in an unseen ring of hot eyes and excited whispers at the modern clothing. Outside what must have been a tobacconist’s shop a life-size wooden indian stands, looking bizarrely untouched by the years.

Shania smiles as she sees the wooden indian.... raising her hand, like in a bad western, and going "HOW!" A giggle at her joke.... clearing her mind as she walked up to the wooden indian to stand with her hands on her hips, her eyes wide behind her sunglasses. Suddenly the wooden indian toppled forwards against her, knocking the small girl over and pinning her to the sidewalk as it fell on top of her. The hands that would have been held out to display merchandise rest on firm breasts and one wooden leg lies between soft live ones, pressing over her mound. Blank painted eyes stare sightlessly down as she tries to free herself.

"Aaah … oooopphhfffff" Shania falls back hard, stunned momentarily from the impact. Twisting a bit trying to free herself, breasts moving under the rough hands and her hot pussy rubbing against the wooden leg. Trying to avoid the eyes as she brings her feet up under her ass, pressing her hot pussy harder against the wooden indian as she gathers herself to lift.

The wooden face stares blankly, eyes seemingly focussed on the ground above the girl’s head, the heavy wooden body weighing down against her slender form. Surely it is just imagination that the hands seem to roughly cup and squeeze firm tits, massaging the upright mounds. And surely it's just her own movement that stirs the leg in insidious circles over a hot upthrust mound. Shania arches, her strong dancers legs firming as she lifts, her pussy lips parted by the wooden leg as they moisten from the contact. Grunting, she lifts her arms flexing as her nipples harden in her bra. With a roll she tumbles over and lands straddling the Indian. She waits, her pussy nearly as hot as the sun over head... "OK OK OK get a hold of yourself girl.... this can be explained.... it has to be explained.... ok…” Shania gasps in several long breaths, her breasts rising and falling. The Indian looked as solid and lifeless as ever as the girl peered down at it through lust-tinged eyes, unconsciously rubbing her pussy still against the wooden leg.

Needing to get out of the sun, Shania stands, her top darkened over firm breasts from her sweat. Pulling off her cap she wipes her face with her arms ...settling the cap that blazes COWBOYS and a star squarely on her head she heads across for the bar, stopping at the swinging doors and removing her sunglasses to peer into the gloom. The room could be a set from a western film. Though dusty it is still intact, the long wooden bar, tables and chairs, the upright piano. There even seem to be several intact bottles behind the bar.

Shania pushes open the saloon doors, noticing the near silence of them as she steps inside, walking around.... touching her small hand on a stack of rotting cards... pushing a key on the piano and shuddering at the flat note that crackles from it. Finally walking to the bar and lifting a full bottle and blowing the dust off, her pale pouty lips forming a perfect O in doing so. Pulling off the top she sniffs the bottle and wrinkles her nose. With a comical expression, the petite girl turns to the dusty and cracked-like-a-jigsaw-puzzle mirror, she salutes herself and in her best Cagney voice "Here's looking at you kid", tilting the bottle back she takes a small swig then sputters and coughs and bends over, her eyes watering as she sets the bottle on the counter.

With a sudden noise the piano begins to play itself. The sound is loud in the silence, startling the girl, making her jump. With relief she realises it is an auto play piano and that touching it must have triggered its mechanism. The bottle feels comforting in her small hand, still shaking from the shock, her eyes wide as she brings the bottle up again, taking a bigger drink, grimacing as the liquid burns a fiery path down her throat.

Walking to the piano, her hips swaying a bit to the music, she tilts the bottle back and takes a long drag... Setting the bottle down she suddenly sways, grabbing the back of a chair. "O-Oh I… I… think I gonna be drunk.... HICCUP... yeppers I think I am..." Moving to sway with the music her eyes a bit closed as she dances around the tables, Shania hiccups again, her tummy warm from the whiskey as her mind begins to get fuzzy.

Hot eyes crowd the room, watching the diminutive blonde swaying around, seeing her disorientation.... it will be soon… and played right she will never be sure until it's too late.... never be sure exactly what happened, what she did to herself, what she fantasised. An unseen hand flicks a switch on the piano, the new tune recognisable... The Stripper…

Shania grins as she spins, pulling off her cap and tossing it to the side. Bending over pouting her lips at nothing and wiggling her ass she pulls off her sunglasses and lays them on a table. Leaning back as she kicks she tosses her hair in a wild abandoned...."YEA BABY! Feel the music...' Laughing she spins to the big billiard table nearly twice her size, and hops on the edge sitting as she stretches out one leg... Then bending her knee she sexily unties her boot and kicks it off.... pretending to roll stockings she tosses her sock away... doing the same to the other leg. Spinning onto the table, the small blonde girl strikes a pose her knees bent her head back.... then flowing to her feet she spins again, moving gracefully on the raised surface as she snakes her arms, lifting her top away and twirling it on her finger then dropping it in a hole on the table.

Losing herself in the jingly music, Shania sways and kicks again as she wiggles and shimmies lowering her cut off jeans slowly as she squats then with a flick of her foot they sail across the bar... somewhere in the back of her mind that part that is her strength tries to reason, tries to regain control ... clues all wrong here... but the fuzz of the whiskey and the need to just let go has over-ridden her common sense. With a thrust of her hips as her arms reach behind, the new bra falls forward onto the table, her breasts bouncing, her nipples hard pink points... Finally as she sways and bends she slides her lacy green panties down and then stands, her arms over her head the panties hanging from her finger as the music stops.... her eyes closed and a soft smile imagining the looks of the boys at her old high school if they were to see her now.

All around, dimly seen shapes sit at the tables, eyes glowing redly, fixed on the slender naked body, an appreciative audience that probably exists only in her own drunken imagination, silently urging her on, asking her to give them a show... The piano starts up again, a slow sensuous tune, firing the blood. Body suddenly tingling in response, Shania sways with the music her hands cupping her breasts, her finger splayed apart so the nipples poke through.... massaging them she starts a spin and her feet tangle... the whiskey dulling her natural reflexes and grace ... still reacting her hands fly forward as she falls as she lands in the centre of the table on her knees ...shaking her head as she rests there on her hands and knees, her legs slightly spread and her heavy breasts hanging like upturned bells, looking even bigger against her slender frame, pink nipples hard and long.

As she kneels naked and disoriented, shadowy shapes move to surround the girl, seeming almost dreamlike as they ring the table. Hands reach out, feeling solid enough as they grip wrists and calves, holding the blonde immobile. So too do the hands that move onto her body, stroking soft skin, reaching beneath her to cup large firm breasts, caressing slim inner thighs and massaging the perky ass. Shania shakes her head trying to clear it… a part of her aware this is impossible... "No no ahhhh no don’t... Th… this isn’t right." Struggling half-heartedly as her body shivers from the cool hands that seem to leech the heat of the day from her... bony hands cupping her breasts as bony thumbs roll her nipples harder... She shakes her head, the pale blonde hair dancing and caressing over the pale shadowy almost there things... as she unconsciously opens her knees wider, her pussy lips small and puffy, glistening now with dampness... her anus a tiny pink pucker.

The shadow forms seem entranced by the smooth pale skin, hands wandering everywhere, stroking back and belly, massaging shoulders and calves. The firm full shapes of pendant breasts arouse special attention, two hands on each mound, squeezing and kneading them, bony fingers gripping and pressing the aroused nipples, flattening them slightly, rolling and tugging the rubbery teats. Hard hands grasp the taut skin of a young ass, gripping and squeezing, rotating the firm buttocks in their clasp. Another hand reaches down under her belly, over the smooth curve of clean-shaved mound, a bony finger sinking between swollen lips and into the wetness, finding an erect clit and rubbing over it. Another hand approaches the girl’s sex from behind, spreading her lips wider and sliding a long finger into her pussy until it meets an obstruction.

Shania moans as her tight pussy grips the cool bony finger... her blood dancing hot from the whiskey and making her head fuzzy and full.... the pleasure swirling with it as her sensitive nipples swell and extend to nearly an inch, drawing the skin on her breasts to firmness over them. Trying to shake her mind free from this, somewhat dully she thinks... this is not possible ... not possible... then surprisingly she lifts her head and moans deeply ... her pussy clenching hard in a small orgasm, only the fourth she has ever had. As the ghostly fingers keep arousing her body, the hands not leaving Shania alone, squeezing her breasts and ass, tugging on long engorged nipples, massaging the hard clit, somewhere the entity controlling these shapes watches, making mental notes, the most sexually sensitive parts, the easy arousal, the highly erotic nature buried under a veneer of coolness... this could well be the girl he has waited for, for so long.

The finger in Shania’s cunt seems unsure about the obstruction, exploring it with it's tip, then withdrawing as though to some unheard command. Almost seeming to raise itself, a billiard cue moves from the wall rack, carried by a shadowy figure that drifts behind the girl. Red eyes glow, fixed on her open pussy. Then the cue is angled until the thick end lines up with it’s entrance, touching slick pink skin, twirled around to gather love juice as it starts to move inside. Shania arches in her drunken haze, moaning as the thick end twists inwards, her pussy gripping it hard causing it to grab and tug the sensitive lips... her mind clearing a bit as she looks with glazed green eyes through the hair across her face... now straining more, somewhere in her mind saying ‘this is wrong’ but deeper a need, an unfulfilled shadowy need, that seem to know that she is on a path she can’t leave… and maybe wants. Still she struggles a bit, her nipples hard as her silky smooth pussy grips the hard cue. "No no stop no no thi… this isn’t right"

Bony hands grip firm calves spreading legs wider as the thick cue butt widens her tight little pussy, sinking deeper until it meets the obstruction of her hymen. Insatiable, the other forms surround the girl, working over hard swollen tits, milking erect nipples, squeezing her taut ass. With a sharp thrust virginity is torn apart, the impetus driving the cue deep, slick with her juices and released blood

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Shania arches and struggles as the sharp pain of her hymen tearing clears her mind.... her eyes wide now as she looks over her shoulder at the shadowy forms, their red eyes scaring her more with a burning lust... Her tight pussy quivers and grips hard stopping, for a moment the inward thrust of the cue, her inner muscles much stronger than any woman these shadows may have found before. The shade holding the cue seems surprised as the thick stick is gripped, taking hold of it with both hands and drawing it part way out, ramming it back in against the resistance and barely avoiding rupturing her cervix as it drives deep, using all it's strength to shaft the long cue slowly in and out of the girl’s cunt.

Shania screams now as the cue bounces off her cervix...struggling wildly and straining as her pussy grips… drops of blood falling from her pussy lips to spatter on the table, the dry felt soaking the moisture from it and quickly turning black... as Shania struggles now, her breasts swaying in the grips of the cool hands, her nipples teased and rolled, she feels her blood stir... her stomach heat slowly.

With a final tug the shadowy figure pulls the cue out of the tight pussy and sets it to one side on the table. Crawling up behind the girl, it kneels between her legs and it’s thick cock pushes between puffy lips, the head spreading tight walls wider than the cue did as it thrusts in. At the same time another shadowy figure climbs up before the confused blonde, taking her hair and dragging her face up to confront another heavy prick. Shania tries to pull back from the shadowy cock... then arches, her lips parted, as the thick cool cock thrusts into her pussy "NNOOOO" struggling wildly now, her fiery hot pussy squeezing the cool cock there hard... very hard.... quivering as it tries to stop the violation.

Bony hands grip slim hips as the cock in her pussy drives deeper, forcing itself fully inside the tight channel of Shania’s cunt and resting there for a while. The figure before her drags hard on long blonde hair, holding the sweet, heart-shaped face immobile and using the girl’s shout to shove it’s large cock between her parted lips into her mouth, while the assault on her nipples and clit continues relentlessly. Shania’s lips grip the cock as she bites down... her tongue swirling over the tip, trying to push it back... her pussy quivering as it adjusts to the bigger cool cock... her blood beginning to roar in her ears, her body hot as the afternoon sun outside to the cool hands roaming over her... then her ass clenching and her pussy quivering and squeezing as a second orgasm stronger then the last dances along her nerves.

The shadow before Shania seems impervious to the pain of her teeth, the only effect to slow down its movements as it holds her hair roughly, fucking her mouth. Behind her, the shadowy figure drives into the tight, spasming cunt, cumming fast, the discharge seeming real as it spurts up inside, though no fluid seeps out. Moving aside a new shade takes it's place, a new cock violates the recently virgin cunt. Shania gags as the cool cock slides into her throat, her lips tight around its shaft as she moans, her throat vibrating and her lips quivering... she struggles again as she feels the second cock thrust easily into her slick HOT pussy.

The two shades fuck the tiny girl fast and hard, using both her mouth and cunt, cumming their ghostly fluid and making way for a new pair. The hands on her tits withdrawing as those holding them move to take their turn. But the hard grips on her nipples remains, holding the long hard tips still and letting the swaying motion of the girl’s breasts pull against them, first one way, then the other. She moans as she orgasms again, her eyes watering from the pain of her taunt nipples as she tries to move ... rocking with the thrusts yet her nipples held still.... the pain and helplessness mixing with the shame... and yet her body responds hot to the touch, her pussy squeezing and quivering, gripping each new cool cock ... yet a bit weaker each time...

One after another, the shadowy figures use Shania’s cunt or hold their thick cocks in her hot mouth as she sucks them voraciously, inhibitions lost in a miasma of pleasure. As each finishes a new one takes its place in a seemingly endless line. The room dims as afternoon turns to evening, until finally the last one takes her cunt, thicker and longer than the rest, stretching her a bit wider, fucking her a bit longer then spurting ghostly fluid into an abused pussy. Shania quivers as another orgasm plays through.... how many drawn from her body she couldn’t tell... but through the last hours they seemed nearly continuous, one after the other... She lays there, her ass thrust in the air her knees wide apart, her pussy open and quivering as she rests her face on one cheek... her eyes staring at the twilight through the doors.... her mind a fog of disbelief and pleasure and pain.... her nipples aching, body sore, her clit engorged and tingling from the wisps of breeze.... Then she begins to cry softly.

As she kneels, a shadow leans over and breathes, a pale shimmering mist washing over the girl’s body, over her abused sex, into her pussy. Shania can almost feel the sensations fading, almost feel her pussy tightening and returning to its original size. As the hands release her exhausted body, she sinks fully down onto the table, too tired to move, whimpering as she curls tightly into a foetal position, her arms griping her knees... crying softly, her mind trying to sort out what happened.... finally giving in to the blessed darkness, her eyes closing as she slips off into a fitful sleep.

The entity controlling the town would be smiling if it knew how. On the table the diminutive figure sleeps soundly. In the morning she will wake with the taste of liquor and a confused impression of losing control. And in front of her eyes will be a billiard cue, marred by her own blood. Will her mind reject what actually happened and believe that she used it on herself while drunk and horny? Either way she is softening up nicely.


Shania’s sleep is fitful as her mind dances in her memories... the field trip as she flirted with Joey and Mark... the call and the frantic ride with the police... the terrible blackness of the farm... the empty burnt shell of the house and the barns.... a gagging stench of burnt flesh hanging in the air... "There was nothing anyone could do it happened to fast ...much to fast” Sobbing in her best friends arms. The national news media played the story for a day.... a gas line explosion in a rural area killing 25 in a fiery blast, that then burnt an area of 10000 acres... but only one farm wiped out.... her family's ...everything gone ... her parents, her cats, the cattle and crops.... her whole life gone in an hour... just like that... she discovered during the next several weeks that she had an inner strength she hadn’t known....

She had only cried a few times...sobs that racked her small body... then she squared her shoulders as her father had taught and got on with it... she handled the paperwork guided by the bank selling everything... leaving her with a nice amount of money in the bank... the lawyers found a relative ... a great uncle on her fathers side that still lived out west and yes he had been contacted and after being told how much she was worth.... he had agreed to take her in.... The train ride out... what had helped lift her was the friendliness of the locals she met ... how sad they were that her uncle had just died....

Shania had decided over the weeks to open a bit... she had always been a bit shy and introverted... she had taken some of her money and bought a few daring outfits that she hid in her suitcase.... something just a few months ago she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing... The desert was beautiful in a way that matched her need... lonely yet alive as she watched it unfold riding out in a cab... then she was alone out here ... time to think ... to grieve... the sheriff had said he would check in on her in a couple of days and they said that when her new truck arrived someone would bring it out.... but that could be awhile... and she was many miles from anyone.... then the nightmare returns... surrounded by fire... chased... Screams of her parents and the animals... but now there were also cool dry hands groping her naked body as she ran.... and ran ...and ran but never getting away from the hands and the glowing red eyes.

Shania wakes with a start and sits up on the big billiard table, the morning light dancing in through the windows... By a pocket on the table were her green lacy panties and on the floor her tank top... grabbing those she quickly pulls them on and runs out the doors not looking back... heading for the one house she thought safe.

In the bright daylight the town looked so normal, just another faded and abandoned town, left to the heat and the rain. The pale red glows were almost invisible, the shadowy shapes fully translucent.... but they were there... watching.... waiting. During the night, the town entity had considered. This girl wouldn't break easily.... that was both good and bad. Good in that subtle plans were probably unnecessary… Good in that she would make a strong adept slave…. But bad in that she might be strong enough to shatter rather than bend to his will... A demonstration was needed. No doubt she would run. If not she would be.... persuaded to run.... and then a lesson would follow.

Shania nearly fell as she tumbled through the swinging bat doors of the saloon her bare feet kicking up dust.... with a wide eyed glance back inside she takes off fast... she had run a little track before and could run very fast when needed and her fear, her disbelief added wings to her feet as she pumped for the house skidding in the dirt trying to turn...then bounding up the steps. The shadows watched her going with cold eyes. They had their instructions, recognised as such or not. This wasn't the time for them... Shania’s mind was thinking fast, very fast as she pulled open the door… need cloths... jeans and my other shoes.... will need water.... I don’t care what they say I am out of here.... I don’t know what they were but... but they raped me.... all of them... No No Shania don’t think on that now... plan... plan what you need to do…

Around the house pale red eyes watched implacably. Not getting too close, not interfering. If the girl went back into the town they would have fun again.... if she headed away... well, she would be back.... and they would have fun again. Shania quickly dressed pulling on her snug fitting jeans and a loose blouse ... not bothering to add a bra.... no time for that... her hiking boots gone someplace back in that… that place she didn’t want to think about... so she pulls on her running shoes... nearly running to the kitchen.... an old plastic jug and a canteen.... pumping them full of the cool clean water and then sticking her head under the stream herself.... Her tummy growls soft with hunger but that can wait.... she has energy bars in her things and candy and some other things... grabbing it all up into a single suitcase... the contents dumped over the carpet as she heads out towards the next town miles away.

The shadows grouped together watching her head out towards the desert. There was a vague murmuring sound... discussion... regret.... or just the wind? The pale red eyes spread apart, pairs going off in different directions ... she would be back... and they were used to waiting…

Shania jogs down the road, the strap of the small suitcase across her shoulder... chewing and swallowing a second energy bar. She pulls out a bar of candy to eat... her hunger pains eased as she watches around the desert closing in on her.

Silent, invisible, shadows drift on the wind.... skirting the road...seeking and finding what they need a couple of miles away... merging and controlling... directing....

Shania slows to a steady walk her stride steady as her jeans darken along her thighs from her sweat... stopping she takes a slow drink of water as she looks around, regretting now not grabbing her other sunglasses in her rush to leave... the desert bright around her, the heat nearly smothering.

A little further down the road, they congregate, their own natures suppressed but still there... feral red eyes watching and waiting.

Shania walks on... "Yes I thought I remembered a big old tree...there was a steam there ...what did the sheriff call it...oh yea 'Black Run' something about coming from that mountain back there" She finally stops at the tree, a big old oak (she thinks) and sets down under its shade.... Kicking off her shoes she slips her feet into the tiny creek, the water cooling her ... pulling out her jug she takes a long drink and sets it down, relaxing a few as she leans back her eyes closed.

The large grey shapes slink out of the scrub across the stream, a hundred yards away, sitting and watching quietly.... maybe waiting... large grey wolves, six of them, bigger than average. Shania dozes a bit in the heat, loosing her blouse, the cool water playing over her feet and toes, the shade of the big tree comforting in the heat as the wolves move closer, looking menacing in the hot air, loping easily until they are about twenty yards the other side of the stream, watching... waiting....

Shania stretches as she sits up, arching her back, her full breasts straining the tank top, her nipples still a bit hard and tender, remembering the pain (and pleasure) of the fingers holding them. Leaning forward to grab a shoe she sees the wolves and stops, her eyes big and green. They sit silently, looking back, making no move to get closer. They seem to be waiting patiently as Shania slips on her socks, careful to make no threatening moves, then her shoes. Shifting to a kneel she fills the jug, all the time watching the six big wolves, her voice soft as she speaks calmly "Hello there.... my, you are some big ones aren’t you... I don’t mean anything ... now we aren’t gonna have a problem are we? I am just gonna walk on past down the road and you guys can go right on with your business ... ok"

The pretty young girl stands and slowly follows the road, crossing the stream being careful not to show her teeth or really look in the eyes... or be threatening in any way. But at the first step into the water, the wolves stand. It is the signal they have been waiting for, their freedom to take what they want... bounding forward, they move in front of her, a semi-circle of large wild looking animals, each of which would be as tall as Shania if they stood upright, maybe bigger.... grey fur bristles and red eyes gleam with more than animal awareness. Green eyes go big as she sees the red gleam.... backing up a step, then another she shifts her suitcase and with her free hand pulls a rusty butcher knife out, the edge still sharp "no no ...I I know you... like those things back in the town... you you wont take me again.... I… I warn you "

The wolves take their time, following as she backs up, keeping a distance away, two directly in front and two to each side, leaving backwards as the only free way to move. Red eyes flick from her face to her hand, looking around, calculating...

Shania steps back and back again, her head twisting back and forth trying to watch all six at once while holding the suitcase by its strap in her left hand and the knife in her right... "Please… please I don’t want to hurt you...I… I like animals... just let me past.... whatever you are just let me go. You had your fun.... I… I won’t tell anyone I swear.... who would believe me anyway?" One of the wolves snarls low in its throat... a reply... an animal challenge? Wolven heads turn; glances exchanged.... a series of barking sounds then an almost human nod of the head from one of them... With short rushes and retreats, the animals herd the girl backwards, over the stream... then as she reaches the far bank, the one which had nodded springs straight for her.

Shania swings her suitcase, the strap breaking, never having been designed for this.... but still it is big enough and she had her frantic speed as it meets the wolf’s spring and tumbles it back into the stream. The other wolves make no move to close, keeping their positions as the suitcase tumbles to the ground... waiting while the chosen attacker regains it's feet and springs again, mouth slavering, fangs bared for a slender throat. Shania times it perfectly.... ducking at the last and letting her free hand guide the wolf’s spring at the big tree.... rolling to the side, she raises the knife trembling now.... eyes wide in fear, yet clear and aware ...thinking fast

Again the co-ordination that tells these are not ordinary wolves, the others not losing discipline to charge but forming a loose circle now, the tree at her back as the chosen assailant recovers to spring once again. Shania takes a deep breath and stabs this time ...not holding back as she rams her free arm under its neck lifting its teeth away from her...again she STABS…

Something very knowing, very aware shines in the animal's eyes as its head is stopped inches from Shania’s face. It almost seems to wink at her as it twists it's long, lean body, taking the knife between it's ribs and twisting the blade from her hand as it's momentum carries it on... then the red light disappears from the wolven eye and there is nothing but a dead animal.... the girl’s weapon trapped underneath it as the remaining five begin to close with mocking expressions. Shania staggers back, her eyes flicking fast.... there… a long old tree branch.... a foot out of her reach.... a side step as she bends to grab the branch her eyes on the wolves.

The five wolves maintain a circle, backing her against the oak tree as they slowly close, one or another occasionally darting in and snarling, then retreating fast, keeping the girl moving, unbalanced, uneasy. Shania misses the branch as she backs against the tree. Crouched a bit her hands up and ready...she will fight...knowing the odds here are bad...very bad...the tree a strong presence an inch behind her. Two pale red orbs close unseen, the shadow owner invisible now it has left the dead wolf's body... silently closing on the blonde, stealthily picking up the very branch she tried to reach and swinging it at the side of her unprotected head. Shania's head explodes with pain as the branch breaks with a dry crack...never seeing it ‘til too late, her eyes on the wolves...she goes to her knees her back arched...then her eyes roll up in her head as she falls forward, spayed out blood darkening her pale hair on the side of her head.

Wolves mill around the fallen girl’s body, sniffing the woman smell, licking areas of exposed flesh, their cold noses nuzzling intimately. Paws press down on her back as sharp fangs worry at clothing, ripping at the top and jeans, biting and shredding close to soft flesh, breath hot on bared areas, the masculinity of these five animals becoming very apparent as they expose more of Shania’s pale skin. She moans softly, her arms stirring. Slowly she pushes herself up, her blouse falling, the back ripped, held by her collar and the arms.... the tank top spit and its straps torn, clinging barely to the inside of her blouse... As she slowly stands shaking her head, her jeans open, ripped and torn from her belt to her ankles in back.... the lacy panties totally gone as one wolf shakes its head playing with it and sniffing her scent.

Shania sways a bit her hands on her head, as she takes a step forward into the stream then falls to a knee moaning. With a grunt she forces herself upright swaying as her eyes and mind focus.

The wolves form a tight circle around the small girl, heads up to her waist as they look up, sniffing and snarling. As one, two of the animals raise up onto hind legs, one in front and one behind, resting forepaws on her shoulders, snouts close to a pale face... the one in front fixes it's eyes on hers while the one behind, open maw wide, takes her neck lightly between sharp fangs, no more than a warning for now. Shania arches as she gasps.... the hot teeth sharp around her neck. Thrusting against the big wolf in front, her hands trying to push it back...the long hot cocks, feeling more human than animal, touching her exposed back and her covered tummy "NO NO GOD PLEASEE NO NOT THIS"

While the two wolves pin her between their shaggy bodies, the others rip at the remaining clothing with sharp teeth, scratching and grazing soft flesh occasionally as she moves about, stripping the slim girl quite effectively, shreds of clothing fluttering to the ground as noses nuzzle naked skin. Shania struggles only a little, the teeth from the wolf behind a sharp hot collar controlling her. Soon only her shoes and socks remain, the scratches and cuts red lines all over her body except strangely on her full breasts and her firm ass, the slick thighs... whimpering in fear, she knows what is next now. She can’t stop it and it shames her. Her nipples are hard points against the fur of the wolf, her fear (and perhaps the feeling of helplessness) tightening them, her pussy lips puffy and tight yet moist from her fear.... her anus a pink virgin pucker.

With her clothing out of the way the shadowy beings controlling the wolves lose no time. While the one behind Shania keeps it's fangs pressed only lightly against her neck, she can’t help but know those fangs could sink through flesh like butter, rending... snapping her spine if she were lucky, tearing her body apart slowly if not. The wolf raised up against her front lowers its head, a long pink tongue emerging to lap slowly and roughly over firm breasts, rasping over the nipples. Then it's mouth stretches wide, taking a full breast inside, fangs pressing into softness… not very hard, just dimpling taut skin with pointed teeth as its long tongue swirls over the captured globe and flicks the hard nipple to full erection.

Shania moans, her hands on either side of the wolf’s head trying to pull it back.... the hot noon day sun smothering her...the heat of the wolves she is sandwiched between baking her.... her nipple responding, growing, thickening ‘til it tightens the skin on her breast, so that the needle sharp fangs send shivers of pain through her... her knees weak from fear and the heat, her head still aching in pain. But her attempts to dislodge the wolf head from her large breast do little but drag the tips of sharp fangs over swollen flesh, causing a couple of small trickles of blood to flow over pale skin, the wolf lapping them and seeming to enjoy the taste as it transfers attention to the other breast, capturing it a bit harder, fangs pricking as the insidious tongue arouses it’s half erect nipple.

Shania gasps in pain, yet still responding as her other nipple hardens too, her clit growing, engorging as it responds to something in her besides the fear and shame and loathing.... arched back by the wolf behind, its mouth dripping as it holds her slim pale neck in its sharp maw... the hot slobber sliding down between her breasts and slowly down her back to drip between her firm ass cheeks.

While the two upright wolves pin Shania between them, gripping her neck and worrying at her firm breasts, two others begin to nuzzle lower down, insinuating long snouts between her body and the upright animals. One noses into a firm ass, tongue lapping between the cheeks, rough surface moving up the cleft again and again, rasping over the knot of her tight anus. The other noses between partly open thighs, finding a soft cunt already half open and moist, as it's tongue slides up into the slit.

"NOOO GODD PLEASEEE NOOO” her scream echoes over the land as she squirms, the hot wide tongue pressing and wiggling in her as she squeezes hard around it, her pussy hot and wet and strong... She whimpers, held by the wolves, her hands still pulling at the one playing/biting worrying her breast and aching hard nipple.... somewhere her mind is screaming, telling her to run, to fight.... but the teeth, the sharp teeth control her.

The fifth wolf rears up, almost overbalancing everyone as it's paws land on the captured girl’s shoulders and it's maw closes about her free breast. Now there are four tongues, all concentrated on the most sensitive zones. Both turgid nipples are being lapped at once, her anus tickled and the tongue over her cunt flattening to cover the erect clit, licking insidiously at the aroused bud. Shania moans and quivers, her knees nearly buckling as she orgasms, her clit sensitive and sending tinglings through her entire body as she feels the heat of the mouths on her breasts flow through them, the baking fur of the wolves surrounding her... her mind withdrawing somewhat to protect her, detaching as her body responds.

As one wolf laps Shania’s pussy, the original one still upright before her crouches slightly, it's cock looking disproportionate and not at all wolf-like as it's blunt tip blindly seeks her hole, lodging against it and driving up into her tight little cunt. Shania struggles now, the sharp teeth digging into her throat drawing drops of blood as she raises up on her toes, the hot cock sliding into her tight hot pussy... gripping, squeezing, trying to keep it out... longer than any from yesterday... thicker, spreading wide painfully.... teasing clusters of nerves as it slides past... "NNOOOOO HELPPPP GOD NOOO…"

The controlling entity broods, watching the scene through the eyes of its followers. Each moan and gasp analysed; each twitch and thrust given scrutiny. Excellent... an awakening sexuality that could hardly be bettered, a virgin yet, but such a readily aroused one... Now if something could be arranged to keep that arousal at a higher level all the time it would be so much easier...

The entity watches and thinks...

The wolven cock seems far too big for it's body, at least a foot long and almost three inches at it's widest. As the other wolves surround the girl tightly, holding her upright between them, the cock spears deep, stretching muscles healed by the mist, spreading her tight cunt, thrusting deeper to bang against her cervix... Shania whimpers in pain, the thick hot cock spreading her wider than she ever thought.... this was nothing like the romance novels she had devoured when she was younger.... nothing like a shining knight she had fantasised about... this was worse, far worse... yet her hips thrust against the wolf, driving it deeper as her hands slowly slide along its sides, her eyes glazing in the heat she is feeling.

If the entity could smile, it would do so as it watches her response.

Behind Shania, the wolf gripping her neck shifts position, it's long hot cock sliding down the cleft between her small buttocks, it's sensitive tip finding the ridged whorl of her anus and pushing against the tight muscle, forcing it to give as the cock head sinks slowly into her tense young ass. Shania’s eyes snap open in shock, holding still because of the teeth tight around her neck.... quivering in pain as her virgin ass is forced apart, gripping and quivering, the tongue still playing around her hot enlarged and tight clit as the other cock thrusts past her cervix entering her womb for the first time.... With a hard thrust, the wolf sends it's cock powering deep into her ass, past the tight muscle ring opened by it's blunt cock-head as it takes the narrow channel with it's thick shaft. The cock in her pussy begins moving, raping the girl’s womb while hot rough tongues play over her nipples and hot shaggy bodies press against soft flesh.

Shania screams in pain as the twin cocks stretch her painfully.... moving and pressing against the membrane that separates her ass and her pussy ...forcing and pulling, a tingling in her that makes the scream end in a ragged moan as she cums hard her ass and pussy gripping, quivering, squeezing and teasing, dancing along both thick wolf cocks... somewhere her mind floats shuddering as her body shudders, growing aroused by this.... unable to comprehend why.... how could she enjoy this.... this perversion.... yet the helpless abandon of it.... her mind floats wrestling in thought.

Both cocks impale the slender girl fully, almost lifting her off her feet between the strong wolven bodies. Then they begin to move, not co-ordinated, sliding against each other through the thin membrane, slipping over tightly stretched inner walls, fucking her cunt and ass with hard jerking thrusts. Shania whimpers as her hands now grip the flanks of the wolf and help drive it into her.... her feet sliding a bit farther apart, the weight of the wolves leaning on her forcing her slowly down.... the stream cool as it flows over her shoes and feet.... her eyes tearing in pain as the cocks drive in and out hard.

The entity watches in satisfaction as his minions impale the slim delicate-looking girl between them. For one so inexperienced, she was taking the violation very well, body overiding her mental reserve, an excellent potential slave and one that should last a long time, even when used hard…

The front wolf, cock gripped by both cunt and cervix loses control, hot sperm jetting up into the girl’s womb as it cums, teeth biting harder onto the plump breast, breaking the skin in it's orgasmic loss of control. As it finishes, the act of pulling out of Shania’s cunt causes the others to overbalance, leaving her flat on her belly, half in the stream, with a wolf still savagely pistoning into her tight ass. Shania rocks with the thrusts, the wolf pressing down, her hands wide, holding her as she spreads her knees wide and lifts her ass, meeting the thrusts, whimpering in pain, blood dripping from many small cuts and bites to swirl away in the stream... the glaring sun beating now.... the land about strangely quiet save for the soft slaps of the wolf against her ass and her own grunts of pain.

Somewhere the entity watches Shania’s acceptance, the way her sexual desires overide what should be a horrifying experience, not just raped but also raped by wild animals. And not just accepting, but responding, taking what they do to her and climaxing hard, over and over. A suitable tool indeed for the entity.... but not quite yet…

The wolf crouches low over her outstretched body, hot breath on her neck, front paws pinning slim shoulders down, as it's large cock pumps jerkily into a painfully stretched ass. While another three lope about, waiting their turn, its prick swells thicker, spreading her anus more as it snarls, biting into a shoulder as it climaxes, hot streams of cum flooding the tiny body. Shania cries in pain… in shame as the hot cum fills her bowels ... more dripping from her raped pussy, her blood feeding the water of the hungry little stream as it cools her hot breasts, yet makes her nipples ache staying hard and taunt.... small fists pound the water in shame trying to drive this away....

The second wolf pulls out of the young girl’s abused ass and another takes it's place, a hard tool stabbing eagerly between her legs, indifferent to which hole it finds, just wanting some of that tight slippery heat inside the slim body, spearing deep.... the cunt as it happens... using her body urgently, claws scrabbling on the sweaty back as it rides her hard...

Shania arches up her struggles weaker, the heat sapping her energy, the cuts and pains clouding her mind, the pleasure... somewhere in her the pleasure of the hard cock makes her tingle... on its fourth hard thrust she lifts her head and moans deep, cumming... pussy squeezing hard, clenching the cock as it quivers and spasms then relaxes it’s grip… the third wolf doesn't last too long, Shania’s spasming pussy milking it's seed to add to the previous occupant's. Then another takes her, then the fifth, one in her ass, one in her pussy… but it's not over yet... earlier wolves get hard again, raping the half-conscious girl again... how many times… how many loads of cum fill pussy or anus? Enough to leave Shania wringing with sweat and trembling with post-orgasmic weakness....

At last the violation is over. The wolves circle once more around the prone body, and then return over the stream, sitting quietly and watching her.... will she try to leave the town again? Or has she learned the penalty for attempting to escape?

Shania lays in the stream moaning, the cool water playing around her abused body as her eyes open, seeing the wolves spread out on the side of the stream, one in the road blocking her way... her mind struggles, then like a sharp beam of light it dawns on her they won’t let her leave... IT wont let her leave.... she is smart.... even during her rape part her mind thought.... it was clear there was one mind behind this... in a way that she didn’t yet understand. Her mind struggled clear... in a way it was easier knowing only one was behind all this... one she could out think.... not many.... still she curled into a ball, the sun shining down on her as her tender pussy and ass dribble cum, her nipples still long and hard... whimpering as she rested and tried to think.

The entity watches the diminutive figure resting, waiting to see if she will head back to town, if she is smart enough. Then switching attention, causing the invisible shadow, the one that callously used the wolf to disarm her, to approach quietly and release a cold, sparkling breath that envelops her body and begins the healing process.

Shania shivers and her eyes widen as she feels her body tingle and itch.... sitting up slowly she sees her cuts heal, the bites fade as if the ocean was washing over marks in the sand, even the redness from the sun fades leaving her flesh pale and smooth... lifting her head she screams out “DAMN YOU DAMN YOU WHY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!” Nothing but silence answers the curses, unless there is an edge to the sharp, hot desert breeze, a flat inhuman chuckle and a murmur that could be no more than the rustling of dry grasses... because you're here...

Shania staggers to her feet still wearing her shoes and socks both soaking wet.... moving the soaked suitcase, she rips it open to devour several pop tarts and three energy bars...all her supply nearly gone... downing several aspirin she takes a long drink of water and picking up her suit case and canteen and with a contemptuous whirl of her hair she heads back to the old town. Pale red eyes watch the return, eagerly devouring her slender naked body...moving from the high full breasts to the shaved slit, the small buttocks rolling suggestively even at a normal walking pace... Shania staggers and sways... still weak even if her wounds had been healed... finally, slowly, she climbs the stairs to the old house, the sun low in the sky and her whole body now red from its touch on her way back... Almost falling onto the couch she barely has the strength to pull off her shoes and socks.... dirty.... dusty, cum dried on her thighs, her hair tangled and entwined with twigs and dirt, she fades into a fitful sleep.


While Shania sleeps, the entity rests over the town, wakeful, thoughts passing though it's mind slowly, turning over the events of the last days. After more than 100 years of waiting, it could afford to be slow, thorough. The girl seemed to be a natural. Whatever her mind thought about it, her body needed to be used, filled, forced to respond. And that weakness would lead to her inevitable defeat, her slavery. But care must be taken. The finest tool could break with incorrect use. Better to be slow, sure.... Her outburst suggested that she believed a single being was against her. Smart. All the more reason to be careful. How strong was her will to live? She must not be allowed to escape, either physically or by killing herself. And his minions must not be allowed to use her too roughly. Luckily she didn't realise that or it would make her more difficult.

Shania sleeps deeply her body's weakness overriding her racing mind ‘til both lay calm. The chill of the night did little to disturb her save harden her nipples... nipples that never fully relaxed but had stayed aroused even now hours later.... With a start she sits up, the morning sun pouring in the window... her green eyes frantic as she looks around... then down at her filthiness. "God I am a mess and starved.... first food, then maybe I can figure out a weapon to use to get past those wolves... I wonder if my uncle had a gun... ok first lets see if I can clean up."

Pale red eyes watch through the windows but make no attempt to interfere, just watching hungrily, every graceful move, every hint of flesh. Shania rises and sways, weak from hunger "OK, that decides it… food first", rummaging in the kitchen.... still naked... she devours the cans of tuna... the jars of fruit.... crackers.... finally a little burp of fullness parts her pale lips.

The entity watches through others eyes, seeing the colour return to cheeks, the strength returning to green eyes.

She slowly sips on a glass of water then turns to stare fully into a pair of the red eyes for a heartbeat, then a second... then her eyes narrow, the green swirling in the light as she stands, striding into the other room and pulls up a suitcase "Ok I am through being a show for you filth" Shania pulls on a loose ankle length skirt after a pair of panties and a bra...still dirty...then a loose blouse and a big cap...slipping on her damp running shoes she begins a complete search of the house.

Finally upstairs in an old closet she pulled out the big heavy shotgun, empty though.... three hours had passed in her search... three long hours as she thought about what happened. Without realizing it her nipples had hardened and her pussy had moistened... reaching in again she drags out an old box and opening it.... there were the shotgun shells and something more… her hands trembled as she lifted the faded diary... an old black and white picture falling out of a smiling young woman... by a sign that said "Black Run" 1903.... then she opens it and begins to read…

The pages feel brittle as they are turned, the handwriting spidery and faded but still easily read. Turning page after page, the young girl feels a dreadful horror descending on her, even as her nipples harden in sympathy... or in lust... The town was dying fast. Ever since That Night things had gone from bad to worse. But it was the personal experiences of the then young woman that had the most effect... Shania pursed her lips... the experiences mirrored her own to some extent... the invisible assailants sneaking around, solid enough when they cornered her in back of the grocery store she helped out in.... all too solid as they held her bent over a barrel and raped her again and again until she could barely walk... and other experiences, almost unbelievable.... furniture that came to life, farm animals with red glowing eyes... being taken again and again, until she felt she would go mad.... then the final entry.... a letter slipped under her door... instructions.... go to the old mine if you want it all to stop, or suffer a lifetime of being raped daily.... and nothing more... just some blank pages…


The young girl stands with a purpose, loading the shotgun and pocketing the shells... She strides downstairs... her last three energy bars tucked into a belt pouch and the canteen over her shoulder she storms down the road at a fast walk the shotgun ready.

The entity absorbed the pages of the diary as it was read, somehow overlooked all these years.... so that was why the old man refused to go... his seemingly aimless pottering about was no doubt an attempt to discover something useful.... and the girl.... how well it remembered her.... almost perfect for it’s needs, but just too weak at the final stage... no wonder this new one was so susceptible... the same blood flowed through their veins.... the same lusts fired their loins... and this time there would be no mistake...

She doesn’t take long to reach the stream, the crossing, her mind ablaze with anger yet not thinking clearly as she strides forward raising the shotgun. But the sight over the stream is enough to give anyone pause. Instead of the five wolves there yesterday there must be over fifty of them, milling about, watching; the redness visible in eyes even from this distance.... Would she risk it? Killing five... a dozen.... knowing the others would be upon her.... knowing what they would do to her, one after another....

Shania stops frozen...her eyes wide in disbelief.... all males.... all bigger then they should be.... impossible there can’t be that many wolves in the state.... turning upstream thinking the road had curved that way on the other side she begins to follow, careful to stay out of the stream. Unaccountably her nipples had hardened under the stares of the 50 pairs of red glowing eyes as they all turned to look at her.... hungry... full of lust… the scent of 50 rampant animals heavy in the still air. The wolves move easily, keeping pace until a spur of the mountain hides everything beyond the far side of the stream, it's smooth walls impassable. Ahead the spur provides shade and there is a sense of moisture, thicker, greener vegetation and a tinkling sound. She moves on, following the stream as it deepens a bit maybe a foot deep now the twinkle of yellow.... maybe gold.... in its bed.... pushing her way deeper into the area, the sheer walls raising up just 20 feet away on the other side of the stream.

The entity stirs slightly, the girl coming closer...not near the old mine, but tangibly closer to the heart of it all.

Shania comes to the small tear in the cliff wall, the spill of water from out of the rock only a foot or so across but falling like a fine spray in the air...the pool below maybe 20 feet across and feeding the stream.... a soft sand twinkling with flecks of yellow fills the bottom of the pool. Despite everything, the young girl stops and sighs at the beautiful grotto, the cliff curving farther along beyond a tumble of rocks making it impossible to go farther that way... looking all around she slowly steps into the pool, the water seeping up the skirt and darkening it to her knees... Slowly she turns, waking, waiting, her body itching and sticky...finally she move to the edge by the falls and sets down the gun.

The entity is aware of the girl, watching her as she explores, an idea spreading, a new development and a new display of his power over this entire area…

Shania undresses slowly watching... stopping, waiting, her mind taking in everything.... but Shania had always been a clean girl she couldn’t stand how her body felt.... the stickiness between her thighs... the dirt.... the smears of her blood.... "ok it looks safe enough and I gotta clean up"

She finishes undressing and steps over to some plants.... "Lucky I paid attention in class... this is what the Indians used to clean themselves. Its sap should make a lather that will work... I hope." Grabbing several handfuls she walks back under the cold water of the falls, her nipples instantly hard as she begins to clean herself, the plants lathering her small body and filling the area with a soft scent.

The entity watches the naked girl thinking her body looks too narrow to take him when the time comes, knowing that it will, if it can be trained right...knowing by now that those soft curves hide a tough resilience that goes beyond the physical.

Shania twists and turns under the falls letting the cold water splash as she washes out the mess from long hair that barely darkens in the water... finally she stands there, shivering as she leans back, letting the cold spray play over her.

The entity concentrates on a creeping plant that grows beside the falls, causing it to inch out, taking the shotgun in it's viney grip and dragging it slowly away.

Shania steps out of the falls shivering, picking up her skirt and rubbing her arms, the hot dry air starting to dry her sunburnt body. The figure that steps out of the trees hardly wavers at all, looks very solid in fact... and also very clichéd. A stereotypical gunfighter from 100 years before, dark clothing trimmed with silver accents, low slung gun on the left hip, western hat pulled low to shade the eyes which still manage to glow redly.... and the shotgun, the girl’s own shotgun, held in the right hand, pointing at her. Shania freezes there, her nipples hard, her eyes wide as she stares at twin barrels that look huge to her, "who… who are you" Shania raises her hands as she gulps.

The entity watches as the figure he created, call it a three dimensional hologram that has solidity, moves closer. But like a moving statue, it has no working parts inside; no throat to make sounds with, nothing beneath the clothes even, the outer skin is just that, what you see is what you get.

The figure moves closer, until the shotgun is pressing lightly into her belly.... red eyes meeting hers without any trace of humanity, then sweeping down over the trim body as threatening barrels press close, forcing her into stepping backwards, gasping, her green eye wide in real fear, the cold barrels of the shotgun against her ... her nipples hardening more with the fear, swaying as her breasts bounce gently with each backward step until she is pressed against the rough stone wall, sharp places pressing against her back and thighs… "Please don’t kill me… I… I don’t want to die"

While the shotgun dimples Shania’s soft belly, the gunfighter's left hand reaches out, taking her right wrist and moving it until the hand is behind her head, then doing the same with the left wrist. A prod with the gun warns not to move as the hand reaches to her face, tracing full lips almost gently, then stroking lower, fingers encased in the inevitable black leather gloves moulding the firm swell of her right breast. "No… no please” but holding still as the leather hand massages her right breast, raising a tiny bit on her toes as her feet spread to brace herself better.

The long fingers press into taut skin, circling the firm globe, moving it slightly, stroking over the tip-tilted nipple, then abruptly grasping soft flesh in a tight grip, squeezing a handful of the large breast while emotionless red eyes stare down from the tall body. "AHHHHHHHhhhhHHHHH”  ...arching back against the stone as she begins to drop her hands, the shotgun jabs hard into her belly in warning. The gunfighter silently mauling Shania’s firm tit, squeezing and kneading it, testing it's resiliency, then holding it from above, squeezing the sides inwards and making the big nipple stand proud.

Shania whimpers as she brings her hands back up over her head lifting her breasts more..."please...what… whatever you are...let me… you had my aunt, isn’t that enough?" The shotgun moves upwards, the muzzles moving to the underside of her breast, barrels cold against warm flesh, then sliding higher up the curve. The end of one barrel delicately presses over the hard nipple, encircling it, hiding it from view, then abruptly pushing forwards, twisting the gun into soft flesh around the aureole, withdrawing to show a ring-like mark around the nipple. A sudden shudder runs through the girl as cold metal twists her flesh, sending lances of white pain into her... whimpering... yet her nipple responds.... throbbing as the barrel pulls back...nearly an inch long and thick as a pencil now, sensitive and tender, Shania holds herself still, her eyes on the gun now not the red glow under the hat.

The gun barrels waver between pouting breasts as the leather clad hand keeps squeezing, finger and thumb moving to capture the nipple, rolling and tugging it's tumescent peak between them. The gun points to Shania’s unmarked tit, moving slightly as it approaches, eyes watching the nipple disappear inside a barrel, then the gun pushed forwards, squashing the breast, twisting and withdrawing to leave another ringed indentation. "Please sir please, that hurt... mmmm what do you want me to do with you.... suck your cock.... let you fuck that it?"  Her voice is reasonable.... her eyes though wild with fear still are watchful... hopeful even...

The deadly shotgun slips lower while the gunfighter’s hand moves from one breast to the other, alternately squeezing roughly and then teasing the long nipples, mixing pleasure and pain while the girl stands helplessly. The gun moves below her waist, onto her thighs, tapping them and gesturing Shania to spread her legs wider. With a shiver, lower lip quivering, she slides her feet a few inches apart ...then more as he taps them again, until her feet are wide and she is high on her toes, barely moving as she spread them... hinting at the ease that she can spread them.... wider then any of those town women... standing like that on her toes, her legs take a firmer shape, adding a difference the entity hadn’t seen before.

The leather-clad hand reaches between spread legs, cupping over the curved mound and squeezing softly, middle finger sinking between puffy lips into a dampness that stains the glove a darker black. As the digit finds her clit and strokes it, Shania moans softly then bites her lip, her pussy gripping the leather finger hard. The hand strokes lower, the leather covered middle finger locating the entrance and curling up, sliding inside her pussy as the shotgun barrels rest just above the girl’s swelling clit. Shania shivers as her pussy grips hard quivering around the finger in a near orgasm.

The gun barrels press lighter this time, the twin ring shaped marks barely visible even on such pale skin as that of her naked mound. There is something odd in the expression of those red eyes, something mocking as a second finger pushes into her tight cunt and begins to thrust in and out. Shania grits her teeth fighting it... the pleasure as her pussy squeezes and quivers... closing her eyes, she leans her head back.... trying hard not to give this thing satisfaction in her cumming... hands grip the rough stone as her hips arch out a tiny bit, her thighs taunt.

Fingers slide out of the wet cunt abruptly, reaching for swollen sex lips and spreading then wide apart, holding them open as the gunfighter crouches down in front of the girl, any idea of taking advantage of the situation stifled by the twin barrels steady against her sex; barrels that slip down her open slit and suddenly push up, entering her cunt. As she looks down between large breasts, Shania can’t help but notice the finger is still on the trigger, remembering all too well the gun is loaded.

"NOOOOOOO please noooo,’’ whimpering now, her pussy squeezing around the twin barrels as they push, spreading her tender walls... then her knees quiver as she shudders, cumming around the cool barrels, tears dripping down her cheeks… but they are tears of shame. The barrels enter deeper, the finger on the trigger a constant threat as Shania is forced to stand there and take the object she saw as her salvation turned into a new way to use her body and humiliate her. With small movements, withdrawing then pressing deeper the long barrels inch further up into her cunt, meeting the resistance of her cervix and pushing through, filling her until they seem ready to come out of her mouth.

Shania sobs in pain and shame as she quivers, the cold barrels making her ache, her clit quivering as it grows just inches from the red glow eyes...sobbing she holds herself as still as she can.... yet her hips wiggle trying to ease its iron unforgiving passage... then a strong orgasms shakes her... her voice moaning and echoing in the grotto.

Stealthy trailing plants reach out to the discarded clothes as the gunfighter thrusts her uncle's shotgun deep up inside the girl’s slender body, most of the barrels hidden inside her cunt, juices trickling down over the cool metal. Then a new humiliation as he takes the pistol from it's holster, reaching up between parted legs and pressing it's cold end against the little knot of her ass, the narrow barrel pushing through resisting muscles. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPLEASEEE NOOOOOO'' the thin barrel... smaller than the cocks she had recently had there slides past her tight anus unresisting, the metal cold and unbending.

Both guns slide in and out of twin orifices, fingers on triggers an edgy danger as the gunfighter rapes the young girl with cold steel, thrusting up into the tightness of her body, red eyes watching without expression. Shania feels the shotgun press against the back of her womb slowly on each thrust.... forcing it to adjust.... stretching its shape as it slides in and out in a slow torture.... her pussy orgasms again then again, her knees ready to fold as she whimpers in shame and pain.

As her legs tremble with the effort of staying upright, the pistol slides out of Shania’s ass and is holstered. Then the shotgun, it's barrels shiny with cum, slips out of her spasming cunt and the gunfighter steps back away. Then before amazed eyes the solid image flickers and fades from view, the shotgun falling to the ground.

The entity feels a sense of satisfaction at the scene, looking at the tear stained face, the humiliated expression, and the dribbling pussy... a good lesson… nowhere was safe, and nothing that couldn’t be turned against her.

Shania falls to her knees her face in her hands sobbing now... the sobs shaking her body as something lets go in her.... the grief in her forcing the wracking sobs that go on… minutes lengthening as she cries until her little body stills finally.... slowly she stands, her green eyes puffy with a lost look in them... one that hadn’t been there before... one alone.... no one that cared for her... alone....

Shania kneels and picks of the shotgun, swaying a bit as she heads to her cloths...a deep sigh quivers her breasts as she sees all of the cloths gone... gathering up the belt pouch and canteen, taking a drink of water from the pool she staggers back to the town, to the old house, the sun still in the afternoon sky by the time she reaches there, surprisingly only a little dusty.

The girl eats after dressing again, then she rests, her mind struggling to regain control, the shotgun across her knees as the light fades...a fire crackling in the fireplace, its golden light dancing in the house.


Darkness falls fast in the desert. The clear air turns black and millions of stars stud the sky. Oppressive heat turns to cold. Within the town and its bubble of influence, the entity watches. Mostly it watches the slender girl who it is intent on possessing. Fate may have brought her here and made her attractive. But there was more now. With each incident, each lesson, each violation, the entity found itself more eager. There was something about her that stirred a response way beyond casual desire. It didn't just want to take this girl, it wanted her badly, wanted to feel her squirm beneath it's bulk, wanted to see her kneel before him, and yes, despite his unearthly origins, he was male. And the maleness reacted to the femininity of Shania. He wasn't in love. But he was in lust. And the drive to own the diminutive girl was beginning to drive him.

More and more his attention focussed on that slender figure and the pleasures he would extract from it. He had already taken her dozens of times in proxy, but to feel his own cock stretching her.... that would be something different. To hear her beg for more, to watch her grovel in front of him.... the purpose in owning her was becoming secondary to the driving need to simply have her as his willing slave... to use her for every twisted desire he could imagine... and he could imagine a lot...

Shania watched the sun set... the stark beauty of the hues lifting her spirits... and as the stars come out... so many and so close here she felt she could, with a wave of her small hand, cause then to swirl and spin... the moon hadn’t yet risen.... she couldn’t even remember what phase it was in... her green eyes wide in the dark as the desert chills.

Shania had dressed again, her snug jeans and a loose blouse ...for some reason she couldn’t understand she had not put on any underwear.... her feet were bare... the paint on her toes faded. The only shoes she had left here were the heels and a pair of loafers. She held the shotgun loosely over her knees ready,  both barrels loaded. She had eaten and cleaned herself off... her pale hair a white shadow in that dark, catching the yellow and reds of the fire that crackled in the room behind her.... and she waited, her mind calming and regaining control as she slowly began to realize the effects the past 2 days had brought to her body.... how tender her nipples were, how her clit tingled, still aroused and enlarged. This she couldn’t understand... she had been raped... by something.... by wolves... by something else.... how could she be aroused by this... it made her confused, so she sat there staring at the stars and thinking.

Something rattled the latch on the back door, trying to open it. Shania spins as she stands, her finger too ready as the shotgun BOOMS, the kick knocking her to stagger back then fall off the stairs to land, a bit dazed in the dirt. But the rattling just grows more insistent, then the door creaks open. The girl scrambles back to her feet and charges up the steps, back into the house, the shotguns barrel leading as smoke still curls from one barrel… “DAMN YOU DAMN YOU GET OUT”

Shadowy figures with glowing red eyes crowd through the door and into the house.... parts of them are indistinct, insubstantial... but the eyes... the hands.... and the large stiff erections.... are very visible even in the dim light

BOOOOOM. As the blast passes through several and shatters the back window, the small blonde backs up as she breaks the gun open and fumbles out the 2 spent shells... backing again as more spectres crowd in. “NOO DAMN YOU I WILL FIGHT YOU” The figures crowd closer, seemingly unaffected by the pellets that passed through their gaseous simulation of matter... hands reach for the girl. Shania snaps shut the gun... only one barrel loaded and BOOOMMM... she turns and runs now heading out of the front trying to load another shell. If she were calmer, the girl would probably have realised the shadowy figures were not so much trying to grab her as herding her, directing her flight towards a specific building.

Shania tumbles out through the door and turns for the desert but another group of shadows is walking down the street, cutting off that line of retreat. She spins, dropping a shotgun shell in the dirt and runs down the street, deeper into the town… her bare feet silent yet kicking up puffs of dirt, breasts bouncing as her hard nipples move against her loose blouse... she stops and turns, fires again into the advancing group with both barrels as the fire stabs out. Spinning her back from the kick, she moans as the gun tumbles from her numb hands.

As the two groups of shadows merge to follow the girl down the street, a third group walks towards her at an angle from the front. A large sliding door stands invitingly half open and Shania dashes in there... part of mind telling her its a trap... but her fear of being raped and… and enjoying it... pushes her on... she turns at the door trying to slide it closed. The door closes almost too easily. It won't open that way again. Red eyes crowd the dusty windows, but inside the place seems deserted; an old blacksmith's cum livery stable by the looks of it.

Shania leans against the door, panting as she calms her eyes taking in the forge, the bellows in the near shadows... the rest hidden from her view by the darkness. Then there is a sudden flare of light as a large lantern ignites, the click of it's glass shade being replaced sounding very loud in the quietness. A shadowy figure grows more substantial, placing the lantern on it's hook then turning towards the girl... tall, over 7 feet, broad as a door, thick grizzled beard and a leather apron, the blacksmith is home. Shania gasps as she turns and tugs trying to slide open the door. "Damnn you get away from mee…"

Back at the house, shadowy figures search carefully. Every scrap of clothing is gathered up. Searching the suitcases reveals some interesting garments. Under direction of the entity, these are placed in a separate bag. The remaining clothes, along with sheets, towels, curtains, anything that can hide nakedness, is dragged behind the house and burned. The bag of special items is moved to a safe place.... for future use.

The blacksmith has a slow, ponderous way of moving, as befits his size. Not that he is fat, muscles bulge on bare arms. But he is big and slow, thoughtful maybe. He walks slowly towards the young girl as Shania tugs and tugs, then backs away from the door, looking for any way out... side stepping as large hands reach out, deceptively quickly. They close around her waist, fingers overlapping as hands ring around the slender form, picking the girl up easily and ignoring her attempts to wriggle free, carrying her across the room, red eyes inhumanly looking up and down her body, a bulge beginning to stir the apron.

"NOOOOO LET ME GOOO,” a small fist hits him in the face... again and again as her knees drives hard into the bulge in the apron... grabbing for anything to swing at the... the thing… The large figure shows no sign of being hurt by Shania’s attack, carrying her implacably, not even enough humanity to laugh at those feeble attempts to escape despite his human appearance. In an open area, a huge anvil is set onto a wooden base. The smith sets the small girl onto it, then presses her down until she is lying face up, arched over the cold metal.

Shania kicks and struggles still as the cold hard iron aches into her back... grabbing an old rusty horseshoe she swings with all her strength right into the face of the thing… the inhuman thing... Now the smith seems to come close to laughing as his free hand grasps the horseshoe and wrenches it from her hand. Ignoring the bruise mark on his cheek, he places a knee across the girl’s soft belly to pin her. Then taking the wrist that wielded the horseshoe, he bends the arm back and down. His strong hand holds both wrist and horseshoe against the wooden base, Shania’s wrist inside the curved shape. Reaching for a large hammer he gives a couple of powerful blows and the ends of the horseshoe are driven into the wood, her narrow wrist trapped by the metal tightly but still allowing circulation.

“NOOOOOOOOO LETTT MEEE GOOOOOOOOO"… she struggles, wildly kicking, her arm held tightly by the old horseshoe acting as an iron cuff impossible for her to pull free.

Slowly, stolidly, as if he were dealing with an unruly horse, the smith works. First pinning the girl’s other arm above her head, then her ankles, spread wide and pinned with horseshoes on opposite sides of the anvil. Stepping back he looks at the curved body secured at four points and bowed back over the old iron anvil. Shania struggles still, wriggling on the cold iron, her body in an arch, her breasts under the blouse thrust at the ceiling as her pale hair hangs down almost to the ground, catching the yellow of the lantern.... her eyes wide in fear now as she sees the red eyes staring through every window and every opening in the walls, even the small holes dug out by time... all watching.

Still moving slowly, the smith reaches down a large, rusty looking pair of shears and walks across to look down at the girl, carefully slipping one side of the implement under the open neck of her shirt, gradually snipping down the front of the garment between her breasts to the waist. Then cutting across her shoulers and down her arms, shearing her like a sheep, removing ever scrap of the shirt except that which is beneath her back. Shania shivers as the cold rusty shears slide down her chest, between her heaving breasts and pass her flat tummy.... begging now "pleasee pleaseee I… I don’t know what you are gonna do but… but I will go along... please just let me uppp pleasee" Yet her nipples have hardened to long hard pink points as the blouse opens.

In a dark corner of the stable, something watches silently. Not one of the minions, the entity himself, driven to see this through his own eyes, partly materialised, attention fixed on the small girl he wants so badly... soon he must feel himself inside her...

Red eyes fix on the upthrust breasts, the long hard nipples, the eyes glowing now.... hot... the apron bulging more as he moves the shears down, carefully sliding one side under tight denim, then snipping... snipping... until she is naked. Shania is crying now more ashamed then before… arched like the horseshoes driven into the wood... helpless as the... the thing strips her... and ashamed of how hard her nipples are… and that her tight smooth pussy is moist.... ashamed as the red eyes in the windows burn with desire.

A something changes in the room. If an invisible flickering could be somehow seen, that is how it would express itself. The entity in the corner fades away, but the blacksmith seems to grow more vital, more alive... more commanding... and much more than the previous holographic shell. Not that the entity can take the girl fully, she isn't ready yet... but a part of him has entered the smith... to experience a small foretaste.... and to mark his future slave…

The smith's eyes look down into hers with more awareness than she has seen before in any of the red orbs, and his hand strokes her cheek as though settling a spirited filly. Shania is crying, tears rolling down her sunburned face... her whole body a light red from the naked walk back from the pool... her nipples as hard as they have even been, firming her breasts, drawing them to set high on her chest, the fullness flattening them.... her clit engorged and her pussy wet, her body ready, yet still she tries to fight it back, still she tries to think of a way out.

The hand is joined by another, both of them massaging her shoulders, then slipping down over her upper chest, finding the swollen mounds of her breasts and circling them with calloused fingertips, tracing their shapes, spiralling upwards over the taut flesh while red eyes devour the exciting shapes.

"Noo… NOO… pleaseee no god stop… pleasee.... ohhhhh.” She wiggles a bit as her thighs open a little wider... in spite of her fear… her shame…

Hands palm the full mounds, squeezing, exploring, arousing, feeling them swell harder under the touch. Then finger and thumb, one set to each nipple, taking the erect nubs and rolling them, feeling the hard rubbery surfaces pulse in his grip, stroking them outwards in a milking motion, tugging lightly, teasing them relentlessly. Shania shakes her head gasping at the sensations... her nipples tender and sensitive from the last two days.... the feel sending a response into her breasts that slides along her spine... a moan of pleasure forces it way past her lips… then she grits her teeth try to struggle to resist... her soft musky scent wafts in the still air... as the chill speckles her flesh in goose bumps... eyes partly hidden by her hair that has whipped across her face in her frantic struggles.

Arousal is the key this time, not humiliation, not repeated rapes. The body beneath his hands is awake now, ready to respond. The mind might fight but the body craves a touch, desires to be excited, and longs for the shuddering climaxes that have wracked it so often recently. Something more too, the girl wants to feel wanted, needed, and not quite so alone. So for a short while the entity will be a caring and considerate lover, giving the body what it needs physically and emotionally. Wearing down the mind and its resistance.

Fingers arouse the nipples to a point previously unimagined by the naive girl. Then lips replace hands, closing around a firm point, drawing the turgid nipple into a warm wet mouth, tongue lashing over it gently as it is suckled continually. Hands now free roam down, exploring the inward curves of the softly delicate waist, the womanly flare into slim hips as the mouth and tongue work first one nipple then the other. Shania squirms and writhes, her flat tummy quivering as she snaps her knees together, shivering from the cold iron under her back and the chill air… so she thinks.... her mind trying to remember anything... to distract her body... yet the warm tongue circling a nipple, teasing its tip… the softness around its base, soon has her moaning… unable to stop herself.

The huge body bends over the smaller one, mimicking her arch as lips arouse long nipples to aching hardness. Large hands caress soft skin, tracing hips and flanks, stroking softly and reassuringly as though quieting an animal, then moving over the tops of thighs… caressing the tender flesh, moving upwards, fingertips following prominent hip bones, then stroking down inside them onto the sensitive skin of her lower belly.... gently fondling the prominent hump of her hairless pubic mound. Shania quivers as she clenches her thighs tightly, wiggling the tiny bit she can, trying to move from the large hands... hands bigger then her fathers… bigger than any of the few boys she had been out with... ones she wished now she had let touch her like the large hands, just so she could use that to fight with... then a soft shiver of an almost orgasm... from its tongue and touch... makes her tummy quiver.

The entity feels her warmth beneath him as part of his being fills the blacksmith's large frame. It would need a much bigger body to contain all of him, but he can see, can feel.... feel the soft skin beneath the hands, feel the quivering of imperfectly hidden arousal, as his own arousal tents the leather apron. Breath that is warm and a bit ragged washes over swollen tits as his head leans back to look with satisfaction, the large nipples swollen even more, no longer a pale pink, now a darker red with the blood tingling in their erect shapes. Almost reluctantly lips kiss down the underswell of firm breasts and onto the soft swell of her tummy.

Shania whimpers... maybe in shame maybe in need and pleasure... she herself not completely sure... "God… god what is wrong with me... pleasee I… I… god give me the strength..." now she wishes she had paid more attention in Sunday School... the prayers she learned having slipped away like water between her hands. Then hands slip down onto closed thighs, gently stroking, urging a response as lips move lower over the slight dome of her belly, teasing the navel with a tongue tip, then lower.... kissing the hairless mount of Venus, tongue trailing the grooves on either side where her hips join her body, lips moving lower to the little bit of her slit that peeks above slim thighs.... tongue pressing just above her hidden clit. The young girl moans now as her thighs quiver, still together but her muscles no longer tensed clenching them... she hangs her head fully back arching more, her pale hair swirling in the dirt... her slim neck pale and long and bare.... almost begging.... she licks her pale lips as her musky scent cloys and curls into IT’S nose... cleaner and softer than those females he had smelled all those many years ago.

The entity feels the warmth rising from beneath closed thighs, smells the musky scent and feels the slackening of muscles in the slender legs beneath his hands. Gently but firmly the large hands press knees apart, wider, ignoring the sudden tensing resistance as his mouth skirts the aroused sex and trails kisses down the velvet skin of her inner thigh. Shania strains against the strength that forces her knees wide, then wider… forcing her to lift her hips… taking the little slack she had away. Her thighs quivering as she strains.... her clit large now even the hood darkened from need… her tiny pussy lips parting a bit as her knees spread… glistening from the moisture there.

With a sudden move, the blacksmith stands and walks over to the wall, taking down pieces of old harness from their hooks. Working with calm deliberation, eyes straying often to the arched body, he adjusts straps. Then large hands take a knee, binding a leather strap around it, taking the attached strip of leather and looping it around the horn of the anvil, pulling her knee outwards until it can't move, then repeating with the other leg, looking down with satisfaction; the legs parted wide, the pussy exposed and vulnerable, glistening pinkly…

Shania moans as her knees are spread wide… wider than he had thought she could handle... ‘til she has her hips lifted quivering...... her eyes clenched tightly... yet this time she didn’t plead, only moaning and squirming a tiny bit in her helplessness.

The entity feels a warm sense of certainty flowing through his mind. This girl was responding so well, she could have been born to be his sex slave. All it needed was for her mind to accept what her body knew already, and for her body to be made ready...

The smith looks down at the splayed and accessible body, bound and arched, helpless to resist anything that was done to her.... and maybe not wanting to resist too much if the traces of her arousal spoke true. But it needed something more, it needed the sense of belonging, of protection.... with a twist of course... why one lesson when two could be taught... With a sudden decision, the smith looked up at the red orbs crowding every visible opening. Good. The girl would learn she was protected.... desired... and the minions would learn their place again. And if the knowledge of so many watching eyes helped break her a bit further, so much the better... The blacksmith flung the door aside with a powerful arm... Shadowy shapes with hot red eyes crowded in, formed a circle around the anvil, several bodies deep, keeping barely six feet away but not approaching closer.... hot eyes and shadowy erections all around the exposed girl.

Shania starts at the raspy squeak of the sliding door and lifts her head.... her eyes widen as she see the shapes slip in silently... all sizes of cocks... shadowy and cool... as they crowd around held back by… by… by the thing... her head moves around quickly as she gasps, her thighs tensing trying to close her knees... "GOD NOO ...STAY AWAY STAY AWAY" Yet her pussy lets fall a single drip to glitter for the red eyes as it falls to be devoured by the dry dirt. The smith stands before the widespread body, close enough to feel it's warmth, eyes roaming hotly with desire, long term plans winning over lust as he crouches down and kisses the soft belly again, lips trailing down between thighs now widespread, moving softly over swollen labia, then a thick tongue emerging to lick slowly from ass to clit.

Quivers fill Shania at the first heated touch of the tongue, squirming a tiny bit… all she can manage to move as it trails slowly down... then her pussy quivers as she orgasms hard from just the first touch over her labia and clit... the orgasm quivering her tummy and her breasts as her head hangs back, a moan escaping from her pale lips... a lost moan … a sad moan… yet filled with passion.

The tongue laps slowly but insistently, concentrating now on the erect clit, swirling over it, pushing the nub from side to side and moving the hood over the sensitive inner core. Lips close around her cunt, sealing softly and sucking gently. Her helpless, immobile position emphasises her powerlessness as he works her clit as he previously aroused her nipples. Shania orgasms again quickly but weaker.... her pussy tiny… so small and hot... and strong, as she grips and clenches.... her clit sensitive.... more so then the frontier females of the first time... her body stronger in places theirs weren’t... her mind not breaking like they would in the same place.... she is so different as she quivers in the orgasm.

The entity assesses her differences; emotional as well as physical, approving the changes that have taken place in the outer world. Such soft delicate skin, so clean and fresh, yet strong too, mentally and physically, a definite improvement over the women whose bodies he had used before.

Lips and tongue move over pink skin slick with moisture, lips closing on the swollen clit directly and sucking it while the tongue tip teases.... and a thick finger finds her tight entrance, easing it's way gently inside. Shania squirms a tiny bit, held helpless as she feels the pleasure and the helplessness... "Ohhhhh noo pleasee... aahhhh soo good.... no… no pleaseee..." trying to decide if she should resist, if she should be ashamed as hanging her head back her greens eyes see the burning red hot eyes of the shadows as they silently watch her. The finger slides deeper though the uncertain resistance of muscles not sure whether to welcome or reject the invader, helped by the moisture coating tightly ridged inner walls. While lips grip her swollen clit between them, mouth softly sucking on it, the thick digit begins to slide in and out of her heated cunt.

Around the girl spread over the anvil as if for some heathen sacrifice, red eyes burn hotly and swollen cocks jut towards her, longing to use the small body but prevented from doing so... for now.

Shania tenses again as she moans... her pussy tight and gripping, her ridged walls a tight vice... hinting at what it would feel when he truly takes her... her anus quivering as she wiggles a tiny bit.... "YES oh god pleasee make it stop I… I can’t fight it any more... pleasee stopp" But the blacksmith seems to be waiting for something more as he keeps working on her clit, tongue flicking over the tip of the bud held between his lips, a second finger gently introduced to her cunt, spreading her walls a bit wider, filling her a bit more.... though less than she has experienced recently... Shania rises quickly closing to the edge as her body shivers.... ready to explode in an orgasm... an inarticulate murmur escaping from her lips.

The blacksmith-entity keeps working over her wide open cunt with steady deliberation, tonguing her clit faster while the twin fingers slide in and out, aided by the juice streaming from her aroused channel, waiting… This time Shania orgasms hard her moans echoing in the building, her body quivering and shuddering... a powerful orgasm for such a small body.... her eyes partly open and glazed as part of her mind slips and detaches… aware and watching coming to grips… the rest losing itself in what she is feeling... her body very subtly shifting.... in a way opening more... accepting.

That was what he was waiting for, the orgasmic release caused by his gentle touch, an orgasm coaxed rather than raped from the small body. With a sigh of satisfaction he stands, looping the apron out of the way to expose a long, thick and very rigid prick. Standing between splayed thighs, bending slightly, he angles it down and begins to press it into the still tight entrance to her pussy. Shania’s eyes widen at the thickness spreading her pussy, whimpering a bit at the pain... then her pussy relaxes as best it can… untrained.... she shakes her head somewhere her mind saying this is wrong he isn’t even human... but… but so big... so hard...

The entity encased in the blacksmith's shell takes it slowly, teasing her pussy into accepting the thick intrusion, withdrawing a bit then pressing back in slowly, easing his cock deeper into her pussy with each move, until it is embedded just short of her cervix. Shania squirms as best she can, bent back over the anvil and secured tightly in place, adjusting to the thickness as her pussy quivers, the ridged walls teasing the sides... moaning deeply, lost in the feeling.... the fullness a bit painful yet somehow pleasurable.... 'OOO god you... you fill me soo... hot.... pleasee don’t… don’t stop."

Red eyes glow at the words. Holding the cock still inside her grasping walls, the blacksmith leans over and with a superhuman twist, pulls first one then the other horseshoe free from her wrists. Reaching below the slender back he lifts her upright until her eyes can look into his, allowing an expression that she can interpret as tenderness. While she sits there, impaled on his cock, he reaches into the pocket of his apron, and takes out a stiff piece of leather like a wide strap, bending it around her delicate throat and fastening it behind, looking to see if she recognises the significance.

Shania eyes widen as her hands come to her neck trying to loosen the wide strap... her eyes knowing the symbol... “NONONONO I… I AM NO SLAVE... THIS… THIS ISN’T SOME NOVEL..." Her body, with some slack now that her arms are free, tries to pull back, her pussy gripping very hard as she does so. The straps on her knees and horseshoes on her ankles stop her moving far. Red eyes look into hers, a hard hand holding her chin, forcing eye contact. A thick finger taps her breast, then the collar, points to the blacksmith. Shania shakes her head, “No… no....” slapping the face... “NEVER!!! I… I AM NO SLAVE… NEVER” Her eyes are wide with fear.... and deeper a longing.... as she slaps him again, her chin soft in his hard hand, the lips plain.... unlike the images in the old mans girlie mags he had bought when younger.... her other hand at the back of her neck feeling for the way the collar is hooked trying to free it.

The blacksmith looks unimpressed, placing his hand between the girl's breasts and pushing backwards, catching both wrists as she flails for balance, pinning them to either side of her, wide apart, pressed onto the top of the anvil. Bending over her, he looks down into her eyes again, with implacable certainty.

"Pleaseee noo if… if you want to fuck ok… ok but this is America ... we… we don’t have slavery.... pleasee I beg you ... don’t... I… I will fuck you and… and be good for you. Why… why are you doing this to me… why… why won’t you tell me... whyyyyyyyy?"

Dark eyes seem to twinkle as they look down into green ones, the message quite clear. She was going to get fucked, was in fact being fucked since his long cock was still inside her, and that with or without her permission. To emphasise, he begins to slide the thick shaft back and forth in her tight cunt. Shania shivers struggling weakly ... then moans as she cums quickly from only a few thrusts... this one not strong... almost tentative... as if trying something out... her green eyes begging but could it be ... wanting this too? The entity holds the slender girl by the wrists, pressing her back against the anvil as he stands between her widespread thighs guised as the smith, fucking into her steadily, eyes never leaving hers as he watches the changing emotions, impressing his gaze on her, letting her see only those eyes as the pleasure wafts through her body.

Shania’s pussy quivers, with each thrust deeper than the last, until he thrusts the thick head into her womb.... she tightens her pussy wrongly in trying to help.... her inexperience showing... she hangs back her head breaking away from the glowing red eyes that commanded her.... that owned her in one look.... that lusted for her... She shivers as she moans again, her arms straining in the inhuman grip as he drives deeper yet.... How big is he? Only the shotguns barrels had pushed so deep... her pussy wide and tight around the thick shaft as the head presses in then against the back of her womb, the size of the invader ridging her lower belly, yet she feels there is still more to thrust in.

With a speculative look the smith releases her wrists, holding her waist instead as the long thick cock thrusts slowly and deliberately in and out of the tightness of her cunt, it's movement as regular and remorseless as a piston. Shania’s hands reach to her neck trembling as she touches the collar... the mark of a slave... she shudders, a deep moan rasping from her throat as her pussy quivers, the ridges rubbing as she tightens like a hot vice, strong.... hinting at how she will feel later... cumming ... once then twice then a third time in quick succession the orgasms dancing like fire along her nerves. The smith looks down at her as the walls of her pussy spasm strongly, imagining them stretched by the full girth of the entity's own cock, imagining her kneeling, head pillowed on her arms and thighs spread wide as the entity kneels behind her, driving into her tight little cunt…

Shania’s fingers tremble as they find the thick buckle at the back of her neck... hard and strong... trembling there, touching it her hands behind her neck, her breasts thrust up toward the beams across the ceiling... the multiple orgasm she had still dancing in her... clouding her.... not understanding why.... her finger trembles, shaking from the thrusts, her voice is soft barely heard, as if trying the word as she thrusts ... "m… m… master"... a shake of her head as she twists the collar around trying to unbuckle it.

The smith reaches down and grasps a handful of hair, not interfering with her fingers on the collar, but supporting her neck and directing her eyes to look up into the red heat of his own as he begins to fuck her faster, cock swelling with arousal, stretching her to take it's bulk as orgasm approaches. Shania squirms, trying to handle the whole size… her finger fumbling at the buckle… partly freeing it.... "Too big… hurts… stretching… tooo… nooo pleasee it hurtsss" her hands move to HIS chest trying to push him back the collar partly open ... her pussy tight, hot still, sometimes pleasing in how it moves but mostly nothing, just the quiver, the tightness. He looks down at the partly opened collar, shaking his head slightly with apparent disappointment. The cock shafts in and out more rapidly, her cunt tight enough to provide the friction needed even without any refinements in how she grips. Red eyes still focussed on her even as they blur slightly on the verge of orgasm.

"NONO ooo… god PLEAsee AAAAAAAA... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” this orgasm is the strongest of any she has had in the few days she has been here... strong enough to take her breath away as her nails dig into his chest ... her pussy so very tight now, gripping so very hard. The entity relaxes slightly as she cums, then drives faster into the resisting muscles, their grip rapidly taking him over the edge into his own orgasm, hot seed shooting up straight into her womb as his huge body shudders over hers, eyes finally losing contact, losing focus completely. Shania whimpers as she squirms slowly moving on the big cock.

The blacksmith's body jerks hard over hers as more cum erupts, squirting into her and lubricating her passage more, the bloated cock driving slower now, twitching occasionally as the orgasm begins to fade. The girl’s pussy quivers as cum drips from around it... sliding down over her tight anus then dripping to the hungry dry dirt.... dropping her hands to hang down by the sides, her head back, breathing in gasps as her body quivers still, the pussy relaxing as her womb fills with the hot seed. Then the smith slows to a halt, eyes regaining focus, cock held inside her, hand still gripping her hair and supporting her neck as he stares expressionlessly down into her eyes.

Shania’s green eyes slowly open.... the light of the lantern adding a gold tint.... as they focus then clear, locking with the red glowing eyes that seem to burn into her very soul.... something there scaring her now. He looks down from her eyes to the partly unfastened collar, head shaking slightly in disapproval, then looking back into her eyes with a stern expression, the message plain.... she did wrong.

"Pleaseee please don’t hurt me.... pleaseee... I… I don’t want to die...” Her trembling hands reach to the collar trying to twist the buckle back around to the rear.

While the ring of red eyes watch silently, the blacksmith takes the partly unfastened leather collar and unfastens it completely, removing it and tossing it into a corner with a blank expression. Stepping away from the small girl, he picks up a bar of iron, two inches wide and over a quarter inch thick, using no tools but his large hands to bend it over the anvil horn into a rough open circle. Then reaching towards her, eyes daring her to move, he opens it enough to slip around her neck, and then strains muscular arms to close the ends together, the iron band a loose collar around her slender neck. Shania’s hands grab the collar as it closes trying to stop it, her fingers slipping as the metal warms from the pressure of the inhuman strength, then as the weight settles around her neck her green eyes wide, very wide, she starts crying.

With a look that says 'take this one off if you can', he bends down and releases the straps around her knees, then pulls out the horseshoes holding her ankles. Taking a grip on her hair, he leads her across the room to a heavy freestanding wooden bench. Shania struggles along behind straining at the heavy simple iron band till she is bent over " NOOOOO PLEASEEEE STOPPP I… I AM SORRY.... M… M… master pleasee stopp I… I will… I wont remove it again." This time the fear is real as he bends her forwards over one end, using the straps still on her knees to tie her legs wide apart to the bench legs, adding extra straps to her ankles. Then looping another strap around her wrists, he pulls them taut above her head and secures them so her body lies flat on the bench. One further refinement, a long strap loops over her back and under the bench, pressing her tight against the rough wood and holding her immobile.

Shania struggles, her breasts squashed under her as she tries to move... her body quivering "god… god pleaseee don’t kill me… pleasee" The smith crouches down, head close to hers, looking into her eyes expressionlessly. The girl’s eyes are filled with tears ... terrified.... lost.... but something there is aroused too, tender nipples hard on the dry rough wood ... aching from the pressure of her body on them.

The entity watches her through the smith’s eyes as a clipping noise is heard, the circle of shadows parting as a large black stallion walks into view, circling the table several times, reddish eye looking sideways at her with an expression rather too aware to be purely animal. Shania gulps as she glances over then realizes.... a stallion…………. “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GET… GET AWAY… HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP….” She frantically struggles against the bonds… "nonononooooooooooo"

The stallion seems intent on letting the girl see what is to come; it's prick heavily erect under its belly, huge balls swollen and bouncing slightly as it watches her reaction. Silently the smith keeps watching her face as the horse circles, then moves behind the girl who gasps.... her eyes trying to follow the horse... she had ridden horses on the farm but this was different… it was huge… she couldn’t possibly take the length.

"Pleasee master… please master I… I can’t… can’t possibly take that... it… it will tear too deep in me. You don’t want me dead do you?" Begging for real now, a pure note of fear in her voice. The smith’s eyes look into hers, nodding slightly at her acknowledgement of him as her Master, but also stern and resolute... she acted wrongly and she must be punished.... she will be punished.

Behind the expressions adopted so easily by deep red eyes, the entity was pleased. This girl was breaking nicely. A mixture of reward and punishment, a bit of companionship, someone to cling to, and fear of being left alone again ... fear of failure... if that could be instilled the battle would be almost over...

Shania tries to move... her ass firming and her thighs flexing as she strains... her nipples hard on the dry wood, rubbing a bit as she flexes, “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HEEEEEEEELLPPPPPP... PLEASEEE SOMEEE ONEE HELPPP MEEEE… Pleasee master please I… I know girls better looking then me... lots… lots more prettier.... they… they could please you better then me... they… they would fuck anything you want... pleasee master th… that horse will kill me"

The entity feels satisfaction at the idea. Not just one victim, but she could bring others too, extend its influence…

With a thud the stallions fore hooves land heavily on the table to either side of the prostrate girl; it's body is hot, close to her back as it shuffles closer on back legs, the tip of it's mammoth cock just touching her slit. The smith looks at the fear filled eyes, keeping them fixed on his own.... pleasure or pain... make your choice to earn the pleasure....

Shania pussy clenches tight, her face pale with fear.... she licks her lips and manages to speak, her voice wavering "m… master please let… let me suck it’s cock... pleasee anything you want.... pleasee master I… I beg you…" The entity's red eyes dance slightly, an approximation of laughter... she will suck any cock any time he wants her to... and she will take anything he wants to allow to fuck her....

Shania’s eyes drop as she sobs, her lips murmuring a prayer finally.

The horse shuffles closer, hooves scrabbling on the wood beside her, cock lodging against her cunt. The smith watches her eyes widen with horror as the thick cock begins to stretch her, even having his own huge shaft in her didn't prepare her for this invasion. Shania’s hot wet pussy quivers against the HUGE head

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... PLLLLLLLLEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Shania’s scream is so loud as her pussy is stretched wider then she thought possible. But her pussy doesn’t tear.... though stretched to a thin white line around the huge cock as it slides in. The stallion pushes forwards relentlessly, more than an animal while the entity controls it, but it's animal nature is taking over as it forces itself deeper into the reluctant haven of her little cunt, stretching her almost to breaking point as it sinks inside.


The entity seems pleased that she can take such a big cock without being damaged.... his mind swarming with thoughts, how it will feel to take her fully....

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... EEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Shania quivers as she feels the white pain as her muscles are forced apart then the stallion pops into her womb and slides several inches ‘til it stops against the deepest part of her womb.... she has no idea how much is left... the thrust moving her breasts and nipples, dry wood rubbing her tender teats as she sobs, shaking her head.

The entity's consciousness switches more fully to the stallion's mind, looking down at the young girl’s slender back, feeling the cock spreading her tight walls to capacity, tight membranes clasping his sensitive shaft as it slowly drives further into her body. Shania lifts her head high and screams again as the cock forces her womb to extend in the wrong way.... up deeper into her... slowly the cock closing to its base, her ass and thighs quivering in pain.

The entity splits it’s attention, as the blacksmith holding her hands for support looking into her eyes a little sadly... why did she make him punish her... But as the stallion, feeling rampant, the long thick cock buried so deeply inside her, starting to pump slowly, the tip battering against the wall of her womb, stretching it as the shaft moves within the tight walls. Shania’s pussy quivers, then grips hard, her muscles slowly recovering... sobbing… her eyes pleading and begging… Meanwhile the entity wallows in the sensations, her cunt gripped deliciously tight around the huge shaft, foretaste of how it will feel to take her in his natural form. Bending his will to control it he restrains the stallion's impulse to take her too hard, too fast, wanting her to feel some pleasure from bring taken by something so big... planning ahead.

Shania sobs as suddenly an orgasm dances along the horses cock... "No… no… god I… I can’t cum like this.... I… I cant... not… not like this." Shania screams again as the cock presses deeper, something shifting a bit in her as the cock thrusts slowly… teasing.

The smith’s eyes keep watching hers, as his large hands clasp her small ones, offering her a sense of companionship, a feeling that she is no longer alone, secretly drinking in her responses to the huge invasion, thinking about how she will react when the entity’s own cock takes her tiny body. Shania’s fingers lace with the big hands, gripping hard in pain held as she is fucked.... her nails short, the faded hint of paint on them... her pussy's ridges sliding and quivering... still inexperienced in how she could tease... yet a few hints of her potential as her muscles tighten and loosen and then quiver as the pain builds… finally she feels the horse’s balls swing and slap her tummy, the base of it’s cock stretching her pussy that much more.

The stallion is embedded fully inside the diminutive girl, her belly distorted by the thick clock pressing up so deeply into it, the entrance to her cunt stretched obscenely wide, heavy balls swinging against her clit, the bench shivering each time the stallion thrusts into her tight channel. The entity concentrates his attention inside the stallion, feeling her cunt reacting, feeling it trying to enhance the experience for her violator and exulting.

Shania is sobbing her head laying on the bench as each thrust shakes her small body the heat of the horse backing her from above, its front hoofs splayed out past her head... each thrust draws a grunting squeak ... gasping for breath.... the smith’s attentions fixed on her, eyes looking at the painted nails digging into his palms, then back to her eyes, seeing the mixture of pain and arousal in them, guiding the stallion to keep taking her slowly, wanting to see if she is ready to cum hard from an assault like this one. Shania thuds her forehead on the wood shaking her head as she is trying to resist something, "nonono no… no… no… no… no… nono…”

The entity feels a pink mist in its mind, watching her from different angles amongst the circle of shadows, able to take control of any of those dozens of pairs of red eyes surrounding the scene, watching the girl get fucked by another part of himself, feeling every move of the horse's cock stretching her, seeing her eyes fighting an irresistible lust.

"NOOOOOOoooooooooaaaaahhhh" the girl’s pussy grips hard...squeezing and quivering… squeezing and rubbing… a hot TIGHT vice locking around the shaft as she orgasms hard, drawing a moan from her lips as blood drips from her forehead, split open by the way she was banging it onto the table, trying in vain to deny her body’s urges.

The entity watches her from one end, seeing her eyes cloud with orgasm, her body shuddering with release even as it feels her cunt grip tight around the stallions shaft, squeezing it hard, and milking it, forcing the cum up the thick shaft, spilling it out into her womb, jerking faster and harder, hot breath on the back of her head. Shania sobs in shame shuddering in the orgasm that wracks her tiny frame. Hooves scrabble for purchase beside her head as the stallion bellows it's release, shaking the wooden building and almost deafening her, cock jerking hard into the tight channel as it's cum dribbles down inner walls to smooth it's passage, then animal-like, pulling out and wandering off as soon as it is finished.

Shania shudders as she sobs, laying still the sobs racking her small body while the smith watches her expression with dancing eyes, certain that she enjoyed in some way being taken by something approaching the size of the entity’s own erection; also certain that she will be more tractable in future... and the lesson not yet finished, all those hot red eyes surrounding her, waiting their chance. First things first, standing up, breathing a shimmering mist over her....

The small girl shivers as the red mist falls on her ...tingling...and itches... shaking her head... knowing what this means as her skin pales from the burnt red to its natural pale creamy colour... her pussy quivers and closes as the horses cum drips from it... her sex tightening until she feels it clenching shut. The smith returns to crouch down and look into her eyes again, waiting until they focus on his, waiting to see what she will say this time...

"M… master pleasee let me go… I… I hurt so... I… I feel it deep in me.... I… I think I may be hurt bad... please master... water... I… I am thirsty."

The smith pats her shoulder, standing up and fetching a canteen full of water from the pump outside, holding it so she can drink, then dribbling the remainder over her sweating head and back, over the tangled rats tails of her sweat soaked hair. His eyes meet hers again, then drift off to the red orbs ringed around her, returning to look at her and nodding slightly.... she belongs to him but he chooses to let these shades use her...

"No… no master pleasee... I… I hurt..." She tries to move but can’t, can only lift her beautiful face. The smith looks down one more time, face resolute, maybe a bit disappointed that she didn’t accept his decision. Then stroking her cheek he moves away, footsteps receding as he leaves the building.


As the large figure shambles out of the door and away, the shadows close on the prone figure helplessly available to their lascivious attentions. There is a degree of shoving and pushing, amorphous shapes jostling into a rough pecking order. Then the first one lines up behind the helpless girl, cock already erect, leaning over her and pushing it in hard and with little warning. The girl squirms in her bonds as the cock enters her roughly. So much smaller than the stallion that’s cum still lubricates her cunt, still that mist has tightened her channel again and the ghostly cock feels big as it rams deep.

The smith walks into the deserted house, and over to the bag of items saved from the fire, tipping them out onto the couch and sifting through them with interest while Shania struggles, the shadowy figures crowding around her... more helpless this time than when last they took her. The first shadow rams hard and fast into her tight little cunt, well aroused by the scenes it has watched in the preceding few hours, it soon spurts ghostly seed into her and withdraws, to be replaced by the next one. The girl seems aware of the change, maybe a different shape, or a different rhythm, twisting slightly in her bonds, protesting vocally to deaf ears, occasional moans mixed in with the denials as she is taken roughly.

In the house, the smith sorts through the tangle of items. Some more bits and pieces, collected from the various places the girl was raped while outdoors are discarded, as are all the baggy or opaque items of clothing. Only a couple of pairs of shoes remains on the dwindling pile, the best ones red and strappy, with long slender heels.

As the second shadow shoots into her quivering quim, the girl gives a small shudder, her body reacting again to the forced invasions. Then the cock pulls out and she gives a gasp of pain. The third shade seems to prefer the tight bud of her anus, pushing into it with little finesse, forcing the muscle open as it's shaft spears her upthrust little ass.

The smith looks at the remaining items, all flimsy, erotic, designed to accentuate nudity rather than conceal it... a red uplift quarter-cup bra that will display breasts without hiding them... matching red lacy thong panties and some hold-up stockings to go with the shoes. Another bra, transparent black with a pair of matching transparent panties.... also in black, a fishnet body stocking.... eyes glow at the image of large pink nipples trying to poke through the mesh....

One after another, the shadows take the supine girl, each in it's own way but all silent, all deaf to her pleas, all using one hole or the other... or both... fucking her mercilessly until they cum, then making way for the next one. The small blonde throws her head from side to side as she is used again and again, alternately moaning and protesting, body quivering again and again as orgasms give the lie to her verbal denials.

Still more panties, mostly high cut to accentuate long slender legs, in assorted colours... a front opening bra cut low so the nipples will peek above it's lacy edge... stockings, black and red.... one pair of hold-ups ribbed and thick looking, black, designed to almost touch sex lips when pulled up full... make-up, eye shadows and lipsticks, all retained…

Shania mind swirls considering what has happened the collar heavy around her neck... forcing her to remember what she is... this is no game... no novel she could put down... it owns her... and… and.... and she… she wants it... how can that be... how? Shania’s body shudders now, nearly in a constant orgasm... her nipples so sore from the rough wood that rubs them... her pussy sore, her ass quivering... a feeling of shame but also something else... something else… How many shades? How many hours? How many orgasms? She would never know... sensations merging together into a haze of pleasure punctuated by quivering climaxes as the night passed and dawn touched the sky.... finally the last prick withdrew, and cool air washed over her ass, tickling her abused holes as they are abandoned by her ravagers.... her body slumped on the bench, almost drifting off to sleep... maybe forgotten as she lies there.

The smith stuffs the fragile clothing into a bag, taking it with him, aware the shadows have finished, not rushing but not wanting to leave the girl too long with her thoughts, not just yet. A mental command would ensure a minion disposed of the discarded items.

Shania’s mind is floating.... then the fire chases her... her voice calling out for her parents... yelling to them to run to save themselves.... as the fire holds her, cool as it dances over her body sending a shiver of pleasure through her.... then she starts awake from the nightmare... from the nightmare of her memory to the nightmare of reality. Her muscles are sore as well as her ass and pussy.... her legs aching from how they have been held immobile... her wrists raw from the strap holding them and her struggles....

The girl’s mind settles a bit as her body stills... "How could I have enjoyed that rape by the horse... ye… yet I… I did... how can I accept this... a slave to something not even human.... maybe if… if I play along I… I can figure a way out of this... yes… yes that will work. Play along… appear to accept it... yes.... the sheriff should be here within a week… I… I can last that long... can’t I...?" Yet her body is tender and sensitive.... somehow more alive even with how weak she feels, how much she hurts, how her skin crawls. “I… I don’t remember much about that novel… can’t think... but… but a slave wears a collar.... punished... why was I punished.... I.... I tried to remove my collar… ok I see the rules, this I can handle.”

The clothes, flimsy and sexy, the entity carry back were all new... never worn except in a dressing room... something she bought on a dare from her girlfriends before she left.... something to make her laugh and feel pretty... as if she really was pretty...

The blacksmith walks back into the forge and looks down at the slender figure, pussy looking puffy and raw, ass open and abused. Crouching down he releases the strap around her back and then frees wrists and legs, picking her up and looking into her face, holding her upright easily, a foot off the ground as he assesses the sore yet hard and erect nipples. Shania shudders, her muscles spasming as they tingle awake.... "Ma… master..." her hands tremble as they try to touch his face. An exhalation sends the healing breath over her abused body, removing her tiredness and easing cramped muscles even as it performed the more obvious work of fading away scratches and soreness, tightening well-used holes to their previous condition. Then standing her on the floor, he moves over to an old wooden chair and sits, wondering how much she has learned.

Shania looks unsure, thinking, then kneels... all wrong, her eyes looking at him big and green, her shoulders sloping as she quivers still. The smith nods slightly, then corrects her, picking up a stick and using it to tap various places on her body.... back straight and shoulders square, bottom resting on heels, head straight, thighs parted and hands clasped behind her back. Satisfied at last, he sits for long minutes just looking at her naked body resting in classic slavegirl posture.

The young girl shivers at each tap... moving her muscles, still aching a bit as her pussy and ass drips on the floor, her knees a bit farther apart than master had tapped... she not even realizing she moved them that wide. Her grace is apparent even after the past nights ordeals.... almost as if she has held similar positions before... after being shown her muscles hold her in a way that is like poetry... graceful... unlike most she has an easy grace that that is so different. The entity seems satisfied with the pose, pleased even at the graceful way the girl holds it, as though born to her position... as though remembering it from some previous incarnation. Even back in the days of Atlantis, when his temple had been rich and ornate, he had rarely seen a girl so adept at the pose. And since then, the infrequent summonses had almost always yielded disappointment.... inferior females considered expendable by shamans who thought he wouldn't notice.

The smith takes a decision and stands. He gestures for his new slave to accompany himself, leading her back to the bench and gesturing for her to sit on the edge, then lie back. Shania takes a moment, still learning, then moves quickly to the place shown, she lies back trying to be alluring as she does so.... but apparently unused to her nudity… unused to the gaze on her... as if she didn’t realize her beauty… her moves not those of a woman that did... but controlled and precise even as she moves ... a dancers grace.

The smith trails a finger down the centre of her body from her throat, between her breasts, over her tummy to her mound. Then moving slowly, feeling for any resistance, taking a wrist and fastening it above her head, the strap secured to a leg of the bench, the other wrist fastened likewise. Shania tenses at first as her arm is pulled over her head.... her eyes searching... then she lets herself relax... or tries... still her mind is strong.... her body tense even when trying not to resist.

The huge man discards the apron so that she can see his naked, muscular body, the long cock partially erect, swaying before him as he moves. Looking down over her form, he allows the splendid curves to have their effect, eyes taking in the swells of her breasts, the secret curve of her mound, cock hardening in response, showing her the effect her can have, silently demonstrating her attractiveness and her value as a slave. Shania blushes at the look, unsure how to react.... yet her hips lift a fraction as she opens her thighs wider. The small movement doesn’t go unnoticed as the smith takes an ankle, bending down and securing it to the leg of the bench, then the other, fastening it in place so that her thighs are spread widely, looking slow and long between them at the pink little pussy near to the edge of the platform. Shania wiggles her ass lifting to him her eyes closed.... now her upper lip quivering.... as if she is warring with herself.

The bulky man moves to stand between her parted thighs, looking down the length of her body, erect cock towering up over her mound, red, glowing eyes, alike yet different to those of the shadows, a deeper red, flecked with gold, taking in the graceful curves of her body, letting her know that he is looking, letting her feel the heat of her master's gaze on her young body. The girl gulps as her green eyes look back.... slowly realizing that to him she is lovely... her eyes widen in a way that is different, almost alluring... instead of the unintelligent girls before, the smarts and learning easy to see as she takes in his look.

The entity follows the changing expression, seeing how quickly the girl learns, praising again the luck which threw such an apt girl into his path, satisfied that she will make a perfect slave, a valuably intelligent one, once she learns the lesson of submission well enough. Large hands stroke gently up her sides as he look into her eyes. Shania shivers at the touch blinking once as her green eyes narrow a bit... still unsure.... her expression unguarded easy to read.... knowing that she should resist but also wants to be wanted. Large hands slide up from her sides to cup the firm mounds of her breasts, holding them gently and squeezing rhythmically, nipples covered by hard palms as the smith watches the naive girl’s face tell it's own story.

Shania’s nipples harden fast as a soft moan escapes her pale unadorned lips.... "Ma… master do… do I please you?" The blacksmith feels her nipples harden in his palms, rotating calloused hands over them as red eyes look a bit taken aback by the question. With a bit of experimentation, muscles move into an unaccustomed smile as he nods finally, knowing from previous experience that this is the correct response to her question. The young girl smiles shyly.... lowering her eyes... shivering then as the hands massage her full breasts.... making her nipples ache.

The entity's eyes fix on hers encouragingly, touching his finger to her lips, then holding her left breast in one hand, squeezing firmly, holding the mound steady with the nipple protruding, taking the erect teat between finger and thumb and pulling it taut, then the other hand moving.... a sharp pain, near the base of the nipple as a sharp pin drives through, then a click as the heavy gold ring fastens into place. Shania arches abruptly... gasping, her eyes watering as she cries with the sudden pain. The smith waits several minutes, massaging the flesh of her breast and allowing her to experience the pain before breathing a shimmering mist over the breast.

Shania cries.... yet her woman scent is strong as she wiggles underneath the man.... something fragile in her eyes.

The smith turns the ring several times, admiring the yellow metal against the pink of a nipple held erect by its presence. It was this metal that brought the town here... that led to his summoning... how fitting to use it for this purpose. Under his hand the girl shivers with each turn of the ring.... moaning and whimpering, her skin blushing and adding a pale tint of red to her breasts and chest and face. Then he moves his attention to the other breast, aware that she will know what to expect this time. Gripping the firm mound and stretching the nipple up, ignoring her automatic attempt to shrink away as he takes a matching ring and quickly pierces the teat near it’s base, locking the hoop into place. The gold ring, its diameter as thick as a medium sized nail, lays snugly against the lovely breast it adorns. A thick finger rests over her lips as the smith leaves the pain to impress itself on her mind again.

Shania whimpers, tears running down both sides of her cheeks... wiggling on the table her hips thrust up.... as if she is waiting to be fucked.... no idea what is coming next.

The smith finally breathes over the second nipple, healing it, then takes a ring in each hand, holding them lightly, and twisting them, turning them through her sensitive teats, tugging on them lightly, moving them around in circles and watching her breasts change shape as they follow the movements. Shania arches up gasping... "No… no... This can’t be ...please master noo" shaking her head, the pale hair whipping about... yet her tummy quivers in a small orgasm.

The man plays as though fascinated, moving the rings about, seemingly unaware that they are not only arousing her but also making her very conscious of their presence, their adornment making her breasts into play things, toys for her owner. Wide lips descend, taking both nipple and ring into a warm mouth, tongue tip hooking the ring and teasing it as he suck on her teat. In response the girl shudders as she squirms and writhes, now moaning openly her hips grinding against the big blacksmith... "Ohhhhh god noo it… it feels ssoo good nooo… so different… heavy…”

The entity could hardly be more pleased. The girl is reacting so well to each stage of her conversion to a useful slave. Soon she would acknowledge herself fully owned and be content with her position, eager to please in any way. Not yet, but soon as he counted time.

The smith drew back, looking into hot green eyes with a sparkling expression in his own, heavy cock lying pressed over her mound, and then leaning forward. Almost playfully again, the man lightly slapped her tits, making them quiver, making the heavy rings pull against her nipples as they move from side to side... letting her know how it will feel with every move she makes in future, every step she takes. Shania shakes her head trying to resist this, her eyes frantic... but her body quivering as she rubs herself along the big cock her pussy lips sticky and hot, her heat easy to feel.

Then he moves lower, sliding the heavy cock over her slit as he moves, crouching down eyes level with her pussy, fingers spreading the swollen lips wider, holding them apart, a finger from the other hand lightly stroking her clit, teasing it to full erection. The girl wiggles and squirms as she lifts her head, her eyes at first shifting from one gold nipple ring to the other then looking between the full mounds down at the red inhuman eyes flecked with gold... they seem to be almost smiling at her as the finger arouses her....

The finger withdraws from her erect button as the hand holding her lips apart uses finger and thumb to grip her clit near the base, holding it erect. When the original hand returns, there is a sharp, blinding pain, the pin driving through the flesh under her clit, the ring snapping shut, circling her nub and holding it proud of her body. Shania screams in the blinding pain struggling hard as she wiggles her hips. The smith breathes much quicker this time, the pain receding almost instantly, only the heavy, slightly uncomfortable feeling remaining.

Shania is sobbing in shame.... laying still.... something in her sobs not having anything to do with this... deeper, something closer to her core.

The entity's warm breath plays over her pussy as he looks at the ring, counterpart to the other two, moving it around, then letting it lie heavily on her clit. Standing up and looking into her tear-stained face, he brushes the tears away, kissing her softly for the first time ever, eyes showing their approval of her. Shania kisses back hungrily, her small tongue playing over the teeth of the blacksmith’s mouth... seeming talented in kisses ... talented not skilled. The smith draws his head back slowly, looking down into her eyes, trying to judge how far she has moved towards accepting her slavery.

Shania lies still, barely quivering... a lostness in her green eyes that wasn’t there just a few minutes before.

The blacksmith bends over the small girl tied to the bench, her body stretched over the edge, breasts thrust up each with a thick gold ring through the base of it’s erect nipple. Between her spread thighs another glint of gold from the ring lying against her clit. Deep red eyes flecked with gold stare down appraisingly into wavering green ones as he bends again to softly kiss her lips, the long hard cock laying across her belly at odds with the gentleness of his kiss.

Shania whimpers softly... the shame of what he just did striking deep into her... tearing at the limits of her.... yet the soft kiss on her lips and the way it… he... master looked at her… made her wet with desire... the cool heavy gold tugged on her nipples and laid over her clit, a reminder that he owned her. The girl’s tiny tongue slips against his as she softly... hesitantly kisses back.

Slowly he kisses the slender girl… carefully, intent on adding a sense of tenderness to make the slavery more easily accepted, lips brushing softly... trailing down the firm little chin and onto the softly arched throat, exploring the sensitive neck.... a reward for accepting her position. The girl’s neck is pale against the rough, rusted iron band... the collar that weighs heavily around her slim neck... she squirms, a soft lost moan showing her fight to retain some part of herself.

With strong hands the smith grasps the rough collar and opens it wide enough to remove, tossing it aside with a clang. Reaching into the pocket of his discarded apron, he pulls something out; a delicate gold filigree band, inset with precious stones, hinged at the front and with a small lock designed to be hidden by flowing hair.... showing it to the girl, he looks at her questioningly, then looks over to where the metal band fell. Shania gulps.... then slowly leans her head back... tears dripping from her eyes to trail down her soft cheeks... she holds still quivering.

Something sparkles in the red eyes as large hands place the incredibly ancient collar around his slave's neck. Once worn by a queen in Atlantis, it was in no way lessened by the lovely girl it now adorned. With an audible click the lock fastened shut. Shania shudders at the sound crying openly but holding still... a part of her closing away with the snap... yet another slowly opening.

The smith fetches a mirror, forcing the girl to confront herself, not leaving her the ability to pretend to herself, the glass big enough to show the band around her throat, angled so she can see her breasts, and if she lifts her head, even see her own sex, all marked just as his last special slave was, thousands of years before. Shania shivers as her eyes widen, lifting her head to see the glimmer of the gold. "M… master I… I don’t deserve this... I… I can find others that would relish what you offer.... me I… I am scared... so scared.' The entity shakes his head slightly at this questioning of his judgement, taking the left nipple ring and tugging it sharply.

“AAAaaaAAAAAAAA,” Shania arches and whimpers as she nods. "Y… yes master… I… I am yours."

The entity nods slowly back, accepting that response. Then his lips move closer, kissing softly down the neck and over the band, then onto her upper chest, brushing collar bones, then trailing lower, feathering down the base of her cleavage onto her ribs.... moving towards the underside of her left breast and kissing the soft swell more firmly, lips moving around the mound, kissing and nipping while Shania quivers and squirms. Slowly the lips move higher, sucking at the taut flesh, leaving small red marks, eyes looking up towards hers and glowing as the burly man takes an erect nipple between them and sucks it into his mouth, lips closing over the ring as well, the suction pulling on it gently, tongue flicking the tip.

Shania moans as she shudders in an orgasm, her nipples so very sensitive now... more than she could remember.... the warm air of the day rolling in the doors... how long had it been... hours... she came in here a different girl than she was now.... now she was a… a… a slave.... her mind finally gripping with it.... and rationalizing that this was the way to survive and escape. Soft lips worked over one breast then the other, arousing nipples to hard peaks which strain upwards as though in supplication as the mouth moves lower.... trailing down the soft belly.... over the shaved mount and down to the musky warmth of her excited pussy.... lips finding the distended clit more accessible now, held to prominence by the ring.... closing over it and teasing the band with a rough tongue while sucking the hard nub into a warm mouth. The young girl shudders and wiggles and thrusts against the hot mouth, her pussy tight and wet.... her moans more signifying acceptance and could it be, the hint of enjoyment.... her body more sensual in her writhing... almost arousing.

The smith moves his head away, squatting back on his heels, movements quick and certain. Almost before she realises, there is another sharp pain lancing through her sex, an almost instant healing breath. Then the mouth returns, closing now on a clit adorned with two rings, the second higher up and smaller, not overlapping the first. As his lips move, she realises the second ring has passed through the hood, the hidden part of it rubbing lightly against her clit with every movement. Shania shudders in an instant orgasm as she whimpers.... "No… no... Oh god I… I am lost a… a slave.... a… a sex slave." She thrusts her hips up to her master, quivering. The entity keeps moving over her pussy, sucking and licking her clit, exploring her hole with the tip of a strong tongue, forcing it some way inside to lap her juices, intent on giving her a sense of gentle pleasure as she begins to accept her fate.

Shania shivers from the pleasure... the tease... then softly almost too softly to be heard... "Fu… fuck me master... make me cum ... t… take me anyway you want." The smith looks up, red eyes blazing at the words, then climbs onto the bench, kneeling astride her chest, long thick cock pointing towards her mouth as he presses it down between the firm hillocks of her breasts, thumbs on the nipple rings as he squeezes them around the shaft and begins to slide it back and forth. Shania opens her pale lips; her eyes closed as her tiny tongue wets the lips.

The smith holds her breasts tight together, thumbing the nipples as his cock slides up between her tits, heavy balls rubbing against her chest, the tip of the head pressing her mouth, trying to fit into it. With a sudden rattle, the door slides open and a large shaggy grey shape slinks in, sniffing her aroused pussy, then rearing up, large paws resting on her thighs as a thick cock forces itself into her cunt. Shania gasps as the thick cock spreads her tight pussy.... the gasp opening her mouth just enough that the BIG head barely forces its way in, her pale plain lips stretched around the shaft just under the head as her tongue swirls over the top.

Patiently he holds his cock still, just the first couple of inches inside the tightly stretched mouth, absorbing the feel of her exploratory tongue as the red-eyed more-than-animal wolf thrusts deeper into her tight little cunt. Then Shania arches up, amazingly lifting the BIG smith and the wolf as she thrusts against the animal, her pussy a hot tight vice as it quivers in an orgasm... her moan vibrating her lips and mouth and deep along the BIG smiths cock.

The entity feels extremely pleased as he gets more reaction than he even dared hope for. Not only is she taking the violation but also she is responding strongly, her buried sexuality becoming very strong in her now. Soon it will overpower her mental resistance and she will be happy to keep her Master happy, fearing only to be set aside, her body abandoned.

More and more he remembers Atlantis and the lost queen. So different in appearance and yet so similar in her responses.

The smith moves very slowly, his shaft caressing the young girl’s cleavage, thumbs working over her pouting nipples and cock head moving carefully in and out of her mouth, accustoming her to it's bulk in there. Meanwhile the wolf's cock thrusts deep, popping through her cervix as it begins to fuck hard, paws scrabbling for grip on smooth thighs. Shania falls back weakly, the wolf’s thrusts shaking her small body as her pussy quivers and spasms, the ribs along the walls teasing the wolf as it thrusts... her mouth slowing as her tongue lazily swirls over the cock ... the ache in her jaws hinted by the muscles quivering along her cheeks each time the BIG head slides in.

Patiently the entity contents himself with allowing the girl to arouse him, keeping the cock head moving between her lips, taking it slowly in contrast to the furious battering the wolf is giving her, it's thick cock stretching pink walls and pistoning in and out with savage thrusts. It is important she learns to give pleasure as well as accept being used. Shania orgasms again then again her moans sending little vibrations into the head and shaft as she begins to suck, her tongue a slow tease under the hood of the head as it stops.... her body paling as she gets a small bluish tint to her skin... barely breathing as she slowly learns how to suck a cock. The smith pulls his cock back slightly, allowing it to move freer between the taut flesh of her breasts, sliding faster in the confined space, slipping in her perspiration and holding the nipples tighter as the wolf snorts and growls in approaching orgasm.

Shania moans softly weakly still orgasming, her face partly covered by her pale hair as she weakly squirms. "Ma… master I… I’m so hot and tired... I… I’m cumming so much... Never felt like this... a… a freedom…"

The entity moves his cock back to her mouth; it's head deep red, swollen, and barely fitting between her lips, stroking the shaft now as he holds it in place. With a loud growl, the wolf cock explodes in the tight channel of her cunt, spurting cum up into her womb, rocking the small body with it's uncoordinated jerks. Seconds later the cock in her mouth also swells and erupts, thick cum showering into her throat, jetting hard. Shania gags at first the cum slipping from her lips then she swallows and swallows... choking on how fast it fills her throat and mouth... her pussy quivering in another orgasm as it squeezes and milks the wolf’s cock.

Even while enjoying her body through the smith and the wolf, the entity assesses her words.... cumming so much.... is that the key to taking away the last of her resistance? Well, something can be arranged.... when she had recovered her strength....

As the wolf pulls out with a slurping sound, slinking away as quietly as it had entered, the smith's cock slows it's emissions, gradually fading away to nothing, though he still holds the head against her mouth even after he has finished his orgasm. Shania licks her lips trying to get the cum that slipped out, then leans to kiss the head, her tongue pushing into the hole in its tip to get the last of the cum.

The blacksmith moves away at last, freeing the girl from her bonds and carrying her weak body back to the familiar house and placing her on her feet, then sitting on the couch. Without prompting, she slides to her kneeling position, swaying a bit but almost perfect... her shoulders a bit wrong her head not exact. With firm gestures, the blacksmith corrects her position, leaving her kneeling beside him for half an hour. Then with gestures he directs his slave to go and feed herself. Returning shortly to kneel beside him again, no thought of running at present, the girl waits. After another time that must have seemed endless the smith gestures again to the exhausted girl, allowing her to crawl onto the couch beside him, placing her head on his lap and curling up as she falls into a deep sleep. Having no need to rest himself, the entity watches through that part of him that is manifested as the smith, looking down at the little figure, slightly amazed by her strength, her ability to take everything he threw at her. Another test would be forthcoming soon, another examination of her sexual stamina.... and one more way to break any remaining resistance in an orgasmic haze that she would never forget.... then.... then soon she would find herself confronting his full form... and she would either take him and be possessed totally.... or she would die trying. For now she could rest.

Shania is surrounded by the fire... chasing her... the screams of her family... the animals… her nightmare... forcing whimpers as she curls herself into a ball sobbing silently.... the fire burning... then the red gold eyes... Then fire still around... Turning unnacountably to water... People screaming as they drowned.... the buildings falling...

The entity doesn't really understand human emotions such as love, pride, and affection. If he did he would probably feel at least proud of his slave and maybe a degree of affection towards her. Certainly he feels pleased, pleased to be so close to owning such a valuable possession, pleased that his desires can be met in her delicate body, pleased that he can start planning again, the long wait almost over.

As morning breaks in the desert, the smith feels the girl stirring against him. Shania is dirty as she stretches, her head moving then her eyes opening to look up at the red ones.... there is two heartbeats of fear and confusion… then with a fluid grace she moves to the floor, kneeling perfectly.... her knees wider even than required. He looks down at the little girl, leaving her kneeling for a few minutes while running eyes over her exposed body. Then with the gestures she is learning to interpret easier, he directs her to go eat, visit the little shed out back, then return.

Pale red eyes no longer crowd the windows. But their owners are never far away. If the girl is silly enough to try running, the entity will know... and she will pay…

Shania stands swiftly and almost runs to do what she was told... still her green eyes were confused as if her body was responding but her will was still trying to resist. She does take her time to eat and use the shack... there she murmurs to herself.... slowly she returns and kneels again, this time perfect but tense. When she returns to the room she can't help but notice the tin bath is set up by the hearth and filled with steaming water. Toiletries saved from her cases are arranged on the mantel above the fire, along with items of make-up. And draped over a chair, a black transparent bra and matching see-through panties, black hold-up stockings and a pair of medium heeled black shoes.

The smith shows no sign of leaving as he gestures to the various items, settling back instead to watch, still naked, long cock hanging between parted thighs. Shania blushes as she sees the things she had bought on a dare from her girlfriends, way back in her life before here... "M… may I bath master?" A nod signifies agreement.

Shania stands and goes to the tub, her natural grace adding a sensualness to her moves as she begins to bathe... at first she is tense but slowly she begins to tease with her bath... her hands caressing her body. She lifts one long leg as she shaves it smooth, so very smooth, then oils it.... then shifting to the other leg... after gently soaping her pussy she stands and lifts the leg, offering the razor to her master. The smith shakes his head slightly, then shrugs, placing her foot on the couch between his thighs, shaving carefully and slowly, then rubbing oil over the limb, hard calloused hands smoothing over soft flesh, while the large cock thickens slightly. Shania moves back to wash her long hair and rinse then steps out dripping and slowly dries off, teasing. Then she dabs perfume behind her ears, at edge of the golden collar... between her breasts... the inside of her thighs.... then she slowly pulls on the sheer panties, the thong fitted between her firm ass cheeks... she hooks on her bra… now a bit small, holding her breasts… sitting she slowly pulls on the black stockings smoothing them to a silky snug fit... standing she bends and slips on one heel then the other. Still sitting, Shania begins to apply the makeup... more daring then she ever before... heightening her beauty, reddening her lips.

The blacksmith part of the entity watches closely, measuring the girl's movements. In Atlantis they also applied paints to enhance beauty, wore filmy garments, but there was something about this girl, more than the unfamiliar clothes, a natural sensuality to her that hadn’t been there only a couple of days ago. She was waking to her potential as a woman, flexing her powers... whether to please him, or to fool him was unimportant. Whatever she was doing, was working. And for it to affect him it had to be more than an act, it had to be mirrored by an inner heat in the small girl swaying before him. His eyes watched every movement, adjusting to the nature of the new garments, a new form of arousal, the heady scent mixing with clean girl-smell, cock thickening slowly in appreciation.

The entity gestures for his slave to walk around the room, displaying herself for him, the lines of her slender legs accentuated by heels, breasts bobbing slightly, showing pink and gold through the flimsy fabric.... more gold glowing through delicate panties. As the girl moves with a grace of training almost as if to music she keeps her eyes down, her face partly hidden by her drying hair. With a gesture, he positions the girl to stand in front of himself, facing away, legs parted, hands sliding down to her ankles, gesturing for her to hold that pose while his eyes rove over firm pale buttocks, curved sex barely hidden by transparent material, the slit clearly visible, held parted by twin rings and the line of her clit raised against taut material, breasts upturned and seen between slender legs.

Shania blushes and trembles slightly... a feeling of... of sluttiness... in a way of power.... that she could arouse with just her movement and body... heady ... the knowledge making her wet as her pussy quivers under the sheer fabric. The human looking form leans forward, fingers smoothing over silky fabric, running down over the girl's sex, feeling it heating up with a sense of satisfaction... a natural slave-slut getting hot displaying herself to her owner. Fingers press the material between easily parted lips, feeling it dampen, thumb running over the twin rings. Shania shivers at the touch then slides her feet a bit wider, opening herself... a subtle shift that lifts her hips... as she moans softly... "Master, you like me like this?"

The smith smacks her bottom sharply, a response that could mean anything or nothing, then reaches one hand between the girl's parted legs, finding the upturned swell of her breast and massaging it through the thin bra. With the other hand he slides a finger into the panties, easing them to one side and exposing her sex. He is pleased to note the girl holding her position without restraints as a finger slides along her slit, opening her lips and dabbling in the wetness, finding the clit and pressing over the hood ring, moving it up and down over the hardening nub. Shania’s pussy quivers as it tightens... lifting her head a bit she moans, teases herself by holding back the orgasm.

A strong hand keeps massaging the firm breast, ring tight against the palm as a thick finger slides slowly into her pussy, moving that hand so the thumb rests on her clit and sinking the finger deep inside, drawing back slowly and adding a second finger, then beginning to shaft slowly into the tight cunt. The young girl tenses as she strains not to move, her pussy quivering and gripping hard as her nipples seem to harden... a deep moan of passion and need escaped her red lips, "Master fuck me... hard."

The smith adds a third thick finger, stretching the little pussy as they ease inside, thrusting in and out slowly while the trailing thumb rubs over her protruding clit and the other hand squeezes her breast rhythmically, causing Shania to orgasm hard, almost falling. He slides the fingers slowly out as the orgasm fades, not wanting to use her desire up too much, tapping her so that she turns around, then gesturing for her to kneel, between my legs this time.

Shania turns and flows to her knees perfectly, facing her master, her eyes lowered. The entity reaches forwards, pulling the bra down to expose one breast, feeling between her legs to make sure her pussy is still exposed, then gathering moisture from it with his fingers and pressing them to her mouth, between her lips, making her taste herself. Putting a finger under her chin to tilt it up slightly, catching her eye and gesturing at the half-hard length of his cock, then leaning back on the couch.

Shania licks the finger then leans to kiss the cock. Using just her mouth she licks it with her hot tongue then sucks the growing head into her red lips tugging it a bit, her tongue swirling over it while it jerks a bit at the feel of her lips. The smith sits comfortably, watching her kneel between his legs, one breast exposed and her panties pulled aside, the appearance deliberately intended to make her look like a slut… feel like a slut, as her mouth sucks the semi-hard cock.

Shania kneels in front of the big blacksmith; her knees wide as she licks on the big cock her hands still in the proper position. Her red lips kiss the tip of the soft cock, her tiny tongue swirling over the head then trying to push into the hole in its tip. The smith’s expression gives her no clue as to his degree of satisfaction with her performance, eyes watching her steadily, only the hardening cock giving any clue to his responses. Silky blonde hair hangs loose, caressing his hard thighs as she sucks more of the hardening cock into her mouth, barely able to handle its size now.

“ MMmmNBNghafa” Shania’s hot tight mouth slides farther down the big cock head pressing against the back of her throat, the angle wrong for a true deep throat. The smith feels his cock expanding towards it's full size, thickening between the soft lips, patting the roof of her mouth as it jerks up in response to her attentions. A slightly rough tongue slides under the shaft then swirls over the top as she pulls back, then sliding forward she gently bites the sensitive sides of the cock head, teasing as she learns.

Warm hands tease along the thick shaft, then stroke slowly up and down as her head moves in a counter to her hands. She hums deep in her throat sending vibrations through the thick shaft as her red lips clamp hard, her cheeks caving a bit as she applies suction to go with the sensations.

The entity looks down, studying hard.... there is something in the way the head is held, a sense of value that goes beyond what a slave should feel.... a sense of power maybe.... the girl was a bit too full of herself… that needed thought.

One hand massages the big balls, squeezing them.... then again even stronger, in a way painful if it could really feel pain in this form. Then she hums again sending shivers down the big cock and up the spine, even to the possessing thing... something in her realizing in a way the power a female has over men. The smith watches silently, refraining from any comment, just seeing how the girl handles herself... Her mouth is talented and his cock aches from her ministrations. But there is that nagging doubt still. Was she beginning to feel she was in control?

Shania teases and sucks slowly, dragging out, keeping at bay the building heat of the balls with firm hard squeezing and her one hand tight, vice-like around the base as she shifts her head and licks the whole shaft, her hot breath caressing as she nibbles to the big balls then sucks one into her mouth, her tongue swirling over it teasing it.... then she hums deep sending deep vibrations into the big balls and deep in to the blacksmith.

The entity thinks back over the past few days as his cock twitches to each lap of her tongue. Where was the error? Because the longer this goes on the surer he is that there was an error. This girl may act slavishly, but she doesn't feel it any more. She has come full circle. She may wear the collar with pride, but not the pride of an owned slave.... the pride of one who feels indispensable… important…

Shania hums sending deep vibrations into the big balls, shifting to the other ball as her hands stroke the big shaft hard, then gently changing patterns, teasing and almost playing with the cock.

The entity smiles inwardly.... So she mistook concern for weakness? She thinks to use a position on her knees to rule with time because he moved too fast in letting her know her value? Well, that remained to be seen....

Once that Atlantean queen had made the same mistake. But only once....


With that decided, the smith relaxes fully, allowing the girl a small moment, enjoying the irony of having her giving him a far better blow job because she felt in control and powerful. Shania hums and sucks on the balls then licks and nibbles (even bites gently) her way back up the shaft and in one move takes as much as she can deep into her tight hot mouth.... humming again, vibrating the entire shaft as her hands squeeze and tease. She feels the man relax and her lips curl a bit as she sucks and teases now, her mouth and hands learning quickly. Shania hums her red lips clamped around the base, her hands stroking the rest of the thick shaft.

The smith focuses all his attentions on the throbbing cock, the small mouth and hands teasing it, seeking to control him through his lusts. With a low inward chuckle the man reaches out a large hand, twining the silky blonde hair into a fist and gripping tight, forcing her to hold the big cock deep in her mouth, unmoving. He waits until sure he has the girl's attention, then holding her head tightly controlled by the grip on her hair, and holding his cock steady with his own hand, he begins to move her head back and forth, forcing her mouth to move up and down on the head, feeling the tip touch the back of her throat every time her mouth is forced down onto the swollen cock.

Shania moans as she is forced up and down unable to resist... not really trying, just using her tongue and lips and mouth to tease the big cock and head... humming then stopping, her hands falling away to go behind her back again, part of her falling into the slave yet part of her still trying to control what is happening to her. Her long blonde hair lies silky over the groin and thighs of the blacksmith mostly hiding her pretty face.

The entity begins to use the young girl’s mouth relentlessly, sliding it up and down the bulbous head of his cock, letting the little blonde girl know she is being used... the first of her new lessons.... she may provoke desire but she would learn to serve those desires not try to control them. The desire was very real of course... it was impossible to ignore the sensuality contained in that small body… and all the more valuable once she truly learned her place. Shania hums and her tongue swirls as she starts to resist a bit at the hard pace, the almost brutal way he is using her mouth. But the smith keeps on implacably, ignoring the resistance as though it were that of a child, sliding the soft mouth faster and faster, allowing the sensations to build, feeling the head of his cock swell more, the balls tighten rigidly as they prepared to release.

Shania tries to pull back but can’t, her red lips tight around the thick cock as the big head spreads her throat more with each thrust, painfully, almost as if it is preparing her mouth and throat. Hands now come from behind her back and push on the sofa on each side of the blacksmith trying to stop the rape of her mouth.... somehow this wasn’t the way it was to go.... yet somehow it is the way she wants it to go too. The smith drives the golden head down onto his cock again and again, knowing there must be pain now but not concerned. The girl would learn… her pain was secondary to his own pleasure.... far, far secondary. With each penetration the cock head lodges in the tight throat, the lips spread wider as he channels more bulk into the shaft violating her mouth.

Shania’s minds struggles with too many sensations and thoughts that tumbled and swirl until she just gives in, a part (smaller then it had been) rationalizing that it is all she can do... give in and hope for help. She whimpers barely her red lips trembling now, no longer teasing or humming her tongue trying to ease the path as the big cock slides in and out never fully leaving her hot mouth. The big man pulls down her head one more time then holds it firmly in place, the cock’ tip pressing against the girl's throat and twitching. Then it happens... the shaft swells again and fluid pumps upwards, jetting from the tip and flooding the girl's mouth. Shania gags as she swallows and swallows, her cheeks expanding from the hot load and then the white cum dripping from around her tight red lips. She feels the cool gold rings, one hanging freely, tugging on her nipple, the other held by her bra and pressed against the sensitive areola, shivering at the feel of her clit held by the twin gold rings that seem so cool against her heated body.

The smith ignores the squirms as the girl tries to move away, holding her hair, moving her lips over his cock again as secondary bursts of cum shoot into her mouth, then finally releasing her to let her kneel back again, watching her silently, waiting. Shania slumps back the cum dripping from her mouth onto her chest and breasts, her position wrong, her knees close together, her hands limp by her sides as she whimpers softly still swallowing but also trying to gasp in breaths of air. Hard eyes look down at her with little expression.

"Not bad ... slave."

Shania head raises, her green eyes wide at the first words spoken to her by anything in the ghost town. Then she gulps as she assumes the proper position as she had been shown... perfectly held... almost with pride. Her body shivers still at the inhuman sound of the voice that seems to still hang in the still hot air. The entity meets her gaze before the eyes lower.

"You still have a lot to learn, slave." Eyes move down to her mouth, the lipstick smeared now "Clean me up.... Then clean yourself up." Shania nods, then slides forward, her tongue licking and swirling to clean cum from the still hard cock and balls. She finishes licking the cum from the body of the 'blacksmith' then stands and backs up to the still warm water of the tin tub to clean her face and hair and upper body pulling off the bra. The smith nods slightly as he watches her do as she has been told.

Shania cleans herself then moves back to reapply the lipstick that makes her lips so red and pouty then flows to kneel at her 'masters' feet, her breasts bare the gold rings hanging coolly from her hard pearl nipples. The smith looks down.... "Take off the other garment. I wish to see all of your jewellery." The girl stands and slides the thong down her long slim legs, waiting then as she looks at the 'blacksmith' to see if he meant these too, she starts to slide down a stocking. All the while her mind swirls with the inhuman sound of the voice, as if it was not used to using a normal humans throat to shape the words and sounds and was just forcing them out.

He gestures impatiently to leave the stockings, then red eyes seem to glow with cool fire as they light on the collar, then each of the four rings in turn. At the look, cool gold turns icy, almost burning with cold.

"A small reminder."

Shania gasps her eyes widening as the rings send icy shivers into her, almost numbing ... making her nipples ache her clit throb.

"M… master... soo cold… it hurts…" She kneels again, properly still but aquiver... shivering. The entity's eyes meet hers, almost but not quite laughing.

"A slave complains too much.... considers herself too much.... "

Shania gulps and keeps her eyes lowered. She shivers from the icy cold that hurts her nipples and almost burns, thighs quiver from the numbing ache in her clit and hood that makes her body tense.

The smith stands up and moves away from her, sorting out a short top, cut to just expose the underswells of her breasts, a short denim skirt that comes an inch below her bottom, no underwear but the stockings and heels she still wears. "I go now. Get dressed. I will be back some time later, maybe" As he turns to leave the coldness fades, becomes no more than a cool reminder, a constant sensation that won't allow her to forget the jewellery. Shania nods and stands to start dressing, gasping aloud, still shivering from the cold.

“Yes… yes master." The burly figure walks out of the door, leaving her alone.

Shania pulls on the top and skirt then waits several minutes and slowly goes to look outside the door. The street seems deserted but for the ever present hints of redness, the watching eyes. The abused young girl sags as she sways back to the sofa and collapses crying into a pillow.

Shania cries for minutes that stretch long then slowly shifts to get up, her eyes puffy as she stands and walks to the back hungry... as she tries to gain control of her thoughts. She eats and thinks then heads out into the town looking, hoping.... "The jail. If anyplace has a phone it should be there." The girl heads off toward the hoped-for phone, aware of her near nakedness in the noonday sun and how the glowing red eyes followed her movements from under the deep shadows of the buildings.

Red eyes follow her movements, swaying hips accentuated by the heels, breasts bobbing as she walks, crowding a bit closer.... not too close though.... not yet....

He was almost there now, he knew. So close to replacing that lost queen for the first time in the thousands of years since Atlantis had slid beneath the waves. Mentally he shook himself. Why did he keep thinking of Nefirati? This girl looked nothing like that dark-haired dusky beauty. Yet there was something... something in her walk as she stepped down the hot dusty street.... something in her eyes when he had taken her the night before....

Shania’s hips sway, the heels giving her legs and movement a sensualness she didn’t have before, heightening what is there... the silky smooth mounds of her breasts peeking from under the top as her nipples poke the front encircled by the cool gold rings, each movement teasing the rings on her nipples and her clit arousing her in a way she doesn’t understand. The beautiful young girl steps onto the old wooden steps at the jail and slowly opens the door.... then steps into the cooler shadows her eyes scanning around at the yellow wanted posters and the battered old desk, the walls. Then she steps farther in towards the desk, her hands reaching toward the wood.

The eyes crowd around the doorway and the window, sole entrances to the building... sole exits.... Then shadowy shapes slip through the door and into the room.

Shania frowns at the empty gun rack on the wall then turns, somehow sensing the shapes now. She backs up gulping at the number of red glowing eyes she sees.

As in the saloon, the shapes seem more visible in the dim light, moving closer, five or six, then more, crowding into the room and approaching slowly.

The girl side steps toward the small window by the door, grabbing a chair from behind the desk and swinging it back and forth, "Get… GET AWAY FROM ME!!"

Pale red eyes look at her through the grimy glass as the other shapes approach relentlessly, the girl backing toward the one open cell swinging the chair. Half-seen shapes form a semi-circle before the girl, moving slowly, forcing her to back up more. Shania bumps against the cool metal bars then side steps into the cell. She swings at the forms, the chair swishing in the still air. The chair meets resistance as it swipes a shadowy body. A ghostly hand grasps one of the legs to wrestle it away. Other hands hold the cell door, stopping it closing. Shania struggles as the chair is ripped from her hands. She stumbles back further into the cell as the chair is pulled from her.

Shadowy bodies crowd into the cell, red eyes glowing brighter now... hands reaching for her wrists and arms "NO… NO get AWAY FROM ME,” Shania struggles and kicks trying to force her way past the shadowy figures. But if the figures can hear they show no sign of obeying. They follow a different authority than this girl, who they have been told they can enjoy again. Hands reach out, cool fingers closing around soft arms, stronger than they have any right to be, forcing arms apart, pressing her back against the cool metal bars. The young girl strains hard as she feels herself pressed against the iron bars dividing the cells, her arms wide to the sides forcing her to thrust her breasts out. She kicks into one of the shadows, her head jerking around for anything to help her but all she sees is so many pairs of glowing eyes in the jail, so many shadowy figures.... almost more than she had ever seen before and still more eyes, staring in through the windows and the door.

As she feels the metal bars pressing against her back, other hands reach between them from behind her, helping to hold her arms as she realises the other cell behind her has been opened and more of the creatures have crowded into there too.


Shania arches as her arms are pulled painfully back into the other cell... the metal bars pressed along her shoulders her back and her thighs... her head barely fits between the bars as if they had been measured. She kicks again trying to hurt anything she can reach. Between them the shadows manoeuvre her arms between the bars. As her arms are held in place, ghostly hands fasten padded cuffs around her wrists and secure them to each other.

“NONONO” Shania struggles, her arms held wide by the bars, then her wrists pulled behind her and cuffed, the pads soft against her slim wrists. Another padded band, thicker and larger, finds its way around her neck, holding her head in place between two bars; her body arched outwards, breasts thrusting forwards. Shania strains but her heads is held almost rigid by the bars and the band. Ghostly fingers work again, bands being fastened around her elbows, forcing them close together, holding her in place.

Shania gasps as her elbows are forced toward each other, impossible to touch with the bars but painfully, holding her tight, forcing her up on her toes, her body arching out more… her head held firm unable to even turn.

“Pleaseee noo it hurtsss” Shadowy shapes kneel down, careful of her feet until they have a grip, spreading her legs wide and using more padded bands to fasten ankles back between the bars, feet still on the floor.... then finally her knees secured apart to the bars leaving her helpless. Shania grimaces her green eyes wide, straining helpless unable to move anything.

“Pleaseee no ...don’t hurt me.” Her body is forced to arch out, her hips and chest thrust forward by the way she is held. She turns her head slightly trying to see. The hot sun playing a bright spot on the wooden floor as it shines through the small window in the cell.

With her trussed firmly against the bars, the shadowy shapes close before and behind her. Ghostly fingers reach out, cool on her naked tummy and through the thin self-support stockings, exploring her, fondling her belly and thighs. Shania is already wet, her pussy tight as she shivers helpless to even move. Cool fingers, almost invisible but feeling very real move across her flesh, sliding up under the top and onto her breasts, fighting each other for positioning, so many hands on her, two or three on each breast, squeezing and caressing.

“Nonono pleaseeee,” Shania shivers at the touches under the cloth as more hands move over her waist, trace up her back and begin to invade under the pelmet of the short skirt, stroking her inner thighs... feeling the firm curves of her bottom... cupping her sex, as the hands on her breasts come to some reconciliation, holding each mound in two hands, squeezing and fondling while ghostly fingers tug gently on the nipple rings.

“Nooo,” Shania tries to arch out more as the nipple rings are tugged. She shivers and quivers, her scent heavy in the air as the cool hands explore her firm ass and strong thighs. The sensation of all those hands merges together, no longer feeling like separate caresses, but as if her whole body is being caressed by one multiple being. Fingers spread her sex open, sliding in the wetness to touch the cool gold rings and Shania shudders from a small orgasm.

“Noo pleasee noo,” Shania whimpers in pleasure held helpless against the bars of the cell as she strains against the cool touches of all the shadowy hands. She shudders a bit in a small orgasm that tenses her tummy and pussy, “Nonono… aaahhhhh…”

From behind her, hands reach between the bars, cupping her breasts, holding them from beneath while more hands caress her waist and one reaches from behind and between her legs, clasping her sex and then spreading the lips apart with ghostly fingers. But the shadows in front of her step back, as though waiting. Shania grimaces unable to move held the way she is, barely able to turn her head… searching… looking… her green eyes wide. Something metallic brushes the side of her breast and there it a slight scraping noise as the item is passed through between the bars. A sudden increase in the weight of the ring pulls on her nipple very noticeably. Then the other nipple is dragged down also by an added weight. The girl strains too look down at what is tugging her rings, groaning at the pain as the rings tug at her tender nipples. From the corner of her eye she can just see the crocodile clips that hang from her nipple rings, each connected to a long wire that disappears back behind her into the other cell.

“What… what!!” Shania’s eyes are very wide now in fear. “Pleaseeee noo don’t.” She tries to strain against the leather bands that hold her spread wide and helpless against the bars of the cell.

Somewhere outside a motor splutters to life, the sound muted by thick walls. Then a burst of electricity fizzes through the wires and is conducted by the gold rings into her nipples.


Shania screams louder then any sound heard here in years, her body shuddering as the electricity frizzles into the gold rings then into her nipples, playing all over her as it zings into the metal bars she is pressed against. The intensity of the current drops off at her reaction and shadowy hands pull away sharply from her sweat soaked body. The fizzing drops off to a trickle, feeling like a continuous nipping at her sensitive teats as the girl hangs limp, covered in sweat... gasping for air, her throat raw from her scream.... the nipples red and swollen from the electric shocks that still nibble at them.

While the electric drops off to just tickle her nipples, a hand reaches back between her legs and a sudden weight pulls at the twin rings in her clit, the clip holding both of them at once, weighed down by the wire attached to it.

“nonono,” Shania tries to muster some strength. Shadows step back again, red eyes fixed on her spread-eagled body as all three wires fizz into life and sharp jolts pass through the gold rings. The young girl arches, her eyes wide as she screams again, body thrust painfully forwards, the rings bouncing as she struggles weakly. Her voice falls into a whimper at the sharp jolts that play through her... her pussy clenched tightly... but moist and ready.

Once more the current drops to a trickle, then something firm slides up her thigh and rubs against her pussy, gathering moisture. The rounded head of the thick cylinder then presses between her buttocks, seeking the tiny entrance. Finding it the shadowy hand presses inwards, pushing the metallic rod slowly but firmly up into her ass under her skirt. It's belled shape holds it inside as the hands move away....

Shania moans. Her mind is dazed from the pain yet her body is adjusting, accepting. A small pink tongue moistens her lips as the sweat drips from her in the heat of the midday desert and the heat of the electric shocks. Once more electricity jolts through her body, from four points now, the metal butt plug also attached to a wire. The teenager’s mouth opens in a silent scream, her eyes almost popping out as she arches again. It feels as if the current plays in her forever.

While the current drops to a steady tingle, a ghostly hand tips a canteen of water over her face to relieve the thirst a bit.... but it also spills down over her breasts, playing the current stronger between both nipples, making her tits tingle and swell. Shania whimpers as the electricity crackles over the water flowing with it down her breasts to dampen her skirt at the waist and crackle there. She hangs limp, barely aware as the electricity dances through her, sapping her strength, breaking and dazing her mind.

The nearest shade in front of her pushes the soaked top up to fully expose her breasts, tucks the skirt up into it's own waistband to expose her sex. The electric charge drops off almost to nothing; the rings still oddly cool when they should be burning. Behind her at least three or four shadowy shapes remain, their hands back on her body, squeezing and pinching, kneading and caressing as the shape in front of her cups her pussy. Shania shudders at the almost normal feeling from the shocks, moaning as the cool hand cups her wet small pussy. Her head hangs forward a bit held by the band around her neck to the bars.... her face hidden by the long blonde hair.

Fingers slip in the wetness of her pussy, careful not to disturb the rings on her clit, finding the small hole already well lubricated and sliding a finger up inside her, moving it slowly in and out as the girl moans softly, her pussy quivering and squeezing the finger.

“No… no pleasee I beg you no more.”

Red eyes burn down without any mercy in them. These creatures have their orders and they are enjoying themselves too. There have been too few women.... too many years.... and never one such as this. The finger slips out and a thick hard cock begins to push into her cunt.

Shania whimpers as the thick cock spreads her tight hot pussy, her mind is trying to slowly clear from the nibbling shocks in her nipples her clit her ass and anywhere and everywhere over her body, her own sweat aiding as her pussy quivers from the shocks. The shadow seems unaffected by this level of current playing over her body, but its cock carries the current, slicked by her sweat and juices, up into her pussy as the thick shaft penetrates deeper. Shania shudders into an orgasm her body limp but tense from the current that plays through it. She whimpers in pain and pleasure from the thick big cock that thrusts coolly into her, bringing with it the crackle of the current to her deepest places. The young girl has lost track of time. Though only a short while it feels as if it has been forever that the current has played in her body, numbing and nibbling, tingling and crackling.

Hands keep exploring, reaching around her through the bars, fondling her breasts, stroking her thighs, kneading her bottom. Each touch feels almost as strong as the electric passing through her nipples and clit, the butt plug fizzing in her bottom and the cock spreading her cunt open as it plunges deeper, carrying fizzling shocks into her innermost walls and sliding over her g-spot. Shania cums again, her pussy tight and hot around the cock as she moans, her head raising up to hang backwards, her nostrils flaring as she gasps in air.

“Nooo… yess… c… can’t think.... hurts... hurts soo… feels… hurts… pleaseee noo…”

The ghostly figure begins to fuck hard and fast, thrusting it's cock deep into her in a rapid pistoning movement, red eyes glowing brightly while Shania quivers, trying to move with the thrusts but held fast. She cums again as her deep nerve clusters tingle from the electric shocks that dance along the wetness of her inner walls. Shania moans softly, hanging limply, her head thrown back held by the band as she hangs weakly the current playing through her lightly… constantly. The thick cock drives in and out, her inner sheath quivering, spasming as much from the shocks as from her excitement, pushing the shadow quickly to orgasm... the ghostly impression of fluids shooting up into her cunt as the cock erupts inside her.

Shania whimpers as the cock cums inside her. Then as it finishes cumming, the ghostly shadow steps back away from her and a sudden increase in the current sends electricity jolting through her body again. The girl shudders as she screams again, feeling as though her whole body scream with the electric shocks that go on and on and on.

As the second shadow approaches her, the current drops back to its previous level. With no preparation needed, the shade guides it's heavy cock into the open channel of her cunt and pushes up the full length inside in one thrust. Reflexively Shania tries to thrust back her pussy quivering as it grips the cock hard in her heated vice. She whimpers, barely able to make a sound while the second shade uses her body as quickly as the first, ramming fast into her cunt, taking what it wants and cumming. Again as it steps back, the painfully hard current slams through her body, keeping her awake, teaching her to hate the times when she is not being fucked.

Shania starts to plead to make them stay in her, keep fucking her, her voice hoarse from her screams, raspy as she whimpers, cumming and cumming, even sometimes during the hard electric shocks.

Day turns to evening as one after another the ghostly bodies approach and use her, then step away while the electricity jolts through her small form. Shania loses track of time as she hangs in a daze between being fucked and the pain/pleasure of that and just the pure pain in between. Her mind is lost, weak from the pain, the times she is being fucked too short as they use her body again and again. In desperation she learns to tease and use her pussy to keep them from cumming so soon trying to keep them in her. Trying to put off the time the cock slides out and the pain returns.

The girl’s pussy stays tight as she uses it to grip and hold, the muscles quivering as she strains to keep the things inside, keep them from cumming too fast.

Gradually the red eyes around her body thin out as the shadows use her once... several times each.... and then wander away satiated for the present. Finally she hangs there alone, nothing but the ever present shock running through her body, the level high enough to make her uncomfortable.... wanting something, anything to fuck her so that the pain goes away. Shania hangs limp, moaning… whimpering… weak from the strain… the pain… the darkness deep all around her, the very air heavy and still. Almost silently the smith appears before her, lifting her head up by a hand under her chin, looking into her eyes silently. Her eyes barely register the smith, quivering from the heavy current, barely able to think as she tries to thrust her hips forward.

“F… fuck m… fuc… meme… e… e… e…”

“What.... slave?” That inhuman voice whispering in the stillness.

“Fuck me.” Shania quivers struggling to think knowing that being fucked means less pain. The eyes looking down almost smile... playing with her....

"What… slave?"

“Ma… masterrrr… fuck… fuck me…”

The smith arches an eyebrow, “You didn't ask like a slave.”

“Pl… pleasee fuck me… pleasee… master please fuck me,” Shania struggled with the effort to get those words out.

The smith nods, secretly pleased but showing nothing, and the clips are removed from all four rings. Shania sags as the crackle still plays up the butt plug. Then thick fingers, impervious to the charge slide the plug from her ass and discard it. The smith takes her tits in his hands; huge paws almost engulfing them and holding tightly as the massive cock noses against her cunt, spreading it wider as it moves inwards. The young girl is still dazed not realizing the current has left, her pussy gripping the huge cock tightly, the lesson learned. A cock inside her means freedom from pain.

Slowly the smith thrusts his cock deep into the constrictive heat of the young girl’s cunt, sliding over the wet membranes of her inner walls while releasing one breast and reaching behind her, curling a thick middle finger up to slide it into her ass. Shania’s pussy grips hard, the muscles quivering as it pulls the big cock in deeper holding it teasing it even while she moans softly, weakly in a different type of pain from the big cock stretching her wide. The huge man squeezes her breast softly and rhythmically, holding the finger deep in her ass, moving the cock slowly as her body adjusts, then speeding up to fuck her faster.

Shania weakly tries to meet the thrusts, the long day having taken a lot out of her but still she remembers that there wasn’t pain while fucking. Her cunt tries to grip harder, slowing the thrusts, her hot vice quivering and spasming as she tries to move. She moans softly, “Ple… please don’t stop fucking me… hurts to st… stop…”

The smith takes it slowly, fucking the girl endlessly with a smooth pistoning movement. The powerful cock lifts Shania a bit with each smooth thrust that drives so very deep into her. She moans and whimpers in some small pain from the big smith’s size as she tries to slow him down, tries to drag out the fucking, make it last forever. Shania knows that if it stops there will be pain again like it had been forever... stop fucking and there would be pain. She needed to be fucked to keep the pain away… needed to be fucked… needed to be fucked… the thought echoed through her mind, an endless litany… need to be fucked… need to be fucked… need to be fucked…

The entity grinned savagely to itself as it used her body for what seemed like hours before the heavy cock juddered and then exploded into her, the intensity of the experience too much after the long day, causing the young girl to pass out. Hanging limply, lost in a deep blackness, her mind dazed and battered Shania moans in her sleep while the smith supports her body and unfastens the bonds, then carries her back to the house, laying her on the floor at his feet and sitting back on the couch, looking at her and wondering if the imprint on her mind will be enough to make her into a perfect sex slave, only happy when being fucked. Even he failed to anticipate what would follow.

Shania lay so very still that night not tossing and turning like she had before. But behind that stillness something was happening. A wall broke down inside the girl's mind; a wall spanning thousands of years. The poor, abused girl, knocked down by the death of her family, broken into submission by the repeated rapes over the past few days, felt her consciousness receding into one small corner of her mind, huddling there safe at last while a newer, stronger spirit took control.

Next morning, the girl woke alone. Without bidding she washed herself clean of the ravages of the previous day. Makeup was applied in ways alluring and yet unfamiliar to any beauty magazine she had ever read. Her eyes scanned what clothing remained and she selected the red. A quarter cup bra cupped the undersides of her full breasts, holding them almost naked, jutting forward in invitation while their thick gold rings jiggled freely from nipples that never slept, pink teats straing long and hard. The matching red thong cupped her sex and outlined it's twin adornments; the outfit completed by red hose and high red heels.

Hair brushed and shiny, a different gold to the collar and rings, yet one as precious in its own right, the young girl stepped out of the house. Head held high, Shania's body walked seductively down the uneven street, ignoring the imperfections in its surface, ignoring the ghostly red glows. But behind eyes that were wide with anticipation, little remained of the girl who had arrived in that deserted town less than a week before.

Full breasts jouncing, nipples straining hard, hips swaying and pussy damp with anticipation, Nefirati hurried to serve her master for the first time in five thousand years.